WoT Console Update 4.5 Patch Notes

Quick post going over the WoT Console 4.5 update which bring the “Mercenary” half a tech tree among other things:



4.5 Update Sizes

Xbox 360: 88MB Title Update + 1.8GB Download

Xbox One: 7.1GB

PS4: 6.5GB

New Features

  • War Stories: The Heist:
    • As World War II dragged on until 1948, the traditional loyalties between citizen and nation began to fray. Many were disillusioned by the violence wrought by nationalism.
    • Three-part story featuring the Mercenary crew, ‘The Collector’, who is hired by a German agent to seize nuclear material from a secret joint US/USSR facility.
  • Contracts:
    • Each Mercenary Tech Tree tank has its own Contract that a player must complete before they expire to get the Mercenary tank for free. Each Contract consists of up to 8 stages, with each stage having up to 3 tasks to complete. Each stage also has its own reward for completing that stage. Once a player completes the full Contract, they will be rewarded with the Mercenary Tank, Garage Slot, and a unique Crew Commander equipped with their associated skills.


Mercenary Tank tech tree and garage

Mercenary tanks are a new nation of vehicles exclusive to World of Tanks Console! As these new Mercenary units scramble to arm themselves, many are forced to buy (or salvage) whatever they can.  Armored units built from a mix of parts started to become the hallmark of Mercenary units.  Companies specialized in the purchase or licensing of surplus tank components from national armories that sprung forward to meet the demand of Mercenary units.  Not beholden to any one country, Mercenaries pick and choose components based on cost or performance. The Mercenaries will have their own Tech Tree, however, the tanks are not linked, researched, or purchased like any other tank. Mercenary vehicles are tied to Contracts and once the tank’s associated Contract is complete then you will receive the tank. Each tank also comes with a unique crew Commander and a set of skills already equipped.

  • Stubbs – Tier V Light Tank
    • Reckless and free, this tank can slip through even the harshest of terrains like a snake, and strikes with the same rapid intensity.
    • Crew: Crazy Snake
      • Muffled Shot
      • Offroad Driving
    • Combat Role: Scout


  • Bigtop – Tier VII Medium Tank
    • When fights begin to go south, Bigtop can respond with the vigor, haste, and strength befitting an entire cavalry troop.
    • Crew: Lost Renegade
      • Deadeye
      • Armorer
    • Combat Role: Cavalry


  • Needle – Tier IV Heavy Tank
    • Rather than staying in the eye of the storm of battle, Needle stalks around it and carefully brings devastating attacks from afar.
    • Crew: Storm Hunter
      • Deadeye
    • Combat Role: Defender


  • Slapjack – Tier VII Heavy Tank
    • Despite its lower profile, Slapjack can deliver hits with a speed and intensity that enemies may find surprising.
    • Crew: Fallen Knight
      • Pain Tolerance
      • Repairs
    • Combat Role: Defender


  • Plaguebringer – Tier VI Tank Destroyer
    • As silent and deadly as its namesake, Plaguebringer excels in silence, darkness and cover, and rarely fails to find its mark.
    • Crew: Silent Paladin
      • Situational Awareness
      • Snapshot
  • Combat Role: Deadeye
  • Mercenary Garage:
    • The new garage is located in a Mercenary encampment.
  • Hero Crew Portraits:
    • Certain Hero Crew portraits are now available in Crew customization and are identified by a star in the top right corner of the portrait.
  • Launcher 2.0:
    • The Launcher received an art update while also adding new functionality such as loading straight into the Store and a debug report. In the new launcher, players can also read through What’s New, choose to play a mini-game, and view a featured item.



  • Mercenary Maps: Mercenary maps will have several visual differences to the standard versions to immerse players in this new Mercenary world. The environment of these maps will follow these general themes: Resource War, Walled Cities, or Base Raiding staging areas.
    • Rogue’s Harbor:
      • Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, the military facilities at Lakewood are used as a staging point for military operations along the West Coast.  This base, along with its nearby airfield, has ready access to rail and shipping, making it a critical logistics hub. Based on the map Port.
    • Kitamat:
      • Hidden far from prying eyes deep in the Canadian wilds, this joint Soviet and American facility harbors a foreboding secret.  Radioactive ores are processed and refined into high grade uranium essential to the atomic ambitions of these two adversaries turned allies. Based on the map Serene Coast.
    • Liberty Fallen:
      • Divided into rich and poor areas, this northern town on the Pacific Ocean typifies the growing economic disparity of the Mercenaries world.  The river not only splits the city physically, but it also acts as a constant reminder of the gap between the haves and the have nots. Based on the map Liberty Falls.
    • Stadt der Dunkelheit:
      • The northern half of the city has taken control over the railway system that proves to be a vital source of revenue by maintaining control of the supplies. They’ve used this wealth and power to rebuild and become a thriving city which creates a noticeable difference to the southern part of the city which has fallen in disrepair. City streets are blocked with checkpoints at every entrance to provide protection for their citizens and to keep out unwanted visitors.
    • Panama:
      • A small unknown force has set up camp just outside a city protected by high walls. While protected against an assault, the cities vital supply route has been taken over by the unknown force, cutting off all supplies effectively blockading the city. Based on Westfield.
    • Salvage Yard:
      • An active salvage yard set up on an old battleground salvages tanks that have been abandoned and destroyed from previous wars. This proves to be a lucrative business for the locals by supplying Mercenaries with vital tank components. Based on Malinovka.
    • Baja:
      • An industrial factory and shipping port provides a critical logistics hub in the Baja California region to keep Mercenaries supplied for combat. Based on South Coast.
    • Amazon:
      • Mercenaries have taken control over an industrial complex in the heart of South America to secure vital resources. Based on Arctic Region.



