WoT Console Update 3.6- Liberty Falls

Good day all,

New update announced for WoT Consol. A few new features and fixes for bugs from the last one. For the new stuff:

New Map: Liberty Falls

A few screens of a new (actually new, not a variant) map that honestly looks a bit like a nuclear test town moved to a more lush location:

Should be interesting though

Updated Maps

Himmelsdorf is now getting a blizzard. This one will be an extreme weather variant, so view and signal ranges will be reduced.branded_himmelsdorfblizzard_36

And, Ensk, Port- Snow, Widepark, and Widepark- Rain are getting some minor facelifts.

New Camos

For the asthetically minded, some new camo patterns are coming. For the British, a two-tone summer and desert ‘dark stone’:

For the Czechoslovakian line, a solid, two-tone, and leaf winter pattern:

Horizontal Stabalization

And after much begging, console players will finally be getting horizontal stabilization. Now turni g the hull won’t have as dramatic affect on the where you aim when in sniper view. Note, it is off by default, so activate it in the Options tab.

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~3.9GB / Xbox 360: ~103MB title update + 1.47GB patch download
PlayStation 4: ~19.7GB (required to compress update package)

-UI: New splash screen upon login
Improved Visibility Range circle
-New packages for TVP VTU Koncept, Churchill VIII and T29
-Vehicles can now fire when slightly submerged in water unless drowning
-Removed barrel collision on prop vehicles
-Loyd Gun Carriage: Updated to HD
Various emblems can now be mirrored on vehicles
-New smoke FX
-M56 Scorpion: Updated to HD collision model
-Additional stationary spectator cameras
-Promotional bundles now visible for a longer period of time
Xbox 360
-IS-3: Updated SD model
-Grant: Updated SD model
-G.W. Tiger (P): Updated SD model
-“Efficiency” tab displays damage dealt to self-destructed vehicles
Players can now move correctly after repairing vehicle tracks
-Ramming destroyed vehicles no longer triggers engine start up
-The following Achievements now trigger a DVR event: “We Can Re-Build Him,” “Absolute,” “A God Among Men” and “Silent Assassin”
-Reduced artillery camera shake
-Fix issued where UI doesn’t display two of the same consumables equipped
-Russian localization: Fixed translations for “No awards earned in battle,” “Max elevation,” Premium ammo capitalization, and update loading screen no longer has truncated text
-Spectator: Directed camera toggle added to button legend
-Help Screen: Platoon info text resized and pictures and text in Garage updated
-Ammo no longer displays 0 after disconnecting
-HP updates correctly when spectating an ally
-“Stats” tab: Audio cue added when viewing medals and ribbons
-KV-1S overview text no longer truncated
-Fixed Garage help screen during Initial Player Experience
-Platoon: Flag icon no longer missing when “In Battle”
-Team Training: Fixed issue of kicking multiple players at once. Spectator can now select vehicles for next battle correctly
-“Armor Viewer” now works correctly from “What’s New” screen
Updated various vehicle reel icons in Garage
-Fixed Garage lighting when entering “Equipment” menu
-Removed Clan tags from kill feed
-Fixed camouflage pattern tiling for the following: Panther/M10, VK 36.01 (H), Löwe, VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B, Type 95 Chi Ha, VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A, G.W. Tiger, G.W. Tiger (P), E 100, Tiger II, SU-100M, AMX 13 90, Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t), AMX 13 75, Tortoise, Object 430, Matilda, Churchill VII, FV215b (183) E 25, M3 Lee, IS-3, Centurion I, FV201 (A45), FV201 (A45) Black Edition, Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D, T95 and Kolohousenka
-Fixed tread decals to the correct size for the following: T110E5, T110E3, M48 Patton, M103
-105 leFH18B2: Fixed camouflage pattern tiling and emblem/inscription position
-T95E2: Fixed camouflage pattern tiling and collision model
-T110E4: Fixed tread decals to correct size and removed paint from periscopes
-T57 Heavy: Fixed tread decals to correct size and Marks of Excellence decals
-T54E1: Fixed tread decals to correct size, constant track audio and wiggle bits
-M5 Stuart: Fixed gun to single shot instead of drum
Destroyed vehicles no longer flip over
