WoT Console Update 4.4

Good day everyone,

So with PC unveiling Update 1.0, what has been brought with World of Tanks Console’s newest update? Well, prepare to be disappointed, folks…


Download Sizes:

Xbox One: ~4.87GB / Xbox 360: ~117MB Title Update + 1.53GB Download
PlayStation 4: ~4.57GB

New Features


    • Spoils of War is a three-part series consisting of one chapter each. Each chapter introduces you to a German, American, and Soviet commander on the edge of ending ties with their respective nations.


  • The base capture indicators have been fully reworked to better support multi-base game modes, to reduce the HUD space, and generally make it easier for players to see which bases are being captured. To go along with this, we’ve updated the siren sound effect.


  • In addition to the original crew portraits, more options have been added! Players will find additional national crew portraits and common crew portraits which are available to use for any nation!


  • New to War Stories, Defense Towers are stationary turrets located across the map that will engage the enemy. Similar to the current AI, players can communicate and command them with the use of radial commands.


  • The main change is that players now select their tank before selecting the Chapter when replaying a War Stories campaign, or when in Challenge mode.


  • Prokhorovka Winter – winter variant of Prokhorovka, where the rivers and pond have frozen over during the winter months, providing more usable routes.


  • War Stories Brothers in Armor:
    • Adjusted the effectiveness of allied bot during the initial set of enemies to give the player more time to engage
    • The enemy SPG’s now continue to engage your allies until they have been destroyed.
  • Double Assault Game Mode Audio Support:
    • Each base now has their own alarm sound so players can distinguish which base is being captured by the alarm
  • Adjusted the OP requirements for War Stories mission “Guerrilla Tactics”. Players now need to damage 3 enemies while undetected, repeatable once daily
  • Ranked Battles: Personal contribution will only display if it’s not 0 points
  • Legend buttons now have a new black outline
  • Added a platoon leader change notification
  • Added the German Flag as an available flag emblem and flag attachment
  • Spectator mode for Team Training improvements
    • Dead players’ names are now more transparent
    • Living players now are prioritized over dead players’ names
  • Improved the loading times in the garage
  • Decreased the volume of the intro cinematic
  • Thiepval Ridge – Team Destruction: Added an additional spawn location for both teams to improve balance
  • Pilsen – Standard Battle: Adjusted the spawn locations to be located more North/South
  • Siegfried Line – Team Destruction: Added an additional spawn location for both teams to improve balance


  • Maps removed temporarily due to update size limitations. These will be rotated back in at a later date.
    • Redshire 1944
    • Northwest
    • Windstorm
    • Tundra
    • Tundra – Winter
  • King Dragon Type 59 buffed! Inspired by the Type 59 II, a Type 59 that was up-gunned to the well-known British 105mm L7A1, the King Dragon has received a similar treatment to add some extra fire to its breath! The King Dragon’s gun has received an upgrade to a modified version of the 105mm L7A1 (105mm L7C), packing a devastating 390 average damage! Not only that, but we’ve buffed additional gun stats giving it better penetration and accuracy making it a truly fearsome beast on the battlefield!

    • Gun has been upgraded but will visually remain the same to preserve its King Dragon look.
      • New Gun: 105 mm L7C
        • DPM: 1747.5
        • Penetration: 200/250/53
        • Damage: 390/390/480
        • Reload Time: 13.18
        • Rate of Fire: 4.55
        • Aim Time: 2.3
        • Accuracy: 0.36
      • Players who currently own the King Dragon Type 59:
        • The tank will be upgraded to the new version.
        • Silver will be refunded on all ammunition for the old gun.
        • The new gun comes fully loaded with 50 rounds of standard ammunition.
        • The new gun comes with 50 rounds of Premium ammo in the depot.
  • We’ve adjusted the Battle Tiers for when maps and game modes become available to improve the new player experience. Maps and game modes will now be introduced more slowly with all the maps becoming available at Battle Tier 7. This gives players more time to focus on learning the vehicles, and less time trying to learn a large number of maps. Please remember that Battle Tiers are different to Tank Tiers.
    • Game Modes:
      • Standard: Battle Tier 1+
      • Encounter: Battle Tier 2+
      • Team Destruction: Battle Tier 4+
      • Assault: Battle Tier 5+
    • Extreme Weather Variants
      • Battle Tier 10+
    • Maps: Variants have the same Battle Tier.



