WoT Console Update 3.7- Co-Op Assault

Good day everyone,

WarGaming has released the preview for the next console update, adding a new Co-op mode among other things. Might be a nice addition if it’s done well. Here’s the preview:

Proving Grounds Co-Op PvE


Four new co-op scenarios are being added to the in-game Proving Grounds. You can play cooperatively with another human player (through platoons or joining another random player) , or alone with two AI teammates that can be controlled with the command radial:

  • Map Ping: AI allies move to the chosen sector as long as there are no enemies currently spotted
  • Follow Me: Your AI allies will follow your move
  • Request Fire: AI allies will focus fire on your target

So far there will be four maps with different objectives. A platoon leader will select their tank, with the rest of the team choosing from compatible vehicles. The maps/modes so far are listed:

  • Heilbronn Assault (standard): Destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base
  • Dukla Pass Assault (assault): Keep your base defended, or destroy all enemies
  • Thiepval Ridge Assault (standard): Destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base
  • Murovanka – Winter Assault (standard): Destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base

Maps will also feature ammo and repair pick ups.


How many friends can play together in Co-Op?

Two human players can battle together.

None of my friends are available to play, can I still play Co-Op?

Yep! Two AI allies will join you if you play solo. You can also join a random Co-Op Battle to match you with another player if there is an open room.

What tiers will the enemies be?

Enemy tiers are based on the highest-tier tank on your team.

Will I earn Silver and XP in this mode?

Yes, you can earn both, but overall, you’ll earn more playing standard Multiplayer battles.



Making its debut on console, we’ll be seeing Windstorm. This one is interesting as it had been said that the map might not making it to console do to performance issues. It’ll be interesting to see what was done to have it work here, especially with some of the older hardware.

Also, the newly revamped Port is getting a summer variant.

Thunderstruck Variants

Some new extreme weather variants are also being added (radio and view ranges will be affected). This time Ghost Town and Thiepval Ridge will be seeing thunderstorms added. Ghost Town gameplay might not see much difference, already being a close-quarters map, but the 1.5×1.5 km Thiepval Ridge should be interesting (hopefully).

New Achievements

Some new achievements will be added to Xbox One and PS4 (no more will be added to the Xbox 360 as it has reached it’s maximum allowed amount):

  • World War: Destroy 1,000 enemies in multiplayer battles.

Xbox Gamescore: 50 | PS Trophy: Silver

  • Viva la France: Destroy four enemies in a single multiplayer battle using a French vehicle.

Xbox Gamescore: 40 | PS Trophy: Silver

  • Top Shelf (grandfathered): Research a tier X vehicle of each class (MT, HT, TD, SPG).

Xbox Gamerscore: 25 | PS Trophy: Silver

  • Eyes Peeled: Earn 15 or more spotting assist Ribbons in a multiplayer battle.

Xbox Gamescore: 15 | PS Trophy: Silver

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Play at least five Ranked Battles.

Xbox Gamescore: 10 | PS Trophy: Bronze

  • Ten by Ten: Win and survive 10 battles in a tier X vehicle.

Xbox Gamescore: 10 | PS Trophy: Bronze


Update Notes/ Bug Fixes


  • Updated the Game Mode description at the start of battle to be more visible
  • Improved view frustum on Mini-map
  • Added left, right, and center lines on HUD
  • Adjusted the color/transparency
  • Improved “What’s New” section
  • Removed the “B”(O) button to dismiss, replaced with “A”(X) button to continue
  • Improved animation between text and background
  • Dynamic number of page pips displayed
  • Timer indication on pips until next page is displayed
  • Added a button to quickly switch the Spectator HUD’s visibility on and off
  • Inertia toggle for Spectator cam moved to “A”(X) button
  • Moved engine sound effects to hull
  • Premium vehicle names now shown with gold font on the details screen
  • Updated art in Garage reel and “Tanks” tab
  • New loading indicator
  • Updated store art with new star XP icons

