WoT Developer Q&A

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Recently the World of Tanks developers had an open conference to discuss plans for 1.0 and the future of the game. Here’s the newest info:

Preferential MM

  • Preferential MM will continue to slowly be phased out, even with vehicles that already have it. The first planned vehicle will be KV-5. The nature of those changes aren’t worked out yet. Though there will likely be the option for gold compensation or the rebalanced vehicle.
  • On that note, these plans exist only for Tier 8 premium tanks. Lower (and less expensive) tiers will likely have something different happen to them.


Crew and Crew UI Changes

  • The developers are working on a new system for some perks. One of these might be a new version of Sixth Sense that works automatically and is already active to a new commander.
  • There are also plans to change up the admittedly terrible crew and barracks UI.
  • In addition to changing skills, WG also want to work on possibilities for transferring the crew from tank to tank.
  • Most of these changes were prompted by the fact that the current crew skill system is pretty monotonous, with only a few essential skills being selected. The exact nature of these changes haven’t been made completely clear.
  • Testing for these changes should start sooner rather than later. A big part of this is communicating these changes to players with highly skilled veteran crews.

1.0 Changes

  • A new version of Personal Missions is set for October of this year.
  • There are talks for the possibility of buying tanks with bonds (there are also plans to introduce more goods in general with bonds as the current selection is pretty limited).
  • There are no plans to revise the formula for earning experience.
  • With WoT 1.0, the option to buy consumables and premium ammo with gold will be removed and the prices of premium ammo will also be adjusted. The next few iterations of Sandbox will test some adjustments to the in-game ammunition economy or even testing entirely new ammunition systems.
  • 1.0 will also see some testing for the removal of team damage, arty included.
  • There are some plans for an extended complaint system and additional dialogue options/compliment system with allies. The return of general chat after these changes was teased.


Random Bits

  • The Super Conqueror has been put on the watch list for closer monitoring.
  • No plans on changes to the Type 5.
  • After 1.0 WG will be looking into issues with smaller maps and possibly expanding them.
  • No T67 nerfs planned.
  • WG will release info on the ST-I and IS-4 within the next 6 months.
  • WG has plans for something to replace WarGaming League. News for this should come out at the end of the summer.
  • If issues with Erlenburg can’t be worked out, it will be left completely like Stalingrad.
  • The house in the Redshire capture circle will be removed.
  • WG doesn’t believe there are any major issues with artillery at the moment, but is monitoring theme closely.
  • The M44 is a known problem at Tier 6.
  • There are no plans at the moment for further MM changes, as new rules and restrictions to MM have larger ramifications on the game as a whole, so they need to be carefully considered.
  • Possibilities of a PvE mode are being looked into. In addition, the special modes previously seen will make a return this year starting in May, including football.
  • Server based in-game replays are also being looked into now that they have been made available on WoT Console.
  • Historical Battles will only make a return as a possible PvE mode.
  • The T-22 medium is a closed off topic not available for further discussion.
  • +/- 25% RNG will not change, even the penetration changes introduced in Blitz.
  • Loot boxes will likely make an appearance as rewards for special events.
  • The end of the year will see a loyalty program for long-time players.
  • There are no plans to change the economy of Tier 10.
  • There are plans on creating in-game bots able to accurately mimic the 48% win-rate player for the purposes of testing.
  • Tier 10 tank replacements will calm down as the developers work on the introduction of Italian tanks.


Tank Customization

  • This has been broken down into three stages: Stage 1 has already been introduced. Stage 2 will consist of more possibilities for 2D customization and Stage 3 will consist of customizable 3D elements.


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WoT Developer Q&A

112 thoughts on “WoT Developer Q&A

  1. Keller says:

    KV5 has been garbage for years now, why does it take so long to rebalance?
    WG doesn’t believe there are any major issues with artillery at the moment, but is monitoring theme closely.
    If they can hit a zig zagging light the majority of the time yes there is a problem.
    MM is utter shit now and you have to buy an op defender just because you will always be in tier 10 games. Wouldn’t it be nice if they played their own game so that they would have a clue.

  2. TankShank says:

    How about changing mm bck to 9.17 and giving lights there +2mm back.Cant do there jobs if meds have better view range,armor etc. U also flattened out most terrain and built even more corridor maps.The 3/5/7 mm template is boring espically when we have mostly same tier all the time. Take out arty stun bc its annoying.Also we dont need 100 resuable automatic loading repair kits etc.Its a tank game,the mistake u make should make u suffer till the end,not a 60s recharge to start off how u were in beginning of the game.

    The 9.17 mm had more variety and helped players get more strategy in playing the game.This new mm is just point and shoot.Cant scout if all meds and even some tds can scout better. If light tanks get in a 1vs1 for whatever reason doing battle most cant even defend themselves or run away bc got nerfed so dam hard. At least in older mm we had a chance to take a shot and run. Also we get spotted too easily. U say that mm cant be changed anytime soon but didnt realize this 3/5/7 mm and taking out scout mm would negatively impact the game. All the game time spent on getting lights,learning game etc is for nothing bc u guys just don’t want lights to have their roles bck. Only been a year from 9.17 to 1.02 update and this game went from one of the best to one of the worse.Check on the NA forums bc less players are online. Most are complaing and hate it. The little that like it have been tricked,bc the only reason it seems like u better than pre 9.18 is bc most targets are same tier as u so its easier to have spot dmg and shot dmg.The mm gets boring after a while. 9.17 was exciting and the bad games were miniscule. We only remember bad games more bc they stand out just like really good games.

    Felt great to kill and help team spot in t8 games as a tier5 light.Now i have to play and get a game with 3 tier 7,some tier6s and most tier5.That is absolutely boring.Hard to spot or even fight when everyone is just as fast as u. Cant spot at beginning bc meds and fast tds already got those spots. Cant spot that good in mid game bc meds same tier can one shot me and those fast tds can out manuver me. Late game u up against high hp tanks that kill u in 2 shots and have better” just about everything “.Take note-Stupid how a td,med and even some heavy can out manuver a light tank. Because of wargamming dumb idea of dumbing down the game for new players, all older veteran players are left in the dust.The only good update was the 1.0 GRAPHICS update.Everything else should not have been implemented. It took one year and a half to go from 9.18 to 1.02 so i dont want to hear that “no mm changes for a while bc it messes with so many parts of game”bc u guys didnt give a dam when ppl in forums kept complianing.Instead u kept listening to the ppl who just jumped at the chance to be higher tier in games.

    Those t10 lights should not have been in game at all bc meds already do that job.Also the tier8 lights did a good job also up there. In the 9.17 update all u had to do was just balance out some tanks,make more scout friendly maps.Buff up light tank speed so the meds and tds that were faster could not catch up so easily. Ridiculous how wargamming changed a great game into a bunch of… in only a year in a half. This game is not nearly as fun to play as it once was and all ppl who play all tank classes will tell u this. Some try to justify claims such as “we can shoot our tier now”,”mm better”but its really gotten worse.

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