WoT Console Update 3.5

The first major update of 2017 is here for World of Tanks Console. This one brings balance updates, HD models, map variants, and enhanced tank physics (that everyone and their mother who plays console has been freaking out about.

Enhanced Physics

Similar to the PCs earlier physics update, WoT Console will now have the ability to skid, and better traverse terrain. In the even your tank flips, it will right itself after 10 seconds.


Map Variants

South Coast- Rain


El Halluf- War!


New HD Map art for Seigfried Line- War!, Mines, and Province


Tactical Minimap

A new version of the full sized minimap with added info:


1) Auto-Detect Range

2) Detectibility Range: Overall range, does not factor in bushes or other directional cover.

3) Gun Direction Line

4) View Range Cone: Adjust to normal and sniper view as well as Binocular Telescopes


Tank Gallery View

Pressing LT/L2 in the garage will remove the garage HUD, allowing unobstructed views of the vehicles.


Update Notes

Xbox One: 4.8GB

Xbox 360: 101MB title update+ 1.12GB Patch Download

PS4: 4.5GB

Feature List

  • Server Side Physics: This update transforms the way vehicles move around the field by improving movement physics. You can skid, slide and flip vehicles upside down and perform maneuvers previously not possible. We’ve also included a new feature for flipping vehicles back onto their tracks after a period of time. The initial testing of this feature will be a 10 second delay before righting the tank.
  • Vehicle “Handbrake”: Added the ability to perform new maneuvers with the addition of a handbrake. Using the handbrake while on the move allows you to perform sharp turns, sharp braking, or quick U-turns. Two new control modes were added to the “Options” menu that map the handbrake to different controller buttons.
  • Radar\Mini-Map upgrade: Added information that dynamically shows your vehicle’s gun direction, shell range, view range, and detectable range in addition to a 50-meter auto-detect circle. It also shows a field-of-view cone that dynamically changes as you zoom in and out.
  • Stationary camera support for spectators.
  • Proving Ground and Tutorial missions: Ammunition pick-ups added. These pick-ups fill all your ammo slots back up to the number of shells present in that slot when the match started.
  • Vehicle Gallery View: View your vehicles in all their glory! Press and hold the “Left Trigger (LT)” button in the Garage on a selected tank to hide the Garage HUD.
  • Vehicle Balances: 108 vehicles updated to HD collision models
  • As a result of the update to HD models and how vehicles are built from hundreds of files, there are numerous minor cosmetic issues. These issues are being fixed as quickly as possible and will be in the next update. Please see the “Known Issues” list for details and please report any new issues you may find. We appreciate your patience in this.

Xbox One & PS4

  • Added a HDR Calibration screen (only available to HDR enabled consoles connected to a HDR supported display device).


  • South Coast – Rain
  • El Halluf – War!
  • Siegfried Line – War! (updated)
  • Mines: Updated with new HD art
  • Province: Updated with new HD art

Additional Features

  • Overlord: Assault mode has been rebalanced and added to Random Battles
  • Skorpion Pass: Encounter mode spawns moved for balance
  • Thiepval Ridge: Team Destruction mode spawns moved for balance
  • Karelia (Assault): Moved base and spawns for balance
  • Improvements made to the new player experience
  • Removed prop tank gun collision
  • Reduced brick piles around buildings
  • Removed objects in debris piles
  • Adjusted fighter plane audio
  • UI: Added Premium Supplies text in gold, added consumable equip max
  • Changed Platoon creation/disband flow
  • Updated destructible FX
  • Thread texture FX updated
  • Updated muzzle flash
  • Compass Minimap scale adjusted to 445 meters
  • Armor Viewer: Improvements to Colorblind option
  • Added camera shake to artillery explosions
  • New Platoon icon
  • Added Platoon creation cooldown animation
  • Improved kill feed

Bug Fixes

  • Garage door hole fixed
  • Adjusted wooden ramp collision for ease of travel
  • UI: Fixed display issue for Random Reward Op on Post Battle Result Screen (PBRS)
  • Water no longer goes the opposite direction of the wind
  • Green Thumb image fixed
  • Mud flaps are no longer wiggly bits.
  • Exhaust destruction fixed
  • Proving Grounds: Press B/Circle to cancel queue correctly works
  • Team Training (TT): Players can rejoin TT rooms through player profiles after leaving correctly
  • Module Viewer: View ports are now displayed when selecting Crew component
  • Achievements: Friends and Enemies now awarded correctly
  • Added promotion to Platoon leader message when Platoon leader disconnects
  • Proving Grounds: Fixed instruction text placement
  • Loading Screen: Updated spotting tactics
  • Team Training: Captured KV-1 name displayed correctly
  • UI: Fixed Skill mastered text in PBRS
  • UI: What’s New text correctly displays names
  • Russian localization for “detected” fixed
  • Store: “Days Left” banners fixed
  • Removed horizontal bar flicker when opening “What’s New” items
  • Fixed package screen background gradient.
  • Fixed “Package Help” screens
  • Stats Tab: Shown medals works correctly as tanks return from battle
  • Store Tab: Premium days correctly updates after purchasing Premium account time
  • Supplies: Corrected font color for Gold cost
  • Boost Op icons updated
  • Dismissing invites now plays a sound cue
  • Convert XP now displays in all situations
  • Fixed text when repairing a damaged vehicle without enough Silver
  • Stats Tab: Sort/Filter legend only displays when on “Overall”
  • Removed vehicle stats display when on invitation list
  • Fixed vehicle mastery progress display when retraining Crews to 75%
  • Disabled “Reload” command during countdown
  • Fixed issue where TT room host couldn’t leave “Options” menu
  • Fixed equipment menu transparency
  • Open the menu while in “Supplies” no longer resets changes made
  • Can now access overview map with HUD turned off
  • Adjusted colorblind text color for “Please Deactivate an Op”
  • Crew properly appear in Armor Viewer
  • Fixed “Loading” screen lag when in colorblind mode
  • Korean: Fixed missing glyph
  • Efficiency tab: Fixed missing vehicle information


