WoT Console: Update 4.3 Preview and Update Times

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Brief overview and downtimes for Update 4.3 for World of Tanks Console. Lets start off with probably the most looked forward to news of this update: Two maps will be returning to the rotation- Live Oaks and Severogorsk.

After months of wondering when the several maps removed would be returned with no indication of when from WG, this is a nice gesture, and a nice showing that at least some long standing issues with the game are being worked on (slowly, but better than nothing).

Nomonhan Winter

In terms of new content, a winter variant bringing back the Asian themed map assets back into the game (another casualty of the map purge). We’ve posted images of the new map a few days ago. Check them out here.

A new map variant will also be coming, a winter version of Malinovka. Bringing that up to four new maps in the rotation.

New Tank Additions

In an interesting move from the Console crowd, a new medium tank is being added to the US tech tree at Tier IV: The HMC M8


No word on exactly where it will go, but it appears to be the old M5 Stuart with the 75mm howitzer. How this translates to a medium and whether any changes will come to the near identical M8 TD already in the game aren’t known at the moment.

As far as premiums go, the standard versions of the T26E5 and Object 252U will be made available.

That’s all for now. As usual, full patch notes will be out on the day of release.


Scheduled Downtime is set for February 6th from 10:00 UTC for about 2 hours.

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WoT Console: Update 4.3 Preview and Update Times

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  1. ndiver says:

    What did the dev smoke? M8 HMC as medium tank? It was a SPG … i don’t see any reason to classify it was medium tank, light, SPG or TD why not, but med I don’t get it.

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