  • New Engine and Tread Audio:
    • Source material recorded in high resolution from real historical tanks and leveraged through Wwise.  Multi-channel recordings offer true interior perspective from inside the hull and turret.  Exterior and interior gear rattles and bumps such as ammo cans, fuel tanks, and other items that have been painstakingly, individually recorded and mapped to tank physics.  Tread sound effects were captured live and have been mapped to tank physics, factoring velocity, tread speed differential, and numerous other variables in real time.
  • New Map loading music:
    • A large-scale project for the World of Tanks team, the new soundtrack was recorded by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and aims to create military ‘tank’ music that is as authentic as possible for each map.  Each map now has its own musical ‘signature’ that ties the loading screen and post-battle results together as a cohesive musical composition.
  • New theme music and Garage music:
    • Written by award-winning composer Inon Zur, new adaptive Garage and Launcher music is rolling out alongside the new War Stories campaign score.
  • New UI:  Updated icons and artwork to have a worn appearance.
  • New Stencil Font: HD consoles only.
  • Added new flags:
    • Egyptian Flag
    • Dunkirk Flag
  • Added existing emblems as flags.
  • Updated tank descriptions for the following tanks:
    • T-44
    • Chieftain
    • Tiger II
  • Bots will now follow the “Fallback” radial command.
  • New artwork for Filter icons.
  • Improved Crew portraits.
  • Grizzly: Mark of Excellence markings changed to red for visibility.


Additional Changes

  • Added the following maps back in rotation:
    • Redshire 1944
    • Northwest
    • Tundra
    • Tundra – Winter
  • Removed Widepark – Rain from rotation due to performance issues.


Bug Fixes


  • Added missing text outline on Objective text “Updated”.
  • Basic Training: Fixed mission objective labels.
  • Polish: Fixed overlapping timer in Challenge mode.
  • Polish: Objective text no longer truncated.
  • Fixed text overlap in the garage for various War Stories.
  • Expired Silver accounts can now access the What’s New screen.
  • Removed incorrect vibration at the starts of a spectator match.
  • Fixed log issue labeling customizing crews as retraining.
  • Korean: Fixed Supply Conservation description.
  • Tournament: Defeat/Victory popup now happens instantaneously.
  • WS Runaway Tiger: Changed bot spawns to move towards final objective.
  • Italian: Added missing space in confirmation window.
  • Adjusted MG3/MG42 Machine gun model to be more accurate.
  • Controller no longer rumbles are reconnecting to a match.
  • Chinese: Fixed translation for the Cover and Visibility loading screen.
  • Removed elite celebration for War Stories tanks.
  • Fixed the color for the Flag of Mongolia.
  • Fixed mirroring for various emblems.
  • Fixed Turkish VO using English lines.
  • Fixed Scrolling on the Ops Tab.
  • Contested Encounter capture bar now correctly updates.
  • Filter icon now moves as the filter is open/closed.



  • IKV 103: Fixed wire mesh on exhaust.
  • Medium III: Removed incorrect texture inside barrel.
  • T26E5: Fixed popped turret destroyed state (SD).
  • Toldi III: Removed wiggly bits from destroyed tank.
  • Toldi III: Fixed track teeth (SD).
  • Toldi III: Removed camo from the headlights.
  • Toldi III: Fixed camo direction, removed from suspension, and fixed seams on gun (SD).
  • T-29: Removed camo that was applied to wiggly bits.
  • T-29 Fixed barrel location in first person view.
  • Kraft’s Pz. IV: Removed camo that was on viewports.
  • Kraft’s Pz. IV: Adjusted flag position to prevent clipping into turret.
  • Fortress Ferdinand: Fixed tracks clipping into roadwheel in destroyed state.
  • Fortress Ferdinand: Removed camo that was on the gunner’s sight.
  • Fortress Ferdinand: Smoothed textures on gun barrel (SD).
  • M4 Revalorise: Fixed incorrect engine name.
  • Object 261: Removed camo that was on the seat (SD).
  • Guardian STG: Removed camo that was on the glass.
  • Guardian STG: Removed wiggly bits from destroyed tank.
  • Guardian STG: Removed barrel in sniper cam.
  • Sabaton: Fixed wobbly roller wheel.
  • M46 Patton: Fixed ammo belt on machine gun.
  • Cromwell Berlin: Aligned track and drive sprockets.
  • Fixed muzzle brake holes on various tanks.
  • WS Hellcat: Fixed camo on gun barrel (SD).
  • Scourge: Fixed textures on popped turret (SD).
  • Scourge: Smoothed gun barrel geometry (SD).
  • Scourge: Fixed sand accumulation.
  • Rhm. Pzw.: Fixed missing Mark of Excellence.
  • The Warlord Panther: Fixed textures on destroyed wheels.
  • HMH: FV305: Fixed missing Mark of Excellence.
  • Atomic Centurion: Removed camo from wiggly bits.
  • Skoda T 25: Adjusted engine fire FX location.
  • Skoda T 50: Adjusted engine fire FX location.
  • Ram II: Fixed snow accumulation.
  • T54E1: Fixed camo scaling.
  • T57 Heavy: Fixed camo scaling.
  • M46 Patton: Fixed camo scaling.
  • Chrysler K: Fixed Micro Doc camo scaling.
  • JagdPanther: Fixed accumulation effects on destroyed state.
  • Object 212: Fixed destroyed state (SD).
  • Atomic Centurion: Kangaroo emblems now face forward.



