WoT Console- Supertest Map

Good day everyone,

Start the day off with the quick bits, the rare leak from WoT Console supertest, this one being a (new?) map. So far it seems to be called “Monte Rosa”, it actually looks a bit like  the Ghost Hunter map from Armored Warfare.

It’ll be new to the console player base, obviously, but any PC players who may recognize it from one of the special modes there are free to chime in.


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WoT Console- Supertest Map

12 thoughts on “WoT Console- Supertest Map

  1. pixywing says:

    Hopefully this doesn’t come to PC, we have enough corridor maps already and after the nerfs to light tanks on the test server right now I’m quite worried this will become World of Medium Tanks just like WoWs is now World of Battleships after cruisers got nerfed into the bottom of the ocean.

    1. As far as city maps go, it’s not as corridor like as himmelsdorf, kharkov, stalingrad, or pilsen. Arguably, because there is the space around the town like ghost town and the full circle design of the city makes flanking easier.

      Medium tanks are already the best tank class in world of tanks, even popular heavies like the 113 are used competitively because they’re essentially fat mediums. Armor will never matter so long as the 2 key exists in such a powerful state. As for scouting, too early to say anything other than a lot of people forget scouts retain their camouflage on the move and that is an incredible advantage over every tank class when scouting.

      Don’t know that much about world of warships other than it’s a long list of balancing challenges to make carriers relevant. That’s for another conversation but there is probably some merit to your point there.

      World of tanks lives and dies on getting new content for your every day player, this certainly isn’t a broken map so it should be worth a shot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    so… anything outside city is light/med area, the start of the city is td’s and middle is Armored td’s and heavys. no room for arty. since in town it cant shoot anywhere and open area you get shot 8/10

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