WoT Console: TOG II Sea April’s Fool


as predicted, WoT Console April’s F0ol is a Floating TOG II, this is how they made it:

“The TOG will appear in your tank reel in a special garage dock automatically if you have ever played a battle ā€” and if not, simply play a battle first, then you can head off to the high seas.”


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WoT Console: TOG II Sea April’s Fool

27 thoughts on “WoT Console: TOG II Sea April’s Fool

      1. Anonymous says:

        XBOX??? wuutt??? first xbox was ok but PS4 pwns the digital consoles now rita šŸ™‚ i thought you where a true gamer šŸ˜›

  1. WoWs is going the next step and adding TOGmarines xD (Joking)

    It does seem like this April Fool’s is just testing out new mechanics.

    WoT: Possibly multiple guns

    War Thunder: They’re testing ships

  2. All funny, but on my calender its not the first yet, why are we talking about an aprils fool prank when we still have march. I normaly like to log into all my onlinegames on that day and find the pranks myself, or perhabs later in the day on websides, but not 1-2 days before

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wait wait wait wait….. At 0:44 the tog makes a huge and far jump into the water. How is that freaking possible with only 14km top speed???

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