  • Kasserine Pass: Adjusted rocks at several locations to prevent getting stuck.
  • Karelia: Fixed terrain decal at G5.
  • Redshire: Removed a rock at E0 to prevent getting stuck.
  • Ensk: Added missing particle and debris when destroying a building.
  • Ardennes: Moved a rock at J8 to prevent getting stuck.
  • Siegfried line: Fixed flashing in building at E6.
  • Fisherman’s Bay War: Fire no longer floating at D8.
  • Fisherman’s Bay: Players can no longer access J0.
  • Nomonhan: Added rocks to F4 to prevent getting stuck.
  • El Alamein: Map border now visible at K5.
  • Skorpion Pass: Added rocks to G8 to prevent getting stuck.
  • Prokhorovka Winter: Fixed ground collision to match visual at B4.
  • Ruinberg War / Winter: Fixed flashing in building at E9.
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WoT Console Update 4.5 Patch Notes

15 thoughts on “WoT Console Update 4.5 Patch Notes

  1. When are the Servers going to be back up?? I’m after a Mark of Excellence, Not another Premium tank to buy. I just earned the VK 45.03… let me Mark the Barrel already..!!

  2. Kylo Kal says:

    170.000 exp for a tier V…….with a limit of 15 days to farm said exp…..and you need tanks from different Lines for every step

  3. Pat says:

    These clowns have no idea how to make the game better. They only know how to make the game look better. These idiots waste time on giving us butterflies, dragon flies and bunny rabbits instead of fixing all the shit that is wrong.
    The new sounds are fucking terrible and the Mercenaries thing is lame and just a lazy way to put new content into the game.
    No wonder the player base is abandoning this game more and more. This new lame update will only contribute to more players leaving I fear.

  4. If WG bring that shit onto the PC version of WOT it will be a huge disaster or simply put corporate suicide
    I will lose total interest in WOT it simply will be a game I never would have played in the first place
    Armored Warfare tried that stupid ‘mercenary’ idea look what happened to them, a complete failure for a tank game
    less than 10% of there complete player base remain, its stagnant and shows zero hope of any turnaround

    1. wheeledtank says:

      iirc, due to the difference in systems (and I think different engine), they have to pretty much rebuild everything from the ground up

      1. DecoNoir says:

        Not necessarily. While it’s not a straight copy/paste job they do get the majority of content straight from PC (tank models,etc.) By WG Chicago’s own admission the only thing they’ve built from the ground up was certain maps and the Sherman Grizzly (which was pretty pointless as it looks near exactly like the Tier V M4).

        And if I recall Pain’s last word on the matter, server side both games run on the same engine, whatever weird Frankenstein version of Big World it is.

  5. Not satisfied with reskinning tanks the idiots are reskinning maps.

    And despite their “award winning” composer and a whole bloody orchestra, the new music is so shit I had to mute it.

    However I’ve only seen one merc tank so far……..and immediately blocked him, which is how I’m going to deal with the whole shit pile.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are WOT Console devs allowed to creat their own content? Im not talking about importing PC content, reskins of tanks or maps or even worse, mixing parts of already existing tanks and call them Mercenary Tanks! All we saw last 4 years was already existing in any form, maps, tanks or special modes. Some examples: Chieftain 6 (PC-Files), Bizon TD (PC), Fortress Ferdinand (Ferdinand Reskin), Dragon King 59 (Reskin PC CN Server), Mercenary Tank Slapjack (T29 Turret, IS Hull, Tiger Gun). New content? No way!!!

    1. DecoNoir says:

      They created a Sherman Grizzly from scratch. Took them 3 months to make a slightly more scuffed up M4. So it’s probably less about them being allowed too, and more they’re just completely incapable of doing it.

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