WoT Console Update 4.3 Notes

Update notes for the newest WoT Console update:

Download Sizes –

Xbox One: ~6.2GB / Xbox 360: ~102MB title update + 679MB download
PlayStation 4: ~6.03GB

New Features

Xbox One and PS4

  • Clan link added to the “Options” menu


  • HMC M8 added to US Tech Tree
    • New tier IV medium tank that provides players with the familiar turreted tank play style allowing for a smoother transition from tier III to tier V.


  • Nomonhan Winter – Exclusive to World of Tanks Console!
    • Based on the real Khalkhyn Gol river that saw the Soviets battle the Japanese.
    • Features a Y-shaped river cutting through the middle of the map. The river has massive war damage and surrounded by open fields. A large town sits in the south that sweeps up into the giant mountains.
  • Malinovka Winter
    • Winter variant of Malinovka added to the mix
  • Severogorsk
    • Returning to rotation
  • Live Oaks
    • Returning to rotation


  • Change map weighting and availability per tier based on survey feedback
    • Removed Port, Komarin, and Widepark from battle tier VIII thru XII
    • Reduced weighting of Ensk & Mines
    • Reduced storm variant weighting from 25% to 10%
    • Reduced weight of Pacific Island
    • Increased weighting on “Mixed: hills and town” and “Mixed: mountains and plains” maps
      • Himmelsdorf
      • Westfield
      • Mannerheim Line
      • Prohorovka
      • Murovanka
      • Siegfried Line
      • Fisherman’s Bay
  • Additional stats added to the Tank Details
    • Accuracy on moving tank
    • Accuracy on rotating turret
  • Improved the appearance of inscriptions on white camouflage
    • Almost all inscriptions have been updated to be more readable on winter camos. The distressing has been removed, and a thicker stroke has been added to each inscription.
  • Added SFX for sandbag destructibles
  • Lowered VO volumes -2dB German, -2dB commander actor.
  • Added impact sounds to machine gun particle effects
  • Moved inertia toggle to right stick click in free cam
  • “Next Battle” button automatically disables for EULA violations
  • Tournament invitations can now be accepted anywhere Platoon invitations can be accepted
  • Improved HD tracer for better slow motion viewing
  • Updated the tank loading icons to add more variety
  • Sav M43: Adjusted default ammo loadout to include a mixture of AP rounds for the 10.5cm gun
  • Tournaments: Added support for “Best of” matches
  • PvE: Improved bots combat tactics to be based on their class
  • PvE: Improved bots target threat assessment to improve combat effectiveness
  • Strv M/40: Increased the size of the emblems and moved to hull
  • Strv M/42: Increased the size of the emblems and moved to hull
  • Chosen currency type will now persist between swapping packages and no longer reset to Gold
  • Brothers in Armor challenge mode adjusted to be more challenging and engaging
  • Adjusted outlines on text
  • Added a video during game startup
  • Gave different teams’ bases unique capture alarm sounds, spatialized capture sounds to emit from location of base being captured
  • Added mix automation system for ambient wildlife sounds – combat level now determines population of wildlife SFX

Balance Changes

  • HMH FV305
    • Decrease Reload time: 14.6 → 13.4
    • Increase chassis rotation speed: 20 → 30
  • TVP T 50/51
    • Increase Reload time: 25 → 28
    • Decrease clip rate: 40 → 35
  • Skoda T50
    • 100mm AK1 Gun
    • Increase Reload time: 22 → 25
  • Motherland + T54 First prototype
    • 100mm UBR-412 Shell
      • Pen: 181/160 → 190/168
    • 100mm UBR-412P shell
      • Pen: 241/213 → 247/218
  • Type 59
    • Ammo count : 40 → 50
  • Comet
    • Chassis 1
      • Shot dispersion movement/rotation: .24/.24 → .22/.22
    • Chassis 2
      • Shot dispersion movement/rotation: .22/.22 → .2/.2
    • Turret 1
      • 75mm Gun Mk V gun
        • Shot dispersion after shot: 4 → 3.5
      • 75mm Gun Vickers HV gun
        • Shot dispersion after shot: 4 → 3.5
    • Turret 2
      • 75mm Gun Vickers HV gun
        • Shot dispersion after shot: 4 → 3.5
      • OQF 77mm Gun MkII gun
        • Shot dispersion after shot: 4 → 3.5



