WoT Console: Tiger “Hammer”


WoT Console just presented a new vehicle, the Tiger  “Hammer”:

The Tiger “Hammer” is the latest Hero tank and comes in exclusive all-terrain camo paying homage to the German national soccer team. What’s impressive about the “Hammer” is that it’s essentially an Elite-status Tiger, equipped with the feared “long 88” L/71 gun!

It’s a Premium Tank of course and there will be some missions/challenges coming along with it, including PVE and some Emblems and Medal that can be earned:

Coming on 16 August, 2016.

Unless I’m missing something and please enlighten me if I am, I see no reason to pay an homage to the German soccer team with a special camo. The camo itself looks a bit meh but its console, they can escape with that. 🙂

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WoT Console: Tiger “Hammer”

57 thoughts on “WoT Console: Tiger “Hammer”

      1. We’re catching up in terms of tanks. But we lack quite a few maps and we rarely if ever get tank balance changes.

        Oh, and we still have the WTE-100. “One of the most balanced Tier Xs in the game”, according to one of our devs 😛

    1. Anonymous says:

      The PC version was made and curated by the Sovi…Russian Overlords while the consol version was done in the US. Two different versions

  1. Honcho says:

    Iam German and i like the idea of a premium Tiger like the Heavy Tank No.VI for Japan and the recently added Vk 45.03, but why would they want to do THIS?!?!
    Why not simply add Tiger 131 into the game with the original camo?

      1. Mike says:

        Bovington tank museums tankfest is sponsored by wargaming.net so may be a possibility in future. One for sure I would part with cash for

  2. Look at this, something that will finally cause the WoT PC crowd NOT to complain for once.

    After all the cool things that WoT Console got in the past, and the endless river of Nerd Tears that followed with it, this is a good thing for the WoT PC crowd.

    Keep your chins up lads! Some day WG will show the same flair for the game on PC and introduce the fun modes, weather, enviromental details, etc etc, to PC as they did in WoT console.

    Keep your chins up!

  3. This tank is soooo ugly. As said in a comment above, while WoT PC is spammed with new premiums each patch, WoT Console is spammed with premium version of existing tanks but with new (and disgusting) camo, like CS : GO.

    However I read “PvE” somewhere so as a PC player this is still a valid reason for me to complain. WG saying WoT will get things, then PC doesnt because “doesnt work” but console does get them. I wouldnt be surprised if WoT Console got Havok before us…

    1. OrigamiChik3n says:

      If memory serves me right, different studios (maybe even different companies) work on console and mobile versions. I hope someons who knows better can correct me on this one. But maybe, just maybe, hiring someone at least half competent is not as impossible as Wargaming moneybags want us to think.

    2. Chris L. says:

      Being a console player I have to tell you that PVE on console sucks. Basically think of the campiest players that you’ve ever played with only multiplied by 30 or so (with some exceptions on certain “game modes”), your AI team will only move up when you get to “checkpoints”, the enemy AI team will only have one tank that is the same tier as yours while the rest will be up to two tiers lower even if the tank you’re using can’t see those tiers (i.e. go in with a tier 3 tank and see as low as tier 1 or go with a tier 7 scout and see as low as tier 5) and your team will not only have you as top tier but about 3-4 more top tier tanks on your team, both your AI teammates and enemy AI will only auto-aim, and to top it off your team will all be fully upgraded whereas the enemy team will all be stock. Oh, and did I forget to mention that you don’t make hardly any credits, xp, or crew xp? That’s probably why WOT PC says that PVE “doesn’t work”. Also, yeah the Tiger “Hammer” looks even worse than the Cromwell “Knight” and that thing looks like someone literally wrapped a Union Jack texture around the tank.

  4. Andrew O says:

    Pc be like “oh thank god they dont sell tanks already in game just with a different paint job” ahem…. is-2, t34-85 rudy, cromwell berlin…..
    Even so if you enjoy the regular tank and wanna earn more credits you can get the premium one to earn more credits playing a tank you enjoy. So has a place but not for everyone

    1. at least the Berlin Trio and Rudy have historical camo, not some kind of flashy red-blue-white or red-yellow-black “camo” like console did with Crom Knight , FCM Liberty or this Tiger Hammer. Heck, when i first time saw T26E4 Freedom, my eye almost burned by “freedom and democracy” aura from that tank.