  • FV201 Black: Fixed destroyed state
  • MTLS Blitzen: Lights now removed when destroyed
  • The Hidden StuG: Fixed side armor collision
  • T34 Black: Fixed destroyed state
  • Legion Patton-59: Fixed destroyed state
  • Tiger 131: Fixed destroyed state
  • AMX 105 AM mle. 47: Fixed firing animation
  • Lorraine 155 mle. 51: Fixed firing animation
  • Renault FT AC: Fixed firing animation
  • Firefly Boilermaker: Fixed spaced armor collision
  • T-34-1: Armor viewer fixed
  • A-43: Armor viewer fixed
  • STA-2: Urban camo and sniper camera fixed
  • STA-2 Black: Destroyed state fixed
  • AMX Chaffee: Fixed Camouflage cost
  • T26E4 Freedom: Moved Emblem/Inscription location to the hull
  • Type 4 Heavy: Removed tarps from rear deck
  • Spähpanzer I C: Fixed camouflage pattern scale
  • Pz 38 nA: Fixed camouflage pattern scale
  • T-54 First Prototype: Fixed sniper camera clipping into objects
  • T110E3: Tracks no longer flash red/green
  • Kaiju O-I: Fixed gun audio issue
  • AMX 50 Foch: Fixed gun depression/elevation values
  • Updated tank names: Pz.Kpfw. III to Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J, Tiger to Tiger I, Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger (P) to Tiger (P), Pz.Kpfw. V Panther to Panther, Panther 88 to Panther 8,8, E 50M to E 50 M, SU-76 to SU-76M, GwPanther to G.W. Panther, GwTiger to G.W. Tiger, GwE 100 to G.W. E 100, GwTiger P to G.W. Tiger (P), LTraktor to L.Tr., T92 to T92 HMC


  • Widepark – Rain: Improved performance
  • Removed tree sticking out of a rock
  • Redshire: Adjusted lighting and prop placement
  • Komarin: Adjusted prop placement
  • Dragon Ridge: Adjusted prop placement and terrain to match ramp collision
  • Pearl River: Fixed animated birds
  • Steppes: Fixed tarps position in base
  • Thiepval Ridge: Adjusted bunker placement and removed visible terrain seams
  • Tundra – Winter: Adjusted terrain decal placement
  • Abbey: Smoothed out terrain to prevent stuck tanks and adjusted terrain to match destroyed object states
  • Cliff: Removed several animated birds
  • Fisherman’s Bay: Adjusted visual stones to match collision
  • Ruinberg – War!: Removed a plane prop
  • Severogorsk: Removed floating cultural assets
  • Severogorsk – Snow: Adjusted prop placement
  • Airfield: Adjusted prop placement
  • Himmelsdorf – Winter: Smoothed out snow drifts and adjusted tree placements
  • Himmelsdorf: Adjusted scale/placement of buildings to remove gaps
  • South Coast: Fixed issue with a destroyed building
  • Murovanka – Winter: Adjusted prop placement
  • Overlord: Adjusted prop placement
  • Westfield (Assault): Adjusted a few spawns that were too close together
  • Widepark: Removed floating objects
  • Redshire (Standard): Moved a spawn causing a camera issue
  • Pacific Island – War!: Added wind audio for trees/grass
  • Fishermans Bay – War!: Removed prop inside capture base
  • Ghost Town: Adjusted prop placement

Xbox 360

  • Widepark – Rain: Performance optimizations
  • IS-6: Fixed tread placement
  • IS-6 Black: Fixed emblem transparency
  • Type 4 Heavy: Fixed machine gun barrel
  • Himmelsdorf: Name changed on sign


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WoT Console Update 3.5

10 thoughts on “WoT Console Update 3.5

  1. So in console they right themselves after 10sec… while on PC we either hope there’s a friendly player willing to spare a few seconds to try and help or die after 10 sec from self destruction…

    WoT Console proving once again to be the better version… PC Master Race my ass

    1. Renzo says:

      Lol hell no. Console still has 850 alpha damage tier 10 TD’s.

      And the 6 shot clip WT E100 that the devs are not going to remove because they think it is balanced

    2. Anonymous says:

      Self-righting tanks just proves these are kiddie’s toys. If only we could get all the whiney brats to bugger off to consoles…

      1. Anonymous says:

        Or we learn from your mistakes. Cool story trying to make out Console is worse than PC, it’s just different.

  2. Tommy_Gun says:

    As much as I hate the term “PC Master Race” (I am 99% PC player) I still think that everybody should play on what they want to. It doesn’t matter console or pc – we are both gamers after all.

    btw. WoT console is made by completely different devs. And also I wonder.. on PC there were many problems with maps after new physics was implemented – for example you could reach places that were never meant to be “reachable”

    1. Console Abbey is actually different from PC, the lanes have been adjusted and some of the terrain shaped differently.
      It’s not the most helpful map sure, but after playing it a couple of times you know the layout well enough to glance at it anyway.

  3. Jim Falk says:

    Your list of changes should also mention the mangled fender changes made many tanks, including premium tanks, imposed on us. The T95E2, IS-6 and Panther 8.8 to mention a few. What can I say? I like my tanks to look good!

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