  • MoE and Mastery Badge requirements now populated by the player base
  • Runaway Tiger: Fixed geometry on prop in third mission
  • Deep Assault: Small tanks can no longer drive under missile launchers
  • Corrected “Heroes” And “The Last Stand” inscriptions on Chinese tanks, making it more readable
  • Locked/unlocked several fire VFX to allow for larger fires to override small fires. Lowered priority of “small” fire SFX sound to 1
  • Fixed bad launcher music and minigame music state mapping
  • Fixed ocean wave audio
  • Breaking ice now plays SFX
  • Platoon privacy setting correctly updates for all members
  • Voucher icons no longer overlap text
  • Armor depth range now includes gun armor values
  • Gift notification now correctly displays the sender’s name
  • Fixed an issue where cruise control wouldn’t activate in travel mode
  • The word “this” is no longer capitalized in “Purchase this attachment”
  • Fixed Korean description in the Lourd Metal Mega tank bundle
  • Fixed Patton KR description
  • Fixed Replays screen tip to say 10 battles
  • Fixed Ranked Battle help screen text for leagues
  • “Campaign” is now consistently used in several languages
  • Fixed text for “Opening War Chest”
  • Added “Swedish” to “Swedish Small Coat of Arms”
  • Removed extra space after Wardaddy in Crew promotion celebration
  • Fixed Platoon privacy text in KO and PL
  • Tournament: Added message saying “No Ammunition” for players who are kicked from the tournament for not having ammunition
  • Replays: Ammo, consumable, equipment now only visible in tank view
  • Mini-map: Added missing base capture animation
  • War Story images no longer refresh constantly
  • Fixed DE loc for camo types
  • Dead Crew now correctly highlights purple in colorblind mode
  • “Currently unavailable” message no longer displays while viewing tank packages.
  • War Stories buy vehicle button now takes you to the tanks tab
  • Tournaments: Elite tank laurels now display correctly
  • Nameless text no longer truncated in armor viewer
  • Added missing button flash animation on legend
  • Amount of consumables in reserve no longer truncated in various languages
  • Fixed “Plays up to tier” display for Platoons
  • Players whose tanks have been destroyed can no longer use radial callouts
  • The player’s ranked icon no longer overlaps with a button icon while in Russian in Ranked Battles Garage
  • Friends list now correctly scrolls your friends’ names
  • Players no longer overlap player count display in Ranked Battles
  • Unresearched tanks are now correctly greyed out
  • Consumables now appear correctly in spectator view
  • The text displaying the end season league reached no longer overlaps the medal within the celebration
  • Base Capture HUD no longer vanishes
  • Fixed issue with tank engine sounds phasing on match startup
  • Fixed many destructible objects’ missing sounds
  • Fixed issue where entering buildings in War Stories “Tigerfibel” permanently turned debris on tank SFX off
  • Added sounds to airplanes in multiple maps
  • Fixed issue with launcher mini game playing incorrect music for victory/defeat
  • Fixed issue with replay sounds not pausing/resuming


