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Good day everybody,

In an interesting move, WoT Console has announced a new mode exclusive to WoT Console: War Stories, a set of alternate history single player campaigns that will be introduced at the end of August.

The War Stories that will be available from the beginning will be:

Brothers in Armor– Essentially a tutorial set around a US commander training a Soviet crew on the M4 Sherman.

Flashpoint Berlin– Cold War tensions reach a breaking point during the Soviet blockade of West Berlin.

Future campaigns will include a German Invasion of Britain in “Operation Sealion” and the Cold War going hot during the Cuban Missile Crises in “Kennedy’s War“.

So far War Stories are set to be single-player and cooperative missions, with most of the aspects from multiplayer available (Boosts, 2x XP etc.), along with some of aspects that have existed in the Proving Grounds (HP and ammo pickups). First playthroughs will have you in specific tanks fitting the scenario, but completion will allow you to access your normal garage for subsequent playthroughs.


I have to say, after seeing several people suggest this over the years, I’m quite pleased to see this becoming a reality. If this feature is well executed it’ll be a great mode that World of Tanks Console can call it’s own. Fingers crossed that it’s well done, and can expand into other scenarios or even historical battles.

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WoT Console: War Stories

6 thoughts on “WoT Console: War Stories

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if PC will get it. If this mode comes to PC it might just be the motivation I need to launch my WoT client once again.

  2. Backslash says:

    If this doesn’t come to pc I feel a lot of players may start to leave the game. Rng based games only around multiplayer with continued promises to improve and fix the came being postponed or cancelled doest sit too well with some of us

  3. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    This hopefully will make them see what the community actually wants instead of throwing us crap most of the time. But I doubt it.

  4. Psychopatton says:

    And why the hell can’t we get pve on the pc version? They even talked about adding it way back when AW was made..

    Would be a nice break from the usual pvp madness.

    How could anyone be against it?

  5. Curtis Pawlowski says:

    reminds me of the world of warships operations a little. would love a single player/co-operative mode in WoT.

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