  • Armor depth and armor thickness numbers now correctly match in Armor Viewer details.
  • Removed stray black and grey pixels from various screens.
  • Arabic text no longer overlaps with pop-up messages and radial commands.
  • Ranked Battles: Players can now correctly see friends who are ranked in the ladder tab.
  • Elite celebration for T110E3 no longer occurs when making a WS tank elite.
  • Xbox 360: The ‘Press RT’ text in the Garage help screen no longer overlaps with other elements.
  • Ranked Battles: Ranked text no longer overlaps the medal at the end of season celebration screen.
  • Only the currently logged in controller can skip the logo and movie when launching the game.
  • War Stories: Runaway Tiger – Chapter 1: Fixed floating rock pile at E1.
  • War Stories: Runaway Tiger – Chapter 1: Green objective ring is no longer visible at the final point.
  • Xbox One X: Fixed text shadow effect for tank names.
  • Fixed image alignment for rewards received from a War Chest.
  • Added missing nation flags:
    • Flag of Canada
    • People’s Republic of China
    • Flag of Chicago
    • Gadsden Flag
    • 1st Canadian Armored Brigade
  • Added missing Emblems for custom flags:
    • Armored Forces (Late)
    • Armored Forces (Early)
    • 1st Armored Division
    • 2nd Motorized Division and 2nd Tank Division
    • 1st Motorized Division
    • 3rd Tank Battalion
    • 3rd Tank Division
    • Drakkar
    • Horned Helm
    • Emblem of the Canadian Armed Forces
    • Smolensk
    • Skaraborg Regiment
    • Swedish Army
    • Skanska Dragoon Regiment
    • Norrbotten Armored Battalion
    • Swedish Militia
    • Swedish Small Coat of Arms
  • Removed duplicate emblems: Flag of the Dominican Republic, Flag of Puerto Rico.
  • Fixed numerous map names, translations, capitalizations and punctuation in various languages to be consistent throughout the game.
  • Distance markers in PvE now correctly stay in place for the whole mission.
  • Battle Log now remains if the user is disconnected during that match.
  • Players can now correctly watch a replay from a battle that took place on a different server.
  • Privacy Setting is now correctly centered in Japanese.
  • Platoon Privacy is no longer truncated in several languages: Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Capture bar in Encounter now correctly resets when the capturing tank is damaged.
  • Winter Trees now correctly drop winter leaves when knocked over.
  • Challenge Mode stamp in War Stories is now correctly placed in all locations.
  • Replay control panel now correctly open on the pause option.
  • Xbox Tournaments: Players who were on the wrong server are now taken directly to the tournament garage.
  • Ranked Battle: Text is no longer cutoff on the Ladder tab when you are unranked.
  • Xbox 360: Accepting a platoon invite while in Team Training now correctly works.
  • PG Encounter Battle: Fixed bot pathing to prevent them from getting stuck.
  • Spectated player highlight no longer displays in the team composition bar unless in the postmortem view.
  • Garage now displays the correct tank when purchasing multiple tanks in War Stories.
  • Map name now correctly displays at the start of the match.
  • War Stories tanks now have an elite celebration.
  • Modules no longer display discount tags.
  • Tanks emblems, inscriptions, and Mark of Excellence no longer disappear.
  • Days remaining for Ranked Battles no longer displays before battle starts.


  • T71E2: Guns no longer clip into the fender in sniper view.
  • SD: T14: Camouflage now correctly applies to the turret.
  • Banshee Comet: 360: Barrel no longer clips into the back of the tank.
  • Banshee Comet: Adjusted flag locations to match on all consoles.
  • 60G FT: Fixed visuals of the suspension to have appropriate holes.
  • 60G FT: Sniper view no longer clips into the hull.
  • 60G FT: Fixed package names.
  • M3G FT: Fixed visuals of the suspension to have appropriate holes.
  • M3G FT: Camo is no longer applied to tools and headlights.
  • T-34-2G FT: Fixed visuals of the suspension to have appropriate holes.
  • T-34-2G FT: Fire FX now correctly placed.
  • T-34-2G FT: Fixed wobbly wheel.
  • T-34-2G FT: Added missing teeth to the treads.
  • Primo Victoria: Canvas cover on the mantle is now HD.
  • Hummel: Final package now has 360 View Range.
  • WZ-120: Fixed cupola placement on turret.
  • HMH Chrysler K: Fixed smoothing around bullet hole on the destroyed model.
  • HMH Chrysler K: Fixed tracks clipping into the wheels.
  • HMH Chrysler K: Camo is no longer applied to viewports.
  • HMH Chrysler K: Correct gun sound is now used.
  • Yazi: Inscriptions no longer clip into the bars on the side of the tank.
  • TOG II*: Gun no longer clips into the exhaust pipes.
  • TOG II*: Fixed the size of the tread decals.
  • T25E6: Barrel no longer clips into objects on the tank in sniper view.
  • T25E6: Right side treads no longer clip into the upper wheels.
  • Pz. I C: Barrel no longer visible in sniper view.
  • HMH T-34-85M: Added missing textures inside barrel.
  • HMH T-34-85M: Wiggly bits and sandbags are now removed when destroyed.
  • HMH T-34-85M: Camouflage is now behind the star on the hull.
  • HMH T-34-85M: 360: Added missing start on the hull.
  • HMH T-34-85M: Spare treads no longer accumulate environmental effects.
  • King Dragon Type 59: Fixed seam in barrel when destroyed.
  • Champion Sherman M4: Destroyed treads now have correct texture.
  • Alpine Tiger: Fire FX now correctly placed.
  • Alpine Tiger: Machine gun now wiggles correctly.
  • Hellcat: Machine gun now wiggles correctly.
  • WZ-111G FT: Fixed destroyed wheel texture.
  • WZ-111G FT: Camo is no longer applied to the headlights.
  • WZ-111-1G FT: Wheels no longer clips through tracks.
  • WZ-111-1G FT: Fixed size of track when destroyed.
  • Matilda IV: Fixed camo scale on the barrel.
  • Pzkpfw VII: Now has a flag attachment.
  • WZ-111: Camo is no longer applied to the exhaust vent.
  • FV2015 (A45) Black edition – 360: Fixed visual issues with the suspension.


