WoT Console WG Fest Q&A

More from WG Fest, this time regarding the WoT Console versions. Answers come from Regional Operating Producer Anastasia Pribylskaya.

-The main achievement from this year was getting tanks out on PS4 and getting it caught up with the Xbox verzions.

-We’re looking to making something similar to ESL tournaments, n a platform bypassing the training rooms.

– In the next year we will do more entertaining game modes, for example, in January, we will have a comic look for some time, the whole game will look like a comic book.This is not the mode but simply a visual experience.– Replays will be introduced in the coming year.

-“Tank Aces” is a good idea for consoles. Though more thought will have to go into it after seeing how it ended on PC.

– The ‘minimap’ is mostly used by RU region. Most players use the ‘radar’ mode. (DN: Not really surprising when the radar is the default)

-Skill Based balance is being looked at.

-The Console Companion app was scrapped do to the lack of demand.

-Regarding more WarGaming products on console: Can’t say anything for certain.

-There will be more customized tanks, different from the PC version.

-We’re not bringing tank rentals to consoles. We’ll try a different mechanic.

-Next patch will be in January.

-We would like to make improvements to the Xbox 360, but we can’t do to the limitations of the console. We have to move forward to the new platforms.

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WoT Console WG Fest Q&A

6 thoughts on “WoT Console WG Fest Q&A

    1. FeralGangrel says:

      It’s not “Not possible” on PC, different development teams for the different platforms going different ways. Consider that the console has an inbuilt armor viewer, something that PC players have been asking for, sence, well, ever.

      However as much as you can say the PC devs are not doing their job, they started the process from scratch. Finding what does and doesn’t work (Admittantly more of the doesn’t work) and the Console devs had a functional game that they converted to a different platform and for lack of a better term they have an “Easier job” just converting content to the systems.

      1. Uuuhhh says:

        They also all have the same kind of hardware where as the PC is still played on potatoes somewhere north of China, but east of Ukraine…

      2. Oh, I can definitely understand why and how things happen, but that doesn’t make they make sense. Internal communication and cooperation seems to be WG’s biggest weakspot.

        And one of the PC devs actually did say it wasn’t possible. But most people were already very sceptical about this I think…

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