WoT Console: T-50-2 Stats & Screenshots


for those interested, these are the stats of the T-50-2 that is making its way into WoT Console, but first, screenshots:


The designs of the T-50 were submitted by the Construction Bureau of the Kirov Plant (Leningrad) and Plant 174. The design introduced by the Kirov Plant was more difficult to implement. The distinctive features of the vehicle were its hull shape and a horseshoe-shaped radiator.


Nation: U.S.S.R.
Type: Light Tank
Tier: VI
Cost: 3,850 Gold
Weight / Load limit: 15.53 / 18t
Hit Points: 560

Engine Power: 550

 Speed Limit: 72 km/h
Traverse Speed: 38 deg/sec
Turret Traverse Speed: 45 deg/sec
Hull Armor:37 /37 /37
Turret Armor: 45 /40 /40


Ammunition: 76 pcs
Penetration: 84140 mm
Rate of Fire: 20.69 rounds/min

View Range: 370 m


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