WoT: Developer Diaries: Anonymizer

The Anonymizer will hide a player’s nickname, generating a new one with every battle. Do you suffer because your stats stand out? Are you tired of hearing “noob”? Or is your nickname so well-known that it just draws any and all enemy shells? Remedy all this with the Anonymizer. By using it, you’ll be protected from unwanted attention and enjoy your favorite game even more!

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WoT: Developer Diaries: Anonymizer

22 thoughts on “WoT: Developer Diaries: Anonymizer

  1. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    And under the hood, as usual, this will allow WG to rig battles even more, since now it will be impossible to check, how skilled were players on both sides – battles spring vs autumn, welcome back.

  2. Anonymous says:

    All this will do is make it easier for people to use bot accounts. At least with xvm u can see when someone’s played 10’s of thousands of matches and r still a tomato. Great going war gaming. Bot army coming in fast, I’ll be ready with the new HE spam mechanics.

  3. Jinqx says:

    Yay, i wont be arty focused anymore just because of my (ok:ish ) stats, xwm stats ingame is pure toxic garbage and should have been banned years ago.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Yup, it would be quite easy to just disallow XVM and the “problem” would go away. Or just introduce skillbased mm so bots and idiots would be in their own corral.

      1. heinz says:

        I would love to see you in a skill based MM. Crying like a baby because your stats dropped by half because you cant club seals anymore. Also, even today the MM takes longer than it used to. Imagine how long you would have to wait for a battle. Last but not least: how are new players supposed to get better in the first place, when they only play against bots and other tomatoes? you basically want WoT to die.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Haven’t seen any crying here but sure, insult people, that brings results.
        I’d gladly wait for a battle if it actually took longer than the usual 1-15 15-3 bullshit it is nowadays.

      3. ChrisTheViking says:

        If you want skillbased MM you can play ranked battles.
        But I think it would hjelp a lot with those 15-3 games if they balanced the teams better. The MM can pick teams just like it’s algorythm is doing now, and then divide the players between the two teams using WG’s own rank system. That’s a lot easier for the MM to do than balance the games by tanks or other factors.

      4. Gywas says:

        ChrisheViking – – – Ranked battles? 😯 What are you calling Ranked battles? Where you can spam gold ammo like a muppet and get better stats? Ranked battles should be without a gold ammo, where you can show your abilities and professionalism, then would be real accurate pleyers stats. Tell me what’s a point of playing if you can penenetrate with closed eyes? 😕

      5. Anonymous says:

        Ranked battles would be lovely if you could play those on any tier and on any tank. At this moment the gold spam and Chieftain/obj 260 etc spam makes them unattractive.

  4. Seth H says:

    If they think that this will stop people from trashing other players in game, they obviously aren’t playing matches and paying attention. There are people that don’t have XVM trashing people in game chat also and this won’t stop that. Lemming train – trashed. Yolo – trashed. Sit back on baseline trying to pad stats in a heavy – trashed. Seriously WG, use some logic. Start balancing the teams out player wise and maybe start rewarding people for playing as a team.

  5. wotnooob says:

    the only good outcome of anonymizer is that all the purple assholes and streamer egocentricks will see that they are still targeted anyway and it was just a delusion that everyone is trying to get them because of their stats and fame

  6. Peter says:

    Dumbest idea ever. I can somewhat understand the removing of stats ingame, but this solution is the worst they could come up with. removing the nicknames takes away every social aspect this game has. And it has already been sai that even the players on your friendslist will become anonimus for you. Why the hell is there a friendlist if they are hidden for you as well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is simply no need for the anonimizer! Cant wargaming focus on the more important issues that the community has literally been asking for, for years?

    Wargaming seems hellbent on continuing to provide us with things the MAJORITY as NEVER asked for.

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