WoT Console: Tiger 131 & Fury

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To start off their US vs German Tankbowl event, World of Tanks Console is selling the returning Sherman ‘Fury’ complete with a ‘Wardaddy’ commander. To go with the Fury they are also bringing out Tiger 131.

Tiger 131 is a Tier 7 with premium matchmaking and boosted penetration on its L/56 gun.


Both commanders come with a crew skill, Fury’s has Mentor, Tiger 131 comes with the Deadeye Skill. Thank you WoT Console for stopping with the stupid unique skills locked behind paywalls.

As for the event itself, Tankbowl, a series of ops where players choose between US or German tanks and earn point for their teams based on XP earned in Random Battles. Here’s a handy infographic.


A reskinned Panther/M10 is a bit of an odd choice for a reward tank, but as covered in the last Console Dev Q&A, the regular Panther/M10 and the “Champion” variant have been looked at and have recieved some changes, though didn’t specify exactly what maybe be buffed or altered.

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WoT Console: Tiger 131 & Fury

7 thoughts on “WoT Console: Tiger 131 & Fury

  1. Lol, I wondered why the Tiger 131 was involved in this event, since it was nowhere near where the movie Fury took place. But they actually used the real Tiger 131 in the movie, interesting.

  2. xxtechmanxx says:

    Console does what PC don’t – reference to ” Sega does what Nintendon’t ”

    I really like what the Console Devs are doing but I would never play WoT on a Console except maybe on the Nintendo Switch but this will never happen 😛

  3. Afrika_Korps says:

    Wargaming knows that people are dumb enough to throw their/their parent’s money on re-skinned tanks.

    That is the only reason for the attack of the clones in WoT

  4. i like how the pc only players are still whining that pc doesnt have the millions of tank clones that the incompetent console team keeps doing cause they cant do anything else

  5. Kellen says:

    All I want are actual tech tree tanks. Idk why console makes so many prem tanks. We haven’t had a new line since the Chinese, excluding the terrible Jap heavies…

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