WoT PS4: “Pacific island” Map


WoT PS4 will be having a new map called “Pacific Island“:




It reminds me a lot of the Island PVP map from Armored Warfare, cant remember its name but I do remember it being shitty. Still, curious on how this map will play out on WoT consoles, again, such a shame WoT PC map makers are not this creative.

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WoT PS4: “Pacific island” Map

31 thoughts on “WoT PS4: “Pacific island” Map

  1. We’ve had it on Xbox for ages, If you’re in an arty, armoured TD or heavy it isn’t too bad, or at low tiers, but lights or mediums are not very good. It would be better if it was larger in my opinion.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Rita your just bad at that map its a Scout/AFV. Playground because of there 20 secind timer of staying under water. I take advantage of it and they curse on where the flip did i come from. That map is in favour of scouts as all other tanks do not dare to step food in deep water AFV can use it to evade shells and dont lose speed over it. So again your possibly a mbt player lol

  2. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    I honestly hope that Cypress is using console as a test bed for new maps and concepts, because this looks like a cool map. I think Wot needs a higher diversity of map settings, like I want to see an Australian map, a West coast US map, and an Serengeti map to name a few.

  3. Looking at the development maps there with varying degrees of submersion I’m thinking: Wouldn’t it be great if you had a island map where the playing area started to shrink as the tide came in?

    1. Dynamic map changes would be interesting. Terrain changes based on weather, or collapsing buildings cutting off roads in cities.

      Probably never happen, but damnit I can dream!

  4. fighting_falcon93 says:

    I’d rather prefer if they added some realistic maps like Kursk, El Alamein, and then improved versions of Stalingrad, Berlin etc to PC than some fictional island crap 🙂

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        Battle of Prokhorovka and Battle of Kursk was 2 different battles on 2 different locations (although close to each other). Getting more maps like Prokhorovka wouldn’t hurt either, especially not for LTs and TDs.

  5. Most console people prefer Scorpion Pass and Great Wall to Pacific Island. Too small for an all-tiers map. General thought is it should be tier 2-8. Fun fact: the war! variant has scouts spawning in landing craft where the doors open during the countdown

  6. Xavier says:

    WoT map makers need to branch out from the usual “Hey look! We made a new map! It’s based in Russia or someplace similar!”

    Seems Console map makers are more open to maps taking place in the western hemisphere

  7. It looks good to me, more variety as in terrain type would be interesting. A Pacific Island or even Southeast Asian jungle would be interesting. I’d second the remark about an El Alamein open desert map. A really dense urban city map might be interesting with alleys only smaller scout or maybe medium could squeeze through.

  8. DunbarSteelDragon says:

    This map would be cool if they incorporated a “high tide” into it and have the island partially submerged, thus changing the action during play. The high tide could be random and different for each match. One match it could occur for a few minutes at say 4 min into the battle ; where as the next time you get the map , it could occur 10 or 11 minutes into the battle.

  9. OrigamiChik3n says:

    I just noticed something funny – on consoles red reticle means that you have a high chance of penetration. Quite the opposite from PC version 🙂

  10. 12341 says:

    It’s shit really, should have never seen high tiers. Also I wish we could have your map designer. Ours, Chad, is retarded.

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