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here’s the latest Developers digest, these were answered by Falathi:

-We have plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. the first prototype has already been shown in the Convoy mode.
-The development of new maps has completely stopped, the team is now focused on making the current maps HD.
-There’s no specific date for when the HD maps will be released but they need to be delivered faster than HD tanks.
-No comments about the ST-II.
-The first test of the 30vs30 battles has been successful, the next goal is to tweak it even further.
-WG has plans to introduce several new nations and Poland is one of the strongest candidates.
– EU3 is not required.
-The special tank offers in the premium store are made depending on the region, tank popularity and historical events/dates. Each region has its own policy about this.
-It was the right decision to make the 9.18 changes. We have collected the data and feedback and also minor fixes will be introduced in the future.


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WoT Developers Digest

57 thoughts on “WoT Developers Digest

    1. Cause WG doesn’t like the UK for some reason, just look at how many (tier 8) premiums the british have compared to other nations. (even china which has like half or less the regular tanks has 3-4 times more premiums at tier 8. Its really sad considering how many more awesome vehicles could be introduced. They have talked about the possibilities of a full british light line, and its definitely possible in terms of vehicles/prototypes etc. its just that they would have to do it.
      (And the cynic in me, reading they give Poland priority, makes me think they would rather have another almost copycat soviet branch like china. At least that is my first assumption without any research in ww1-cold war polish armour. I know their post cold-war armour are pretty much all modified t72s and the like)

    2. armando30 says:

      it is true, the UK has a rich history in the development of armored vehicles but they went about it their own way, cruisers for breakthrough and exploitation, infantry-tanks for support and breakthrough enemy lines as well, light tanks were never a thing since they had domestic and US made armored cars to fullfill the roles of the light tanks in other armies
      realistically all WG can do is finish the line with IFVs/CFVs like the Scorpion, because even if their history is rich it does not translate into numbers, it is pretty much the same vehicles used over-and-over again
      all across the TT tree the same 3 or 4 chassis were the base for at least 70% of the tree, the only “hope” is that in the next 1 or 2 years they dig enough through the archives and find a few alternative cruiser designs, from upgrade proposals to the Crusader to its direct competitors or maybe even lighter versions of Cromwells/Comets or vehicles designed for the same role at the same time or late/post-war replacement projects
      or maybe they can do it the “soviet-way” and have upgunned or APCR/APDS-default ammo on Cromwells and Comets and make them tier 8,9 and 10 “mediums”/cruisers posing as light tanks like the soviets do
      if nothing is found we will probably see the mixed cruiser/prototype/paper/AFV line they have said to be working on

      1. Fuzzy says:

        That’s comprehensively untrue though. The UK has enough material for at least 2 light lines, as confirmed by those actually doing the research. Between the unused cruisers, Vickers 6-ton, Tetrarch, Harry Hopkins, FV301, Contemptor, AV-R, TV-15000, Scorpion, Scimitar, Sabre, Vickers “phone number” and all the stuff Listy found that hasn’t been published yet, there’s more than enough.

      2. armando30 says:

        I also mentioned the AFVs, roughly half of those you mentioned, which are not light tanks but some can work in WoT, the ones armed with 76mm and 90mm guns, the autocannons are probably too hard to balance at mid-tiers
        probably 35~40 dmg on those 30mm with decent pen if APDS is used as default ammo, as APCR in WoT, but the balance, between the enemies it won’t even scratch and those which will be destroyed with 2 “clips”, will be hard to find, furthermore even the FV101 Scorpion is too recent (1970)
        I don’t see the AFVs being added, on the Q&A from the guys researching they mentioned even the scorpion 76mm might be too recent, they also mentioned the FV4″something” Prodigal but that requires multi-turret mechanics (2 unmanned autoloading cannons)
        the “phone numbers” would most likely be part of a medium branch leading to the Vickers MBT, they are related afterall
        the first 3 you mentioned are low tiers, the FV301 is the typical tier 7/8 light with the 77mm gun, if it is given APCR as default it could work as tier 9/10
        the AV-R and TV-15000 would probably replace the Scorpion if the gun is indeed too recent
        first time I read about “Contemptor” unless you mean the Prodigal which was a different prototype from the FV4401 Contentious (british “S-tank” with almost no protection)

        conclusion: there’s few light tanks while there are quite a few lightly armored vehicles (FV4401 Contentious for example) problem is some, such as the example, would not fit the light tank role for different reasons (autocannons, new mechanics, 120mm gun on FV4401, etc….) and we are left with candidates for a partial line and hoping, as I had written above, for what someone might have dug up
        I had not heard Listy had already found something, maybe it is included in the book he wrote and is trying to publish, the same book he will reveal a few japanese tanks he found, including heavies

  1. Charcharo says:

    As long as they fix Light Tank view ranges (and maybe accuracy JUST a bit) and give me Chinese TDs… I am happy.

