WoT Dev diaries – Customisation

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WoT Dev diaries – Customisation

6 thoughts on “WoT Dev diaries – Customisation

  1. nrnstraswa says:

    I really like the swappable base paints, but not a big fan of the new emblem system, you have to pay extra for duplicate emblems. Good to see they are planning improvements and fixes.

  2. I personally think that the new customizations part is one of the best updates the game got since a while. Unless you’re a free to play player, in which case you might be sour that you can’t use any paint you want for free.

    1. Another Disappointment from WoTs - Not Listening to Community says:

      Oh yes, I am sure this was one of the top 3 requests from seasoned players like myself, who “use to” play, having 29k battles over 4 years……

      I am sorry bro, this is NOT a major update/fix that we have been asking for!

  3. smh@wg says:

    TL/DL: Hi tankers we listened to you!
    You want balanced tanks? No problem!
    You want new maps? No problem!
    You want balanced maps? No problem!
    You want mountain goating fixed? No problem!

    Based on your feedback we created paint customization!
    Roll out!
    Let’s battle!
    See you on the battlefield in clown cars, er tanks that look like clown cars!

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