WoT Developer Diaries: Improved Graphics

Good day everyone,

Brief dev diary going over some of the work behind the HD maps appearing in next iteration of Sandbox:

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WoT Developer Diaries: Improved Graphics

10 thoughts on “WoT Developer Diaries: Improved Graphics

  1. OpaKnobbi says:

    Just watched the video and – what can I say – Im really impressed! Looks so good, and some of the shown things are just totally awesome. For example when the tank drives through the river submerging completely for a moment in the middle.

    I still can’t really believe that maxed out graphics wont need significantly more hardware-power, but my machine should be up to the tast… I can’t wait to try this maps out for myself!

  2. Kyros says:

    this will never happen like shown in the video. most WoT players still play on their daddys 2001 bought laptop. about 70% will have enourmous performance drops. then they will cry that WG is shit and unoptimised. And WG is forced to lower the graphics significantly to not lose players. you can quote me on that

  3. Anonymous says:

    It looks great, lets just hope you do not have to have the latest gaming computer to benefit from all their hard work…. and that it does not negatively effect game play for those with older computers.

    1. Kyros says:

      HAHAHAAHAHAH 125 FPS on current Game ULTRA settings
      30-40 FPS on Sandbox ULTRA settings HAHAHAHAHAAH
      4790K and 980ti HAHAHAHAHA

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