  2. RWN says:

    -It was the right decision to make the 9.18 changes.

    Hell ya:-)
    Finally stopped playing WoT (gone to WoWp – at least there are no new OP premiums every other month with its power creep)

  3. New Arty SPD revision changes including ‘Stun effect for fun’
    – was so worthwhile it really made playing Light Tanks and in fact any tank with light armour overnight a 1 shot or if your lucky a 2 shot

    – and don’t forget while your tank still maybe loses half its hit points as a bonus (?) the CREW is stunned to stupidity(50%) and can barely function for the next 10 to 20 seconds, so yeah biggest NERF ever to all thinly armoured tanks.

    Arty SPG players got the biggest buff to there pig-pen tanks in years ~ and look there is even more Arty players in Random battles now than before

    WarGame, only WG can make this shit happen year in tear out, and think there making us happy (when actually were crying in our Beer.

      1. Wa says:

        My gw tiger p one shot a t-44 just last night πŸ™‚
        Looking at dmg and pen on it, with high rolls it could still one shot an is3 as well.

  4. New Maps completely stopped
    yeah really No Shit!”
    only the shitter City brawling only Maps, Pilsin and Rubicon fail Paris in 3 years

    why make badly needed new maps when you can make Premium Tanks at a fraction of the cost more and more and yet more new Premium Tanks every week it seems

    really see the direction of WG priorities (its not us

    1. armando30 says:

      it has not really stopped, we all know WG won’t simply update the existing maps textures when making them HD, we can expect them to be modified and maybe even slightly enlarged due to the success of the 30vs30 test, we will get the same yet different maps when they start converting them, furthermore what use do we have to have 50 active maps in the map rotation? its too much to remember

    2. Siergen says:

      I read that to mean that the developers who do maps are all busy redoing the existing maps. Once all the existing maps are redone, I expect those developers will be reassigned to other tasks, including new maps.

      1. armando30 says:

        WRCDRIVER SAYS then why don’t you try to submit a layout/sketch for a new map? making maps is not easy, corridors are a product of trying to balance a map so that no spawn or class can get too big of an advantage, if you can control where the majority of fights will happen you can try to make sure each team can use their tanks or have somewhere to retreat too, unfortunatly it sacrifices flanking gameplay
        I’m sure you would be much more upset if there were no corridors and the enemy used the “openness” of the map to take you down while remaining unspotted, it would also amplify the disadvantage to your side when you get a useless noob team being taken appart by rushing light tanks

  5. Blankman says:

    I’m curious about Polish tech tree, it’s a shame with halting the development of new maps though..

    9.18 brought a new wind, for better or worse, at least it brings a new taste to the game.. Highly subjective about the taste that’s for sure..

    1. Tommy_Gun says:

      Realx… Polish tech tree has been promised by WG since Bata… Hell it was promised even before we have got French and British tech trees… Going even further WG introduced Chinese, Japanese, Czechoslovak and Swedish tech trees. WG is making new nations only to conquer new markets. So even if I would like to see Polish tech tree in WOT as they had some pretty interesting tanks I would not be surprised if we will see Italian or even Israel tech trees sooner.

  6. Littlefinger says:

    Translations in brackets: It was the right decision to make the 9.18 changes (fuck you) We have collected the data and feedback (and ignored it) and also minor fixes will (won’t) be introduced in the future (maybe).

    1. Pangzhu says:

      Although I wouldn’t use this sort of tone normally, I have to agree with you.

      SPG were a detriment to the game and are even worse now. More players will be encouraged to play SPG than ever before, simply because it is easier to hit targets and gain xp before. While the 1shot scenario and extremely high damage roles were annoying when they occurred, they still happen to lightly armored vehicles all the time now and even more frequently, thanks to increased acc., aim time, reload and splash.

      These changes basically are a middlefinger to everyone who is not SPG player. But even among those the changes did not receive a warm welcome.

