WoT Console Server Downtime

Quick post dealing with the weekly downtime for WoT Console (which surprisingly has some actual changes to it beyond maintenance) :

Improved Ventilation Class 1 was causing equipment mounting and dismounting problems on certain tanks. Issue should be fixed for the following tanks:

  • Snakebite (had the wrong Ventilation Class available)
  • Stubbs (issue was with Vertical Stabilizers)
  • Lowe Black HMH
  • AMX 13 57
  • AC 4 EXP
  • Centennial T95

Trinity Mk II is available again to view in the Tech Tree but not able to be purchased Rainfall is now displayed correctly in Artillery’s Strategic view

XM551 Sheridan correctly becomes elite when all packages are researched

Fixed UI bug when using the armor viewer on the Trinity MK II

Fixed a bug where items included in a bundle had offset icons in the Store tab Invert Y Axis does not affect Trajectory mode for Artillery


  • Bear KV-122
  • Turan III Prototype




  • 122 MM 60-122T
  • Gun Shot dispersion reduced .37-> .36
  • Reload time reduced 11.2-> 10.9
  • Aim time reduced 2.8 -> 2.7

Type 4 Heavy and Type 5 Heavy

  • 15 CM/45 41ST Year Type Gun 150 mm
  • HE Shell penetration increased 75 -> 85.

Object 263

  • 130mm S-70A Reload time reduced 12.2 -> 11


  • 100 MM T-100 Reload time reduced 8.3 ->7.8
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