WoT Developers Digest


here’s the latest Developers digest, these were answered by Falathi:

-We have plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. the first prototype has already been shown in the Convoy mode.
-The development of new maps has completely stopped, the team is now focused on making the current maps HD.
-There’s no specific date for when the HD maps will be released but they need to be delivered faster than HD tanks.
-No comments about the ST-II.
-The first test of the 30vs30 battles has been successful, the next goal is to tweak it even further.
-WG has plans to introduce several new nations and Poland is one of the strongest candidates.
– EU3 is not required.
-The special tank offers in the premium store are made depending on the region, tank popularity and historical events/dates. Each region has its own policy about this.
-It was the right decision to make the 9.18 changes. We have collected the data and feedback and also minor fixes will be introduced in the future.


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