WoT Console Weekly Patch Notes 9/18

Good day everyone,

Quick note on changes coming with the weekly server downtime for WoT Console (sorry, WoT: “Mercenaries”). Here’s what we’ve got:

New additions:

  • Bolder – Tier 7 Heavy Premium Mercenary tank is now available in the Store!
  • Hidden Village is now available again in the map rotation
  • Smoothman and Caboose Contracts start again

Bug fixes:

  • Added missing tanks back to the Premium Tank Tech Tree.
  • Platoon Privacy setting now accurately displays what setting it is using.
  • Fixed a bug where the last highlighted radial command was still being highlighted despite not being selected.
  • The Store will no longer soft lock when being viewed in War Stories.
  • Crusader is correctly using Class 1 Ventilation instead of Class 2.
  • The righthand stats will remain after a player opens the Platoon menu.
  • Re-added Ventilation equipment for the Atomic Centurion, Fortress Ferdinand, and the Toldi III.
  • Fixed a tournament bug causing some players to get a stuck in a loading screen.


Tank changes:

  • STB-1 Reload time reduced from 9 -> 8
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WoT Console Weekly Patch Notes 9/18

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