  • Icebound Encounter: Base circle is now fully visible.
  • Province: Fixed a number of floating objects around the map.
  • Lakeville: Collision now correctly matches visual of building in E8.
  • Nomonhan – Winter: Fixed flickering between snow and a rock at G3/G4.
  • Nomonhan – Winter: Fixed floating destroyed state of dry roots.
  • Nomonhan – Winter: Adjusted terrain at D1 to prevent players getting stuck.
  • Nomonhan – Winter: Blocked off access to unintended area at K6 and K9.
  • Nomonhan – Winter: Trees now correctly fall when knocked over.
  • Raseiniai: Clouds added to SPG strategic cam.
  • Severogorsk: Fixed the water level in the creek bed.
  • Severogorsk: Red splotches in snow removed from A0.
  • Malinovka – Winter: Boat frozen in the lake at D3 and J8 no longer moves.
  • Malinovka – Winter: Border line added at A1.
  • Live Oaks – Fixed floating bush at D1.
  • Berlin – Winter: Collision now correctly matches visual of building at D9.
  • Berlin – Winter: Removed duplicate building at D9.
  • Pilsen: Fixed flickering with a concrete slab.
  • Abbey: Collision of building adjusted at E4 to prevent entering it.
  • Abbey: Fixed floating rock at E3.
  • Arctic Region: Blocked unintended area at K8.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, reception of the update has been pretty negative, particularly for a the console community. Turns out most players don’t really appreciate multiplayer maps being removed for single player content that will be played once for no reward, especially when long requested and promised updates have once again gone ignored. Such as the updated sound effects that were promised with the new sound engine…. that was added in June 2017.

Nope, instead we get some slap dash crew portraits that will cost money to use:






And a screenshot of the “Common”/International Crew Portraits that don’t look much better:


Overall, another huge disappointment for the community looking for something more substantial and actually worth playing more than once.

The developers will be holding a “Q&A” stream at 3:00 PM US Central time to “show off” the new update (as of this writing, as Twitch dev streams have a habit of being postponed without further notice). For those curious, visit here: https://www.twitch.tv/wotconsole

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WoT Console Update 4.4

8 thoughts on “WoT Console Update 4.4

  1. While I do quite like the idea of war stories and appreciate the free crews that come with them; I really want them to give us more of the balance changes we are due. They mentioned that they are working on new sounds so I was hoping they would come with this one. I really hope they have some delayed releases with this update, since the size was a little big for just war stories and a few changes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This dev team is joke and Paingod is a stoner has been. We are sick and tired of maps being removed, constant reskins and new premiums that are better than the previous (which entices you to keep upgrading to actual do damage) They are ignoring the community and one day there will be none…congratulations Wargaming on not doing a thing and letting some prick run (ruin) your game.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Paingod’s the main problem here, what do you expect from such a person? He looks more like a junkie than the head of a dev team. I left a very rude comment in the forum about the new “whore-stories” chapters and the result is that my forum-account got deactivated by gaming-expert maxchaos. Both of them are CANCER/HIV-Virus to this game!!!

  3. Chris L. says:

    The hats on the crew members look like they were cut/paste onto the heads after they were drawn. Also, yeah real disappointing update I was looking forward to balance updates for certain tanks *cough* T69 and T95E2 still only having 173 pen instead of 181 for instance *cough* and maybe even some new tanks like the Super Conquerer, FV217 Badger, and the new French heavies.

  4. Tanker01 says:

    Those portraits look like they were cut and pasted together using one of those flip books sketch artists used to use to make a portrait of a wanted criminal. Hey, let’s take skin tone page 7, lips page 28, eyes pg 43, etc… and bam! New portrait.

  5. TheDarkWolfSif says:

    There is one other detail you didn’t catch for the tanks.

    The Soviet/German hybrid T-34-88 has removed the extra inscription and emblem places. You are no longer able to place an inscription over the Wehrmacht symbols, and there is no red star in between the Wehrmacht symbols and Hitler’s “Blood Fingers”.

    They’re goes my Soviet re-captured design…

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