WoT ELC EVEN 90 and Aufklärungspanzer V

Good afternoon everybody

The World of Tanks facebook page hast just revealed two new tier 8 premium light tanks, the French ELC EVEN with a 90mm gun and the German Aufklärungspanzer V.

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WoT ELC EVEN 90 and Aufklärungspanzer V

49 thoughts on “WoT ELC EVEN 90 and Aufklärungspanzer V

  1. 0natvar0 says:

    Aufkpanzer RETURN well why the hell not…. (also for the guys confuse about the 135 alpha when the tank was still there it has this gun and could meet tier 10 so ot really diffrent from whatit was before, just revamp for the new MM)

    1. Blackswordsmen says:

      If they were to take the stats from real life the elc could EASILY be tier 8 or even 9.

      80km/h with 250 mm pen on the 90mm… only draw back is when moving turret rotation is limited.. but when stationary it can rotate 360′.

      It would be awesome if they could make another prem elc amx or as an alternative in the lt tech tree

  2. Omg yes….yes please to both.

    However I find it curious that the standard tier 8 Lights are such utter shit still. These are what they should be like…you know….actually useable…lmao

    Ironic they moved up the 13 90 to tier 9 and put another of the same at tier 8 but as prem. With better gun handling, clip reload, aimtime and camo. Rofl.

    WG…i want some of what you smoking.

    1. a passing hobo says:

      They did something similar for the M41 90. It’s basically a T8 light that’s been balanced as of it were T9. I guess WG balanced these two to be at the same level as the M41 90 for “balance”.

      1. Yes but even then the Black dog is still a decent tier 8 light. The standard light tanks have been nerfed into complete useless shit. Add in the corridor, brawl and camp meta…light tanks as a class in general is the most useless in the entire game now.

  3. mirotordaji says:

    just fck it……..make the game pay to play and give all tanks to every one……….just fck it…..charge 100 euro per month to have all the tanks or 20 euro per month for PRIVILEGE to grind from start

    1. I would say just make it a subscription based game, 20 bucks a month every single tank ever released gets added to tech trees, what you have in your garage you get to keep.
      You need to grind for everything, but a little shorter grind. And premium tanks get compensated for say 2 months for a tier 8 and a little more for everything else, but you know that means they will lose a lot of players… (but it might give the devs an incentive to make the game actually balanced.)

      1. Look at WOW that costs about a tenner a month too, so its no more than fair.
        And WOT wouldnt have all the cosmetics they would sell, I mean I gues 10 would be fine too, but WG is greedy… (so i based my price on that too ;p )

    1. Celtic says:

      To be fair, it’s NOT your tank and never was. The tank you unlocked was replaced by an equivalent tier’d tank. WG owes you jack shit… and this isn’t the same Awfulpanther we had before either. You’re not entitled and no one will be getting it for free.
      You clicked yes to the ToS, this is what you get. Same for everyone.

  4. Fafnir_6 says:

    221mm of pen on the AFK Panther…looks like it comes with the APCR as standard. That’s a BIG buff over the original. I’ll wait for review but this is looking like a future purchase of mine.



  5. ELC Even 90 with 9 degrees of gun depression. Really? I bet they balance it with 15 shells in the storage
    Auklärungspanzer V: Yeah return of the awesome Pahther. Shoot ram shoot good bye 😉 I never liked the SP1Ce doorstop.
    But what about a light crewtrainer for USA or USSR? T92 and T-44 ltwt?

  6. GlennA says:

    So they finally implement my suggestion from the NA forums but in usual WG fashion they completely fuck it up by taking a TIER 7 LT and putting it at TIER FUCKING 8…just wow WG thats a HUGE fail.

      1. a passing hobo says:

        You are aware that your T7 light tank got T8 MM before they changed all the light tanks? The aufklaerungspanzer gets the same MM it always had only with better pen iirc.

  7. GlennA says:

    @a passing hobo
    I’m well aware…I was a sandbox tester and I’ve played since 2011 but the thing with the Awful Panther is that at tier 7 it could ram kill tier 6 heavies and occasionally tier 9 mediums. Now at tier 8 Im not sure what to think of it.

    1. Some potential victims: BatChat, lights, arty, both skorpions. And the Strv TDs, A new definition of the 3 raliber rule (Shell bounce tank not).
      Keep in mind the awesome panther is for fun. The only light i ever played with ramming skill and spall liner.

  8. Disclaimer: I started playing in April 2016 and haven’t played for months, so don’t roast me.

    The ELC EVEN weighs around 6.6 tons. I wonder how small will it be.
    And 41.8 tons for AufklarungsPanzerPanther? Shut up and take my coins!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Take an elc hull and throw a 13 90 turret with 5 rounds on that sucker. Then prepare urself to say, “why wasn’t this the tier 9?!”

  9. Jarkorsos says:

    They both look pretty bad. The elc has 175 pen at T8, and only 215 premium round. So cant even shoot gold if need. The Aufl panzer has a wopping 135 damage. Well 2 premiums I won’t buy.

    1. Anonymous says:

      But that would require them to give everyone a tier 8 premium for free in return for only having a tier 7 that hasn’t been in the game for like 2 or so years.

  10. Brett Brakefield says:

    Why did they give the ELC an accordian neck for a turret? Looks to be a decent Tier 8 machine, reminiscent of the ol’ 13 90, if slightly better than what the 13 90 once was.

    However, I sense a rise in player numbers. Why? I dunno, maybe that box panther has something to do with it? I remember seeing the occasional Aufkl. Panther back in the day. Good times.

  11. Paxson says:

    Yeah, I loved my AMX 13 90 in the past and still love them as Tier 9. So I believe I will buy the ELC and love them too 🙂
    But I think the tank is quite strong and maybe near to OP. But we will see other Tier 8 LT are stong too.

  12. Anyone says:

    Its nice to see all this excitement for these new tanks, and I’m sure ill have to have them as well. But, yet again I have to ask WHEN WILL the USA line get its LT. The T92Lt has been in “testing” for years now and the T71 CMD, well it seems to have a new home in the standard tech tree. WG needs to sort their shit out and in a bad way.

  13. This game has way too many prem tanks released nowadays. Feels like they releasing new ones at least every 6 weeks, kinda makes all the older prem tanks irellevant when they give newer ones slightly better stats to entice people to hand over their cash. #BlameSerb

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