WoT Erlenberg translation into HD#2

Rework of the map to introduce gameplay changes. The video also shows the borders and beyond. If your vehicle has a high enough power-weight ratio the river is crossable almost anywhere, baring almost vertical banks. Enjoy.

Timecodes (for video):

00:05 Exclusively gameplay changes on the map
02:47 Erlenberg in HD, graphics settings (preset): Ultra
08:19 Showing changes for the boundaries of the map area
09:46 P.S. 🙂 ( Here the graphics are set to low and the 125fps framerate cap has been disabled)

Source WOT Express


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WoT Erlenberg translation into HD#2

14 thoughts on “WoT Erlenberg translation into HD#2

  1. Magic Minion says:

    I notice a lot of flat open areas, so it will be camping in the build up areas or behind the few hills at the edge of the map.

    1. Ion7 says:

      A few positions were added in front of the cap circles as well. Overall the map is the same but many may notice the north-east and south-west hills were leveled, it doesn’t promote camping as much as detracts from it, giveing tanks a better time against camping tds that would notmally sit there.

  2. DIADTEC says:

    They did WAY TOO MANY changes physically. I’de much prefer they make a HD replica of the current. This is just going to be another campinovka at this state.

    1. pro says:

      like its not already? worst map in game atm, 15min waste of time every match on there, 1 time all camp one side, other team camp other side.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is not a TD map any more – and that’s the point they remove hills and cover leave wide open spaces with a corridor of buildings – but TD’s cannot fight in cities – so you get another Heavies only map – more of the same crap time after time – whoever is in charge thinks it should be 15 heavies a side and just fcks game play for the rest – will leave no one playing as the only way will be total gold spam.

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