WoT Console Update 3.8

Good day all,

Quick cover of the recently announced update for WoT Console, which is bringing a few redesigned and updated maps and a handful of balance tweaks. Lets see what we have in store:

Updated Maps

Starting off, a bit of good news regarding maps, no extreme weather variants!

Ardennes- Summer

And new variant of the previously winter only map inspired by the Battle of the Bulge

Redshire- Graphics Update

A graphical rework of Redshire. From the info available this is just making the map look a bit better, and not a full update to the the current Redshire on PC.

Northwest- Redesign

This will be a bit more interesting, a rework of the Northwest map. Overall the map seems to be flattened out a bit, with the north end of the map lowered and the southern portions of the map brought up. Should be interesting to see.

Platoon UI

A new platoon UI will be coming. While not really spectacular on its own, it is noted that this is laying the groundwork for future changes.

Full Notes


  • New Platoon UI
  • Wwise middleware integration: Improved tank engine sound behaviors, improved tank interior effects, engines now muffled when underwater, improved distance attenuation schemes for NPC tank sounds, seamless transitions for music and sound effects in Garage, improved audio fidelity on PS4 and Xbox One.
  • New Proving Grounds Missions: El Halluf (encounter) – Fight alongside friendly AI or with players (via Co-Op) to attack a strategic location in El Halluf.


  • Arabic language support


  • Ardennes – Summer
  • Redshire: Updated
  • Northwest: Redesign


Panther mit 8.8cm

• Chassis rotation speed increased 38 → 40
• 88mm KwK 43 L71B gun

• Max pitch increased 5 → 8
• Engine horsepower increased 600 → 700

Pz. IV Schmalturm

• Shot dispersion during rotation/movement decreased .2/.2 → .15/.15
• 75mm KwK 441 A gun

• Shot dispersion during turret rotation decreased .16 → .11
• Shot dispersion after shot decreased 4 → 2

Löwe/Löwe Black Edition

• Increased armor thickness of the upper front glacis 130 → 150
• 105mm KwK46 L70

  •  Max pitch increased 8 → 10

• Engine horsepower increased 800 → 1000


• Chassis

  • Shot dispersion during movement/rotation decreased .25/.25 → .23/.23

• 122mm D25T-TA gun

  • Shot dispersion during turret rotation decreased .14 → .12

STA-2/STA-2 Black Edition

• Top speed increased 45 → 55
• Chassis hull weight decreased 11155 → 10955
• Engine horsepower increased 500 → 570

Additional Features

  • Updated UI textures for vehicle icons in the Garage reel and Tech Tree
  • New Splash screen on startup
  • Implemented sounds for launcher minigame and music
  • New FX for explosions and sparks
  • Art FX updates for trees, leaves, water, flower petals, etc.
  • Added countdown music for the wait after a map loads but before a battle starts
  • Improved AI pathfinding
  • Co-Op mode friendly AI will now pick up health if low (below 25%)


  • Selecting a player while in Fly Cam mode will now correctly attach to that player’s vehicle
  • Updated description for “Brothers in Arms” Perk to include consumables of recent nations
  • Proving Grounds (Co-Op): Adjustments to menu descriptions for the sake of clarity
  • Proving Grounds: Updated messaging when players leave Proving Ground battles early (Solo and Co-Op)
  • Adjusted the “542” military emblem to be more visible
  • Added asterisks on Maybach engine names of the E 50 and E 75 to clarify that it’s different than the GW E 100
  • Mitigated performance hitches on all consoles

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~36GB / Xbox 360: ~102MB title update + 3.3GB patch download
PlayStation 4: ~36.4GB





Not a major update chock full of new content, but those don’t need to be very often. The graphical updates to Redshire as well as the new art assets noted in the full patch notes are welcome, as a game with no real foreseeable life cycle needs a few nips and tucks from time to time.

The balance updates are a bit of a mixed bag. The Lowe has long needed some attention, though the buffs  to the Panther 8.8 and STA-2, which have preferential matchmaking on console even after receiving their respective PC buffs seems a bit strange.

That said, the audio engine updates are particularly exciting. As noted by TG Wagner (PAINGod) in previous Q&As (and this week’s Battle Heroes) that sound updates will now be easier to facilitate with the new upgrade. Fingers crossed we won’t be waiting too long. Though form the notes and download size, some things will be sounding different right out of the box.

“Mitigating performance hitches on all consoles”. Well lets hope everybody’s respective grievances are covered in that, be it ghost shells or lag spikes.

What about our Console readers? What are you guys looking forward to in this one? Or perhaps something you wish was added in but wasn’t? (Kicking the hornets nest with that one.)

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