WoT Console: Things to Come?

Well, been a while since anything of significance has been hyped for World of Tanks Console, outside of continued map removals and War Stories (some of which were also removed after release).

Up until the middle of May, where slowly hyped up hyped up something over the course of a week, for that something to end up being a teaser for another announcement date two weeks later.

However, thanks to a quick post on the forum this last Sunday (June 3rd), we do have some hint as to what may be coming in this next update (along with hinted at balance passes and sound effects that will finally be updated a year after the sound engine was upgraded), an image of a splash screen:


The thread containing this image was deleted fairly quickly, but not quick enough that several people weren’t able to save it.

For those of you from PC, these screens show up when you first open up a game on console, and with WoT they are usually always updated to show off the newest “thing”. The “beta” bit in the title would indicate this comes from the Supertest version of the game available to testers.

These “Mercenaries” may hint at the addition of a ‘Mercenary’ tech tree hinted at years ago (in Creative Director PAINGod’s own posts from 2015, which you can see here) as a dumping ground for tanks and variants from nations that can’t fill a proper tech tree. If done correctly, this could be a neat way of introducing tanks that have long been suggested by the community without making each one into a $60 premium. Though this is the same development team that took three years to finally get around to making a new tank for console “from scratch” just for it to be another Sherman variant.

Still, more intriguing than yet another reskin premium:


For Full Size and Clarity



Well, we can always hope it’s not only reskins. Fingers crossed this one turns things around.

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