WoT Console Weekly Update 10/23

Notes for the weekly server update for October 23rd:
Game Content
War Chests are now in game!
Crew customization discount ends

Mercenary contracts
Bulwark in its 3d run! Contract available from October 23rd until November 11th!
Thunder-Bucket in its 3rd run! Contract available from October 23rd until November 11th!

NEW! Mercenary Contract
DEADBOLT! Contract available from October 23rd until November 11th!

Soviet Tier VIII Object 252U Defender Heavy Tank at 50% OFF


Yeah, they’re still banking on that Mercenaries thing.

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WoT Console Weekly Update 10/23

6 thoughts on “WoT Console Weekly Update 10/23

  1. pat says:

    I’m sorry but Mercenaries is lame. It’s uncreative and lazy. These ass clown developers have no idea how to fix the game or make it better so they come up with this stupid Mercenaries thing. No wonder the player base is eroding quickly.

  2. RAD FROOD 25 (Console) says:

    Saturday evening there were less than 5000 players on the EU server that is pathetic. Just shows that the Devs have systematically destroyed a game that had so much promise but alas we are stuck with merc tanks that 66% of the player base doesn’t want and matches that take less than 5 minutes to complete, coupled with the fact that we never know what will be coming up in the next week, let alone in the next patch. Minsk need to move quickly to save this game otherwise it won’t last another year

    1. Robopon says:

      I don’t think Minsk has anything to do with WoT Console. 5000 players is not too bad, it’s 20 times more than Armored Warfare, which is very sad.

  3. I am not a fan of how they are implementing the new Soviets at all. They are just adding FIVE new tier tens into the already soviet heavy high tier battles. They decided to just throw away and ignore all the lessons the main WG branch learned from these very tanks in favor of adding some quick new content. The Obj430v2 will now have three full tier ten grinds, which will probably prompt more than a few people to throw their wallet at the game. I am looking forward to seeing your opinion if you post about update 4.7. Here is the link showing the new tech tree layout if you have not seen it yet. http://forum-console.worldoftanks.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F222600-the-ussr-new-high-tier-soviet-tanks-incoming%2F

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