  • BC-12t: Fixed destroyed state
  • WZ-132A: Fixed camouflage mask to fully cover turret
  • KV-4 K: Destroyed tracks no longer visible in sniper cam
  • WZ-132-1: Fixed wobbly wheel
  • T-100 LT: Fixed treads, wiggly bits, and removed camouflage from helmets and tow cable
  • Adler and VK 45.03: Exhaust now goes the correct direction
  • HWK 12: Added tow cable textures, antenna now wiggles, fixed tread teeth, and adjusted engine fire location, removed camo from lights
  • AMX 13 105: Fixed tread texture, adjusted helmets
  • T71 CMCD: Fixed exhaust direction, removed gun barrel in sniper cam, adjusted vent mesh
  • WZ-132A: Fixed sniper cam and destroyed turret
  • Volk and T-44-100: Fixed wobbly wheel, removed cloth roll in destroyed state
  • Tomte: Removed camo from wheels
  • T1 Heavy: Fixed exhaust direction
  • O-I Experimental: Fixed exhaust direction
  • SU-122-44: Fixed flag holder
  • Verzila: Removed camo from lights, fixed exhaust direction, adjusted engine fire placement
  • Rhm Pzw: Fixed overlapping geo on gun
  • FCM 50t: Inscription no longer cut off
  • KV-4: Fixed tracks
  • VK100.01P: Can now equip a flag
  • Patriot and T26E5: Smoothed out fender, removed wiggly bits when destroyed, adjusted gun position in 1st person view
  • MT25: Updated collision model to match visual model
  • Mutz: Fixed barrel location in 1st person view
  • T71E1: Fixed track links
  • Valentine: Fixed gap in mantlet
  • VK 16.02: Fixed exhaust direction
  • Pz. III: Fixed tank garage reel icon
  • Pz VII: Can now equip flag
  • Strv 103: Gun no longer clips into hull
  • Grille 15: Fixed muzzle brake visuals
  • Matilda IV: Can now equip a flag
  • Brazilian Bulldog: Can now equip a flag
  • Hollenhund: Added missing camouflage bonus
  • AMX 13 57: Increase ammo capacity to 72 rounds


  • Pilsen: Fixed flashing prop
  • Berlin Winter:
    • Fixed destroy state of prop floating
    • Fixed invisible collision at E/F0
    • Removed fountain players were getting stuck in
    • Adjusted pile to prevent seeing back of building
    • Fixed areas where players were getting stuck / unintended access
    • Fixed floating debris at G7
    • Fixed floating wreckage
    • Fixed floating lamppost at B0
  • Severogorsk: Removed visible terrain geometry and fixed decals, smoothed out terrain
  • Icebound: Fixed collision on house to match visual model
  • Himmelsdorf: Fixed flickering smoke, fixed a location where small tanks can get stuck
  • Ardennes Summer: Fixed terrain seam, fixed shadow at K3, fixed terrain at H6, J4, and J6
  • Sand River: Fixed terrain seam
  • Ghost Town Storm: Performance optimization
  • Fisherman’s Bay War: Added missing Jet audio, can no longer access unintended area at J0
  • Karelia: Smoothed terrain at F0 to prevent vehicles from getting stuck
  • Fisherman’s Bay: Blocked unintended area at J0
  • Liberty Falls: Added missing clouds in strategic view
  • Mountain Pass: Blocked unintended area at E4 and H4
  • Cliff: Rocks added to prevent players getting stuck at E6
  • Himmelsdorf Winter: Fixed floating rubble at C6
  • Ensk: Fixed smoke in the smokestack
  • Widepark: Fixed floating building outside of the map border
  • Raseinai: Filled in a gap with rocks to prevent players getting stuck
  • Airfield: Can no longer access unintended area at K0
  • Dukla Pass: Fixed floating tree at D0
  • Deep Assault: Fixed floating sandbags at E0
  • Redshire 1944: Fixed issue that causes tracks to flash red/green
  • El Halluf War: Can no longer access unintended area at K1, fixed invisible collision at K4
  • Cliff Winter: Added lens flare and fixed shadow at A5
  • South Coast: Can no longer access unintended area at H7
  • Runaway Tiger: Fixed floating rock pile at E1
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WoT Console Update 4.3 Notes

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      I thought it was pretty common knowledge WG banned me for pointing out something they said month ago? Hm, guess some of us are slower than others. That said, not really hiding from WGCB, I’ve invited them several times to the Status Report Discord, Twitter, and PM’d them on the forums for some open and honest discussion about the game’s direction and issues.

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