WoT CW 6th Season New Camo scheme


For those into Clan Wars, this is the new camo schemes and Emblem for the 6th season, NA server:

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WoT CW 6th Season New Camo scheme

12 thoughts on “WoT CW 6th Season New Camo scheme

  1. Mizutayio says:

    Just imagine how much money WG could do when they invest some time in giving the player some personal customisation for their tank. That way they don’t need to release so many premium tanks as a player with lots of tanks will spend lots to get all his favourite vehicles to look shiny.

    But no, let’s waste camo patterns for CW.

    1. GlennA says:

      Honestly I don’t see why they don’t sell clan camos I mean people only play clan wars for reward tanks and for gold nothing else. Getting a clan camo from clan wars is like being the fat kid who got a participation trophy.

    2. I so agree, what I would really like to see is have them do the paid visual customization, but in exchange remove the cost for barracks, maybe even garage slots, but definitely the cost for retaining a crew for a different tank. I would change it to always get 100% mastery and make the credit cost scale between tiers, from say a 1000 credits for your tier 1 to 2 and the current 20.000 or maybe even more for tier 10. That system is INCREDIBLY punishing for new players/players starting a new nation and it doesn’t add anything at all. Its just a money grab. (The same goes for barracks and garage slots, but they don’t have such a MASSIVE influence on the gameplay.)

      I admit to be a whale and yes I would LOVE to spend some money on some really cool camos. (They could even go as far as making special skins, like the logs, equipment on the tank, like war thunder kinda, but then as a skin only and make them cost a bit more)My favourite tanks all get permanent camo, but honestly the 5 or so at most that are available are so limited 🙁

      Like seriously there is SO much money to be made in WOT still without resorting to the current surge of too powerfull premiums.

      Also we need more than 1 sodding british premium, like seriously why do france and china get so many more? The british have so much available still and have a larger tech tree…

    3. Eqro says:

      its just a symbol of skill in my opinion these camos would have nothing special if shitters and bots would have these

      I want special camos to remain only for cw people just cuz you can be “proud” of the accomplishment wich the camo resembles

  2. SElars says:

    I would like to have the swedish splintercammo on my Swedish tanks.
    It’s a 70s cammo but most high tier tanks would have been (and a few were.. S-tank) active during that period.

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