Xbox 360

  • Updated T57 Heavy model


  • Encounter Proving Grounds: Set ending conditions for enemy kills and neutral base capture
  • Assault Defense Proving Grounds: Corrected text on countdown
  • Changed “My Division” to “My League” in Ranked Battles screen
  • Conqueror Gun Carriage: description fixed to match correct language of user
  • Fixed Post Battle Results screen assist damage text in Russian localization
  • Updated the name of Proving Grounds in Russian
  • Fixed capitalization of Synchronizing Personnel File
  • Updated vehicle names in “Lion of Sinai” medal
  • Tracked target ribbon text fixed in Russian localization
  • Fixed incorrect text when earning the “Expert Czechoslovakia” ribbon
  • Fixed an issue where players could not hear Platoon mates joining when in a battle
  • Max Range: now displays the correct value
  • Fixed truncated text in tutorial
  • Removed Speed Governor will now highlight when active
  • Fixed reloading callout rounding
  • Ammo and Equipment pop-up no longer truncates General Wolfe
  • Grille 15 icon no longer cut off in post battle screen
  • Crew help screen fixed
  • Visibility circle and gun line removed from HUD after destruction
  • Check mark no longer truncates Premium and Elite icons
  • Player no longer soft locks when kicked or disbanded from a Platoon while moving to the “Ops” tab
  • Store bundle text now scrolls smoothly
  • Horizontal text scrolling now consistent for all locations
  • Fixed offset nametag/vehicle type icon in the HUD for the M18 Hellcat


  • 121: Fixed track alignment and glossy look
  • 59-16: Fixed low res textures
  • A-20: Fixed track link size
  • AMX 30: Fixed low res texture
  • AMX 50 100: Fixed turret popped state
  • AMX 50 B: Fixed track link size
  • AMX 50 Foch 155: Rear road wheel now rotates and track link size
  • AMX 50 Foch: Fixed Mark of Excellence on barrel and added antenna
  • AMX AC 46: Updated collision and track link size
  • AMX AC 48: Fixed track link size
  • AMX CDC/Black Edition: Fixed track link size
  • AMX Chaffee: Fixed camouflage tiling on turret, shiny look, and low res textures
  • AT 15A: Fixed destroyed state
  • Aufk. Panther: Fixed track links size
  • B-C 25 t AP: Fixed destroyed state
  • Birch Gun: Fixed low res textures
  • Bishop: Fixed track link size
  • BT-2: Fixed turret ring on destroyed state
  • Champion Panther M/10: Fixed track links size
  • Cromwell: Fixed track link size
  • D1: Fixed track link size
  • Dicker Max: Fixed shadow in treads
  • E 100: Fixed destroyed state and track skin
  • E 25: Fixed track links size and updated collision
  • ELC AMX: Fixed track links size
  • FV215b 183: Fixed track link size
  • FV304: Fixed barrel texture
  • FV4005: Fixed track rotation
  • G.W. E 100: Fixed track links size
  • G.W. Panther: Fixed track links size
  • G.W. Tiger P: Fixed track links size
  • G.W. Tiger: Added counter recoil pistons
  • G1R: Fixed shadow on latches
  • Grille 15: Turret armor values now displayed and track clipping through fender
  • Ha Go: Fixed shadow on tow hooks
  • Hellcat: Fixed tread to match drive sprocket
  • Hidden StuG III: Cloth on barrel now animates
  • Jagdpanther: Treads no longer clip into ground
  • Jagdtiger: Updated collision
  • Kanonenjagdpanzer: Fixed track links size and low res texture
  • Ke Ni: Fixed sniper camera
  • Kraft’s Panther: Fixed Smoke effects
  • KV-1S: Updated collision
  • KV-4: Fixed camouflage
  • Lt vz. 35: Fixed missing texture on tarp
  • Lt vz38: Fixed track link size
  • M103: Fixed track width
  • M2 Light: Fixed track link size
  • M3 Stuart: Fixed low res texture
  • M4A3E8: Updated collision and track link size
  • M51: Fixed texture seam
  • M53/55: Updated track model and low res textures
  • M56: Fixed destroyed state
  • Matlida BP: Fixed camouflage
  • Maus: Fixed destroyed state
  • Nashorn: Added counter recoil pistons
  • Panther M/10: Fixed track links size
  • Panther: Fixed tools and equipment textures
  • Pz 35t: Fixed low res textures
  • Pz. II: Fixed low res textures
  • Pz. III Ausf. J: Adjusted drive wheel to better fit collision
  • Pz.Sfl. IVc: Fixed tread clipping into ground
  • R35: Fixed track link size
  • Rhm.-Borsig WT: Added counter recoil pistons
  • Rhm.-Borsig WT: Turret armor values now displayed
  • Rudy: Fixed destroyed state and fire FX
  • S35 CA: Fixed track link size
  • Sherman Firefly: Fixed shadow on turret
  • Sherman Jumbo: Fixed track link size
  • Stuart I-IV: Fixed floating turret
  • SU-100: Fixed glossy look
  • SU-100Y: Fixed sniper camera clipping into hull and exhaust FX
  • T1 Heavy: Fixed secondary barrel visual
  • T110E5: Fixed destroyed state
  • T-127: Fixed suspension animation
  • T2 Medium: Track no longer clipping into ground
  • T20: Fixed sniper camo clipping into barrel and destroyed track state
  • T28: Fixed shadow on hull
  • T3 HMC: Fixed track link size
  • T-34/100: Fixed sniper camera clipping into barrel
  • T34: Adjusted suspension to connect wheels and shadow
  • T-34: Fixed shiny look and low res textures
  • T-34-1: Fixed turret pop state
  • T-34-3/Black Edition: Fixed track links size
  • T-34-88: animated attachment now correctly gets camouflage
  • T-34-88: Removed helmet in destroyed state
  • T54E1: Fixed shadow on latches and low res textures
  • T57 Heavy: Fixed camo scaling
  • T-62A: Fixed track links size
  • T95: Fixed track link size
  • T95E2: Fixed track link size
  • Tiger 131: Fixed gun mantlet and hatch and added new escape hatch
  • Tiger II: Adjusted sniper camera position
  • TVP T 50/51: fixed tread clipping through fender
  • Type 59: Fixed shadow on log
  • UC 2-pdr: Fixed thread clipping into wheel
  • VK 16.01: Fixed track links size and low res texture
  • VK 28.01: Fixed Mark of Excellence on barrel
  • VK 30.02 M: Fixed low res textures
  • WT auf E 100: Fixed rear armor display and removed canvas roll
  • WT auf Pz. IV: Fixed track links size and destroyed state
  • WT auf Pz. IV: Turret armor values now displayed and adjusted inscription/emblem positions
  • WZ-132: Fixed turret pop state and antenna animated attachment
  • Žižka Škoda T40: Fixed destroyed state