-AT 15A: Adjusted emblem position
-IS-6 Black Edition: Fixed Mark of Excellence decal and wiggly bits
-The following now correctly become Elite: FT AC and T-60
-SU-100Y: Emblems correctly mirror now, and fixed camouflage pattern tiling
-M44: Can now correctly research and equip packages
-Type 97 Chi Ha: Emblems and inscriptions now visible
-T57 Heavy: HD collision model fixed
-Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai: Visual model no longer glossy
-Fixed destroyed state: AMX 30, T34, MTLS-1G14, Champion Panther/M10, Type 97 Chi Ha, Cruiser Mk. 1, Type 98 Ke-Ni, T20
-Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. A: Removed wiggly bit and fixed gun clipping and road wheel colors
-O-I Experimental: Fixed wiggly bit
-FV304: Fixed wiggly bit and adjusted gun position
-T-34-88: Fixed HD collision model
-BT-7: Fixed gun placement
-The Hidden StuG IV: Fixed destroyed collision model, track state and wheel rotation
-Cromwell Knight: Hull and turret colors now match
-M37: Fixed suspension visuals
-Captured KV-1: Fixed road wheel colors
-Blitzen MTLS: Icicles removed from destroyed state
-Skoda T 25: Fixed wiggly bit
-Löwe Black Edition: Fixed emblems
-IS-6: Fixed destroyed state
-T-34/100: Fixed tracks
-Type 61: Fixed fire FX
-MS-1: Fixed treads
-T67: Fixed Mark of Excellence decals
-Legion 59-Patton: Fixed destroyed state and vents
-Aufklärungspanzer Panther: Adjusted barrel in first-person
-G.W. Panther: Fixed muzzle brake
-Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs: Removed duplicate antenna
-IS-2: Fixed sniper cam
-Waffenträger auf Pz. IV: Fixed destroyed tread state
-LT vz. 35: Fixed tracks and destroyed state
-LT vz. 35: Fixed sniper camera
-Grille: Fixed firing animation
-Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735: Fixed turret cupola to match collision
-Skoda T 24: Fixed sniper cam clipping into hull
-Bat.-Châtillon 155 58: Fixed antenna
-Object 140: Fixed wiggly bits.
-Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. J: Removed wiggly bit
-Added heat effect to exhaust for: VK 30.01 (P), M18 Hellcat and KV-5
-Province: Adjusted floating props
-Overlord: Adjusted rocks along cliff to fix seams
-Thiepval Ridge: Repainted some terrain
-Mines: Adjusted rocks around center hill, fixed terrain seam and added a collision barrier to prevent entry to restricted areas
-Karelia: Removed floating props and added collision barriers to prevent entry into restricted areas
-Himmelsdorf – Winter: Smoothed out snow drifts
-Abbey: Removed invisible collision from C8-H8, floating vegetation and adjusted collision barrier and select rocks to prevent getting stuck
-Sand River: Smoothed out terrain to prevent getting stuck
-Dukla Pass: Fixed terrain seams, removed trees from rocks and added collision barriers to prevent entry to restricted areas
-Dragon Ridge: Adjusted collision barrier
-South Coast: Added collision barrier to prevent jumping into buildings
-Ensk – War!: Added collision to destroyed props
-Ardennes: Fixed terrain seams
-Fisherman’s Bay: Adjusted fence scale
Westfield: Removed physics region from a building
-Ruinberg – Winter: Adjusted building scale to prevent getting stuck
-Himmelsdorf: Added collision barrier to prevent driving over wall
-Great Wall: Added rocks to prevent entry into restricted areas
-Mountain Pass: Removed collision barrier to allow access to previously blocked areas
-Ghost Town: Added rubble pile to prevent getting stuck and added a collision barrier to prevent entry to restricted areas
-Ghost Town (Assault): Adjusted spawn placement
-Heilbron: Added collision barrier to prevent entry into restricted areas
-Highway: Adjusted prop placement
-Steppes: Adjusted a collision barrier to prevent entry into restricted areas
Xbox 360
-Fixed destroyed state: T1 Heavy, O-I Experimental and T54E1
-Skoda T 25: Fixed destroyed state, turret ring and suspension visuals
-Panther: Fixed missing camouflage on gun
-AMX 50 Foch: Fixed headlight
-Object 140: Fixed exhaust
-M10 Wolverine: Fixed camouflage pattern tiling
-T-34-88: Gun no longer clips into rear of vehicle
-IS-6: Fixed wiggly bits and inscriptions
-Bishop: Fixed antenna
-Fixed “Armor Viewer”

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WoT Console Update 3.6- Liberty Falls

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