      Also if anything, the don’t have enough data to determine the horrific effects the SPG changes will cause over time.

  7. So in other words, this is wargaming’s polite middle finger telling everyone to f-off because they think they know best.

    Wheeled vehicles and map reworks sound promising. Especially if the map reworks essentially turn some of the worst maps into completely new creatures. Looking forward to the new game mode wheeled vehicles will bring if they can work out the kinks of balancing them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    STOPPED the developement of new maps?!?! So there will be new maps in apprx. 1-2 years?? F*ck you drunken belorussians! Current Map meta is so sh*tty and you will not change it….gg wg as always Wargaming

  9. Grabaah says:

    Those whole Q&A was during NewMultiShow live stream. Some things that werent written.
    -There is no plans for training room solo mode.
    -There are no planned new personal missions for now.
    -Maybe IS-6 will get buff. Because compared to Defender it only have preferable MM and RoF as strong points.

    Expanded a bit this:
    -There is no need for EU3. It’s about problems on client-server infrastructure. If there wouldn’t be any, EU3 would be created.

    If ya want to try google translator there is link to full article: http://rykoszet.info/2017/05/08/qa-08-05-17/

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Fuck those retarded personal missions. Not only they are absolutely luck-based and not fun at all, but also destroy the random battles with every fucktard forgoing the victory just to finish some stupid personal objective.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Remember that Falathi is polish employee of Wargaming and this interview was done for polish youtuber NewMultiShow. What else he could say ? “No there won’t be any polish tanks suckers!”

    Here you have absolutely the best and most accurate proposal for polish tree and it is still sadly full of clones beyond tier 5.

  11. Onion says:

    Remember that Falathi is polish employee of Wargaming and this interview was done for polish youtuber NewMultiShow. What else he could say ? “No there won’t be any polish tanks suckers!”

    Here you have absolutely the best and most accurate proposal for polish tree and it is still sadly full of clones beyond tier 5.

  12. Swiss cheese says:

    ” -It was the right decision to make the 9.18 changes”

    Fuck them; since the introduction of these changes i dropped with my Marks of excellence percentage with my bc 155-58 arty from 91% to 72%……

  13. betterdead thanred says:

    was there even a poll regarding patch 9.18 with arty change etc. or something along those lines?

    i really would like to see the figures of those that are happy/unhappy with 9.18.

    but those that are content and happy, dont go to forums to bitch about the game like us.

  14. Random says:

    “WG has plans to introduce several new nations and Poland is one of the strongest candidates.” How about they complete some current nations that lack HT’s, TD’s, SPG’s, LT’s.

  15. septfox says:

    ” -It was the right decision to make the 9.18 changes.”

    Are there seriously people arguing otherwise? For the first time in forever, you can roam the map without worry of an RNG “fuck you” from the opposite end of the map nuking you for all of your hitpoints.
    Even unarmored lights have a decent chance to take less than full damage; when I’m playing my HWK or ru251 I’m much, much more afraid of the t49 and its orbital death laser with uptiered “balanced” gun handling, than I am of artillery.

    Aside from the bullshit that was the SP1C nerf, it’s probably one of the best patches in a long time.

    1. Wa says:

      Yes. Arty is much more annoying and consistent to play against, while it is much better to play as while you still get one shots.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        wait till you see thai and vietnamese players. some of them are godtier, but most are goldspamming cannon fodder

        and then there are koreans…..imagine those guys above, but 2x more competitive and hardcore at being noobs

  16. Salty_Mike says:

    9.18 has been great! Definitely feels like a step forward, albeit a baby step. I’ll take it. Because I don’t want to play another game, frankly. I think so many are finding any reason to hate on it, really sucks to read because their logic is so one sided and ignorant. Can’t have all you want in a shared group, or you leave. Its never going to be fair and easy for everyone. take up the odds that you will get better through a little determination. Legendary mode-up!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately Wargaming isnt interested in listening to their customers. Anyone know of successful businesses that tell their customers “you are wrong,” therefore your comments and ideas dont matter? I dont.

  18. disappointed WoT player says:

    Unfortunately Wargaming doesnt seem to be interested in customer feedback. How many succssful companies do know that think they know better than their customer base?

  19. Alex Knight says:

    HD maps… sure fuckers… how about doing something with the FV215b ?!!?!??!?!? Bunch of mongols -.-

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