  • Ensk: Adjusted existing physics region
  • Himmelsdorf – Winter: Smoothed out snow banks to prevent getting stuck
  • Liberty Falls: Added spectator director cameras
  • Widepark: Adjusted prop placement and fixed terrain decals
  • Thiepval Ridge: Updated map ambiance
  • Arctic Region: Fixed terrain seams and decal placement
  • Erlenberg: Adjusted prop placement
  • Ruinberg: Adjusted spectator director cameras
  • Cliff: Adjusted vista trees and terrain decals to remove seams
  • Himmelsdorf: Adjusted lighting and weather

Xbox 360

  • Widepark – Rain: Reduced texture sizes for memory usage
  • Platoon invites can be accepted from “What’s New” screen
  • Azerbaijan emblem now uses the correct blue color
  • AMX 13 75: Fixed destroyed state
  • AMX 30 Prototype: Fixed shovel
  • AMX 50 120: Updated turret collision
  • AMX AC 48: Fixed texture on antenna and track links
  • AT-1: Updated turret collision
  • B-C 25 t AP: Fixed wobbly road wheel and tracked treads
  • Bishop: Updated turret collision
  • FV4005: Tank outline corrected
  • G.W. Tiger P: Updated turret collision
  • Grille 15: Fixed destroyed state
  • Heading sensitivity no longer highlighted when entering Options menu
  • IS-3: Fixed camouflage on turret
  • IS-4: Fixed camouflage on barrel
  • Jagdpanther II: Updated collision
  • KV-85: Added missing textures on chassis
  • M10 Wolverine: Fixed incorrect camouflage placement
  • M103: Fixed cloth cover clipping into turret
  • M48A1: Updated turret collision
  • M5 Stuart: Fixed emblem placement
  • MS-1 has correct tank icon in the Tech Tree
  • SU-122-54: Fixed destroyed state
  • SU-18: Fixed suspension visual
  • T23E3: Updated turret collision and brightened up Zebra camouflage
  • T32: Fixed sniper camera clipping into animated attachment
  • T-34-88: Fixed camouflage on barrel
  • T54E1: Updated track links
  • T95E2: Fixed texture seam on turret and antenna placement
  • Tiger: Updated collision
  • TVP T50: Fixed chassis visuals
  • Type 59: Fixed destroyed state


Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~2.5GB / Xbox 360: ~102MB title update + 1.45GB patch download
PlayStation 4: ~2.5GB

Downtimes –

World of Tanks Console Severs for both consoles will be offline on Tuesday May 2

PS4 server downtime: (09:00 UTC, 04:00 CDT, 02:00 PDT)

Xbox server downtime: (11:00 UTC, 06:00 CDT, 04:00 PDT)


The addition of a Co-Op mode is an interesting addition. If it’s done well it may be a nice distraction from endlessly hitting the Random Battle button. Hopefully this is and indication that WG Chicago is willing to start thinking in new directions beside endlessly adding premium tanks. And hopefully the addition of Windstorm is a sign that previously unavailable maps can now be worked in and we won’t be limited as much by hardware limits (and hopefully a sign we can get a decent version of Ruinberg).

