WoT Console- The Hidden StuG III

Brief ad for the new Premium StuG III, based on the WoT: Roll Out! comic published by Dark Horse.

Note, the cell shaded mode seen in the ad was removed after one day. Turns out putting a headache inducing visual style over a game with no option to turn it off isn’t the best idea.

The tank itself looks decent though, glad to see a reskin that looks somewhat plausable.

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WoT Console- The Hidden StuG III

4 thoughts on “WoT Console- The Hidden StuG III

  1. Zorin234 says:

    Compared to the standard stug with the L48.
    Faster, better View range, stealthier.
    Holds like 20 more rounds,
    Better accuracy, aim time, rof.
    Better radio

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