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Here is a transciption of a WG Q&A with Miloš Jeřábek and Producer Kayi4ek with some editing and translation coming from the RU community:

Are there plans to add new Czechoslovakian tanks into the game? 
– No, at the moment there are no more plans for this nation.

…but what about a Czech Tier 8 premium?
– We are actively working on this now. Our guys have already given us a couple of ideas, but we can not tell which tank and when it will be, we’re not to sure about what we’re going to go with. That said, we do know this is the only nation at the moment without a Tier 8 premium and we do want to add one!

Are there plans for more fictional themed tanks? Like the Defender for example? 
– For starters, the Patriot and Liberte are tanks with fantasy camo, but the Defender’s camouflage has historical roots. At the moment, we want to continue the development of the customization mechanics. The biggest problem is that some players like pink tanks, but also a lot of people like historical skins and colors.
Therefore, there is a button to see only historical camouflage. However, this won’t work for premiums like the Patriot or Liberte yet. Perhaps in the future it will be possible to turn these off, but no promises.
This is just the beginning, depending on how these changes manifest themselves, we can continue with 3D customization. However, it also depends on the time and resources to process all of the physical tank models again, which means hundreds of hours of work.

You will do something with Type 4 and 5 and their guns?
-It’s very difficult to equip tanks like these. Despite the fact that many players say that the new vulnerable zones are not that vulnerable, we have data showing that they are weak zones. As always, we need to wait until we have enough information about how the gameplay changed for these machines since the addition of weak spots. Many players see a problem in these tanks, but ask yourself – how often do you see these tanks on the battlefield? Statistics show that “conventional” branches are much more popular than the Japanese. We understand that players are annoyed to play against them, but understand that it is very difficult for us to balance such tanks when such a small number of people play on them.
We believe that Japanese heavies do not break anything in the game. It’s very hard to play them well. When Type 5 goofs up, everyone screams that he’s an imbecile, but they do not understand how many projectiles the Type 5 driver unsuccessfully released before. Of course, if Type 5 goes to the banana road on Himmelsdorf, then none of the enemies will be able to push that direction and they will have to do something else. Look at that same Type 5 on Sand River and you’ll understand the vulnerabilities.

Removing weak spots from tanks is a new feature?
– Each tank has a vulnerable zone. Even then, there are other ways to nerf a tank, such as the speed or traverse speeds. If you see Type in front of you, then do not try to shoot with him from the front. An excellent example of this is Leviathan in the Halloween mode. Leviathan and Type 5 are actually very similar. You hear them firing through the whole map and you know that their reload is very long. If he is aiming at you, you know it’s better to hide.
We know that not all maps allow you to make a detour on the flank, but in such situations you just need to remain patient and wait for your chance. It’s the same with the new Badger. This tank is very situational and slow. If you saw it – do not stand in front of his gun, go around it. There is always a way to deal with such tanks.
We know that not all tanks were well made. We recognize that Chrysler K was not a particularly successful one. But in general, we do not remove the vulnerable zones from the tanks, this is not our method of work.

What can you say about the machine gun ports that were removed as weak spots when transferring tanks to HD?
– If you look at it from a historical point of view, it is true that when a mine or explosive hit a machine gun or a mechanic hatch, severe damage could be inflicted, but when an armor-piercing projectile hit it was almost as good as the main armor. Every tank that appears in the game is the work of many historians, so with the current HD models there is some truth to them.

You will review the older “buffed” tanks (eg Tiger 2, T-34-2, T32, etc.)?
– Required! We are almost finished with rebalancing tiers 8 through 10, because we wanted to start from the top. We know that there are many problems with Tiers 6 and 7, and we will still come to them. However, I can not say when it will be. It is difficult to do anything with the lowest tiers, as they are usually just boxes with guns, but in Tier 5-7 a lot of potential.

Could you just increase the number of HP at low levels? Thus, fights will become generally longer and players will not be annoyed at getting killed in two hits?
– Very interesting question. Though this will not solve anything. On the contrary, it can be even more annoying. At high levels, tanks are very rarely killed that quickly, and it usually takes some time to kill the enemy. We think that raising the CP as a whole will bring more harm to the game than good.

What will you do with Object 907?
– This is again difficult for the same reason – there is very little data to show what can be changed, because very few players play it. Also, since this is a premium tank, we do not think it would be good for us to nerf the tank given out to players as a reward for their skill.

E-50 M and Leopard?
– We think that the E-50 M is a very good tank, it was changed not too long ago. With its good armor and gun, we really do not quite understand why you want the tank to be changed further.
Leopard is a very strong tank, a good sniper for the second or third line. If you are the first to be lit up, you will have a hard time, but with its penetration, accuracy, and camo he is a good generalist and is very mobile.

Why Type 64 is available both through the game and in the premium store, while tanks like leKpz M 41 90 mm or AMX 13 57 can not be bought?
– The answer is very simple: Type 64 is an ordinary premium LT, while Black Dog and 13 57 were sold for special events, such as the Grand Final. We are not nerfing premium tanks for legal reasons, so tanks that turned out to be too strong are just kept from sale.

Will there be another rebalancing of the artillery? I propose of 1 per team or to remove the stun mechanic that breaks the game.
– At the moment less people are “whining” about the arty than before. There will always be people that will never be pleased with what we do to it, and will ask for it to be removed from the game, but there is a similar number of people who play arty and they like it. Most players just enjoy the game and don’t get sore about artillery. I would call this a problem without a solution, we are constantly considering new ideas and will continue to do so. The problem of limiting the number of SPGs in battle is that there will be no more fights where there is no artillery at all, and we do not want that. We do not believe that arty is a big problem at the moment, but we will continue to monitor the situation and conduct internal tests.

Are there plans to change the stun mechanic?
– Not at this moment. In Leviathan mode, players could see where the projectile landed, but we do not want to put this into Random Battles. This was added because Leviathan fired 5 shells every 10 seconds. We do not plan to change the mechanics of stunning in the near future.

Are there plans to add some tutorials: “How to Not Get Hit by Arty”? 
– We are working on the training and have already improved it a bit (I think a few of you have tried it). But we are constantly working to improve the learning process for new players, in order to reduce the player drop off at Tier 2.

Will gold ammo be rebalanced?
– We know that many players complain about this. Purely out of curiosity, we looked at the statistics and the total percentage of penetrations by conventional and gold shells differs only by a figure after the decimal point. This means that approximately the same number of conventional shells and gold do not penetrate the armor. In the future, it is very likely that the shells will be changed, but we do not know how yet. Obviously, it all depends on the tank you are shooting at and your own, but according to statistics, it usually does not matter if you shoot with BB shells or gold.
Many players request that premium shells be available only for gold, but at the same time, players constantly complain that there is too much pay to win in the game. These contradict one another. Statistics also show that on RU server premium shells are used much more.

Are there any plans to reduce the price of gold shells, so that they cost the same as normal shells?
– Definitely not. That doesn’t not make any sense. Here’s what would happen – people will load only premium shells, and the standard will be useless. In the future there will be changes, but I can not say anymore.

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