  5. Sturmtiger_304 says:

    You can tell a lot of effort and thought went into designing this camo…

    It’s almost as if I went into MS paint for 20 seconds and achieved the same result.

  6. WG fucked up badly with this.

    They have a ‘mega’ bundle that includes the Hammer and the Kanononjagdpanzer. The catch? It costs £70/$100, and is the *only* way to get the Kanonen.

    So, they are daring to charge 21k gold for a tier VII reskin and the *pre-buff* Kanonen, when just recent they sold the Liberte, Freedom and Knight for 13k. Pay almost £70 for one mediocre TD basically, because the Hammer can be earnt for free.

    And sure the Hammer doesn’t look great, the Eagle is good, the stars just make it look like a kids toy.

    1. Chris L. says:

      The only way they could justify that price for the “pre-buff” Kanonen bundle is if they give it preferential mm which I know that on PC it has standard but, hey, that hasn’t stopped WOT console in the past (i.e. Panther 88, STA-2, T95E2, etc.). Even then that’s too much for a tank that will most likely make it into the tech tree within a month and cost a heck of a lot less.

  7. kinch07 @EU says:

    I’m german and this tank embarasses me, really. Hope they wont introduce this shit to our game. I already have my hands full with the constant mega-lags they introduced as main new feature of 9.15.1. Wonder why no blog is adessing this btw.

  8. Anonymous says:

    yeah well unfortunately we complained about the camo when we found out about it.. sadly enough nothing could be changed because it was the WG branch i germany who came up with the design for it.. so great job to pc WG devs for giving us a crappy looking german hero tank in comparison to the other 3 which actually look good… this hero tank is a disgrace to germany.. but at the end of the day its a free tank or a free garage slot.. so it is what it is… plus it’s still unique, and still something the pc doesnt have.. cause you know… pc devs dont care about the playerbase at all and care too much for russian potatoes..

  9. Owl says:

    Well the tank is basically free with how easy the mission “op”is to complete so I dont see why there is so much complaining, it may not look the best but its still a free tier 7 premium.

  10. Muhamad Adhi says:

    Well its a goddamn Tiger, some people would welcome it even if they hated that paintjob.
    I know i would try to do the mission if its available on PC.

  11. S K says:

    What a surprise! More Eurocentric PC Gaming Master Race bias from Rita! If it ain’t from WG EU, it has got to be bad, right, Rita? If it ain’t on PC, it has got to be bad, right, Rita?

    That said, I do find it disappointing. First, I was hoping it would be the Panzer 58 Mutz — Swiss.. German.. Whatever. Second, since it is the Tiger, I was hoping it would have a postwar German flag colors, ala the French flag colors on the Liberté. Third, “Hammer” is a terrible name. It should have been called the “Fatherland”, ala the Soviet “Motherland” (T-54 First Prototype).

    I will probably have to resort to buying it. You have to earn a certain number of points to get the tank for free. You gain points for wins and lose points for losses. Thanks to rotten MM, I am down to <45% win rate so I'll have a double-digit negative score in no time.

  12. George turiw says:

    How do they think that the soviet flag is acceptable on tanks when the swastika or totenkompf (SS skull) is not?! The soviets were WAY worse than the nazis and even if you hate the nazis a German hero tank with a swastika on it would look badass and cool , why the hell would they base this new tank’s camo off of a football team, THIS IS STUPID

    1. Mike says:

      I’d prefer it to be, then at least it would be historically accurate, so much sceptism about using the nazi flag, when it’s a big part of history

  13. FoxyBoy says:

    Who cares about the paint job; it’s still a tiger with premium benefits that is only available for a limited time.

  14. Sulla1111 says:

    Free tier 7 premium crew trainer. Easy to use tank and gun. Free consumables for every mission played in the tank over the competition period.

    Sounds great. Sign me up! The goofy paint job is still a million miles better than the Freedom or the GuP pzIV.

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