WoT – Developer Diaries:

Wheeled Vehicles – Part 1

This is the first part of Developer Diaries dedicated to wheeled vehicles

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WoT – Developer Diaries:

8 thoughts on “WoT – Developer Diaries:

    1. SquishyStar says:

      Light tanks are more suitable for passive scouting.
      Maybe it’s just me, but I personally like the versatility of roles they’re trying to implement.

  1. Mikosah says:

    But the current light tanks aren’t that good at passive scouting unless you happen to be on a particular handful of maps, and their ability to be effective fire-support is incredibly limited as well. If anything this begs the question of why not buff the existing lights’ mobility and their resistance to tipping and fall damage. Or if the goal is for lights to instead be fire-support, buff their guns.

    As of the wheeled vehicles themselves, the decision to have bad view range is just silly. They could have been fantastic dedicated scouts otherwise. And since they’re supposed to have even worse firepower than the current light tanks, I’m failing to see a point here, at least in the current meta.

    1. NoComment says:

      ” I’m failing to see a point here, at least in the current meta.”

      Something new to grind for. Thats about it. As you say. They won’t work on anything like a city map or a corridor map so… gameplay wise, almost pointless.

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