Fingers crossed this update is a solid one.

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WoT Console Update 3.7- Co-Op Assault

22 thoughts on “WoT Console Update 3.7- Co-Op Assault

  1. pixywing says:

    If all Wargaming did for the next 12 months was add 6 new pvp maps I would be happy. It’s been 8 months and all we have gotten is the Paris map added while losing other maps. We have lost 9 maps but only seen a fraction added back in the game. Honestly Pearl River, South Coast
    and Dragon Ridge should be added back into the game as is. Hidden Village and Port would be fine coming back long as tier 6 was the max on it, and Province can burn in hell for all eternity as seal clubber maps are not appreciated.

    1. Anonymous says:

      your funny, cause the console is lazy as fuck and they introduce old maps as new maps and people freak the fuck out

    2. Anonymous says:

      Except for when it comes to balance. All WoT console does is pump out reskinned tanks and charge more than the PC did.

    1. pixywing says:

      I wish WoT just copied Armored Warfare would be awesome. Would love to see like retake an airfield mission and defend it or take x amount of bridges maybe destroy 2 and defend a bridgehead. You could do a lot of really cool stuff like this.

      1. Jayrod413 says:

        Except AW was made to leech off of WOT anyway so you’d just be copying yourself

      2. pixywing says:

        AW fixed a lot of things WoT should. They reduced RNG +10/-10% instead of +/-25% , made a 5 level commander max instead of 11, you only need 50 games with that commander to have them max not have 50 games and still a fraction of the way to sixth sense. All tanks start with 100% crews and Super sixth sense, barracks and garage slots are free and tier 10s are actually your best money maker. AW invented PVE and global ops which WoT has stolen a lot from global ops to make 30v30 which is fine as WoT is a better game for it although they really need to start stealing maps because we sure need another 6 within the next couple months.

        I’m also glad AW never lied like Wargaming does on a regular basis about premiums. They gave premiums 1 year exclusivity and kept it and gave the original owners special camo compared to wargaming who say this will never be sold again to only be sold 2 years later or this is super rare only to see it 3 months later. I also wish WoT would talk to us more they removed neg votes, froze the forums on the main page on the NA server so you have click 3 times to even find active forums and there are no longer any forums posted with events. They have done so much to remove anything negative about what they are doing and have done a good job at posting the specials . . . 8+ hours after they started.

      3. RAD FROOD 25 says:

        Nobody cares about armoured warfare. If you like that game so much, bugger off and play it. It’s a post about World Of Tanks Console not a game on the pc in which hardly anyone plays.

    2. Anonymous says:

      They make it so the PvE cost so much you can’t play it for long, I did it once and it cost nearly 100k and I got very little XP.

  2. RandomDude says:

    It’s a post about a game mode that we’ve seen in AW and that WoT (PC) could benefit from having as well, so even if you don’t like AW, you could still acknowledge that specific aspects and features of it are worth being looked into.

  3. Anonymous says:

    More people play WoT on one server than play it on all console servers, so you can’t really say “hardly anyone plays”.

  4. Renzo says:

    Rad Frood 25 you sound pissed? Id that because the AW devs actually give a damn about balance and not just reskinning premiums?

    From a wot console and AW player.

    1. RAD FROOD 25 says:

      Absolutely not I would rather just talk about the console version of the game, rather than read what sounds like someone being paid to say that armoured warfare is better at every level than wot.

    2. RAD FROOD 25 says:

      I accept that the game should be balanced more but that takes time, and let’s face it if you were making money like that are you wouldn’t want to fix it to make it better. Look at the PC version it’s taken them twice as long to fix some of there issues

  5. Moshpit400 says:

    Another tunnel map and a new weather variant to take the open out of an open map. PvE doesn’t really interest me in a PvP game so whatever. Overall I’m not impressed in the slightest.

    P.S. Deco, your posts don’t have to constantly knock WG for continuing to support the 360. We’ve heard it all before, over and over again, including two more times in just this short post.

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