WoT Console: Update 3.4 Delayed

Good day,

A few days back we posted some info on the Console’s upcoming 3.4 update which brings the Overlord map and improvements to the in-game armor viewer.

Unfortunately for Xbox players the update is delayed until an unspecified time (PS4 schedule will proceed as normal). As stated by Creative Director TJ Wagner, the delay is due to an issue with the update tool for the Xbox 360. While the issue is apparently resolved at the moment, the update will likely be delayed til after Monday November 14th.

(Warning, semi-rant about the goings on of the Console community to follow)

While good to hear that things are apparently resolved, it has brought up along standing issue in the Console community: that of the decade old Xbox 360 holding back progress for those on current generation systems.

PC players have long been familiar with the reality of having the game built around older machines. For console players its just as bitter, as we’ve not only had features held back, but in some cases they’ve been taken away after release. Examples of this are Scorpion Pass being reduced from its original 1.5km × 1.5km size after it was brought to Xbox 360 and One, as well as the removal of the standard Ruinberg for it to be replaced by the rubble strewn War! variant.

Yes, maps were removed or altered on one system because of the limitations of a completely seperate system that has zero interaction with it (as of now Xbox and PS player bases play on seperate servers).

As stated here, Xbox 360 players make up roughly 25% of the daily playerbase on the Xbox servers. What that percentage is compared to the entire playerbase including PS4 players is unknown.

These recent developments have been bringing up quite a bit of tension to the Console community. Is it fair to take away features or hold them back for such a minority? Especially for systems that have nothing to do with the decade old 360?

The popular idea is to have the Xbox 360 run on its own servers with updates reflecting its capabilities, or having things that don’t affect gameplay such as crew voices be implimented on current gen systems (this was specifically stated to not be coming do to file sizes on the 360).


I’d like to hear opinions from console players who frequent this blog, as well as PC players who’ve been in a similar situation for some time.

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