WoT Console September Overview

That time again, where we look over (and sometimes dread) some of the new content coming to World of Tanks Console through the month of September:

Mariya Oktyabrskaya & ‘The Fighting Girlfriend’

In a nice touch for those who are fans of historical tanks and commanders, WoT Console is introducing Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the first female tanker to ear the title “Hero of the Soviet Union” and her T-34 ‘The Fighting Girlfriend’.


Along with this, there will be a new earn op for the “Honor” variant of the T-28E.

War Stories

A new chapter of the War Stories mode will be added: Operation Sea Lion. Another alternate history scenario where the Germans begin their invasion of Britain.

New Maps: Raseinai

Tokyo Game Show

To jump on the chance to cash in on the Tokyo Game show this month, WoT Console will be rolling out a new variant of the STA-2 (for those keeping track, that brings us up to three total variants of the same machine).


As well, the Japanese Tiger known as Heavy Tank No. 6 will be making it’s console debut (and bringing us up to four premium Tiger Is).


Project Valor

The special Project Valor emblems will be making a return, with proceeds going to support the National Desert Storm War Memorial.


As well as all of that, there will be other events/emblems for Labor Day, missions for XP boosts, as well as an On-Track event for the entire Japanese tech tree.

Fight For Your Acadamy

National Dog Week

Japan Emblems

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WoT Console September Overview

9 thoughts on “WoT Console September Overview

  1. I just wish they would give the Valkryia tanks the gun depression buffs they deserve seeing as they are selling them again.. The Edelweiss already has worse gun handling and pen than the STA-2 but doesn’t get premium matchmaking like the STA.. makes total sense. The Nameless has great armor when angling but it has around 1-2 degrees of gun depression over the corners which means if there is a pencil under your tracks your gun is pointing skyward. I’d gladly give up the STA-2 matchmaking if they would buff the Valkryia tanks.

    1. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

      I’d Gladly give people who bought them a slap in the face. Who gives a flying f**k about them? Apart from the idiots who bought them of course.

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