WoT Console Swedish Update

Good day everyone,

Some unexpected news from the console front, players woke up after an announced server downtime to find the Swedish tech tree added to the game. Lovely!

Unfortunately as of yet, there are no update or patch notes available, so I’ll be trying to wing it:

  • Swedish tech tree added
  • Primo Victoria Strv. 81 variant added to in-game store w/ Joakim Broden commander.
  • Par Sundstrom, Chris Rorland, Tommy Johansson, Hannes Van Dahl added to the in-game store as “Hero” commanders with Brothers in Arms fully trained.
  • “Band of Brothers” operation added, allowing players to earn one of the new “Hero” commanders for every 60,000 damage done.

That seems to be it content wise. As stated, this was a unannounced update, and there are no official notes out. If they are added we’ll be sure to update.

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WoT Console Swedish Update

2 thoughts on “WoT Console Swedish Update

  1. Anonymous says:

    And they’ve nerfed Proving Grounds and War Stories because they desperately need the players for the live server as they’re dropping at an alarming rate

    (40,000 frequent players lost in 5 months looking at their own numbers on the portal)

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