WoT Console: Tiger “Hammer”


WoT Console just presented a new vehicle, the Tiger  “Hammer”:

The Tiger “Hammer” is the latest Hero tank and comes in exclusive all-terrain camo paying homage to the German national soccer team. What’s impressive about the “Hammer” is that it’s essentially an Elite-status Tiger, equipped with the feared “long 88” L/71 gun!

It’s a Premium Tank of course and there will be some missions/challenges coming along with it, including PVE and some Emblems and Medal that can be earned:

Coming on 16 August, 2016.

Unless I’m missing something and please enlighten me if I am, I see no reason to pay an homage to the German soccer team with a special camo. The camo itself looks a bit meh but its console, they can escape with that. 🙂

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