WoT Development – Ranked battles video

WG NA just uploaded this video. Enjoy.

You can read about it in the 9.19 supertest patchnotes here.

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WoT Development – Ranked battles video

7 thoughts on “WoT Development – Ranked battles video

  1. pixywing says:

    -15% reloading speed I can’t wait. This will be put up or shut up time for a lot of people and really separate who is actually good and who is good farming stats in t67s.

  2. Marc Schreiber says:

    The concept is actually a good step in the direction of a balanced mm system. Sadly only tier X are allowed.

    1. There will never ever be a skilled MM, it would break the game. You may think it’s a good idea, but you wouldn’t want to play only skilled mm, or at least, the 90% of the playerbase wouldn’t want that.

      Skill MM in WoT would mean: gold spam on high skill matches and suicidal rushes on low skill matches. The only games that would be somewhat fun would be yellow and green wn8 matches as people both use their brain and at the same time can do exploitable misakes. And yellow and green players don’t resort to gold as often as bluenicums and unicums.

      In short: Keep Skilled MM as a separate gamemode and let the people play who want to get shot by gold only.

      1. Marc Schreiber says:

        I stated, “balanced” not “skill based” mm. I like games with equally skilled players on both teams. But I hate it when my team consists of red tomatoes against a good enemy team or the other way around.

        I think you are too negative about this concept with a very black and white vision on gold use. However, you make a good point about this gold spam, which could break this game mode. But the existence of gold also impacts random gameplay in the higher tiers. But this is fixable, e.g. No or less exp. when shooting gold ammo.

  3. wremisekrummels says:

    extra -2.5% on reload? hur hur hur, cant wait to facehug an the enemy in the same time, and he blame he i cheated cause i shooted faster!

  4. The top 3 players on the losing team in pubs really should get more xp and credits rather than forcing them to rely on getting medals to get the courageous resistance bonus.

    ranked battles will struggle to pick up unless premium shells are rebalanced.

    I don’t like how they are forcing people to play ranked if they want competitive equipment. This is almost like the emblem bonus system all over again. The rewards should only be cosmetic like unique tank decorations that go beyond marks of excellence and mastery emblems.

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