WoT EU – Premium tank trade-in

WG EU has released a new video covering the new Premium Tank Trade-In which is for a limited time only.

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WoT EU – Premium tank trade-in

28 thoughts on “WoT EU – Premium tank trade-in

  1. Patata Caliente says:

    Completely uninteresting. Losing half of the gold paid for the original tank is way too much to make this attractive to me, and then, I have long since bought the few tanks available in the tech tree that really interested me. Wargaming makes sure the really exciting premium tanks don’t make it into a tech tree.

    1. Tank trade ins are there if you absolutely hate your tank. ie. you believe the penetration and shell cost of the IS-6 makes the tank useless so you trade it in for 5k gold. Play a couple tournies and buy an M4A1 Rev. which essentially is a more flexible IS-6 that does better in bad mm but has more pen and cheaper shells. It isn’t something where you should be able to trade in an IS-6 one week for another premium and still break even to trade back for the IS-6 the following week.

      With you on feeling cheated exclusive premium tanks cannot be bought with gold. Letting free2play players have the option of earning these tanks would free up a lot of the pay2win feelings. I also think those tanks could also be bought as rentals with gold and that would make them more worthwhile if people didn’t buy them blind.

      1. Definitely not SerB says:

        The problem is, that you can’t just trade-in for gold, you must pay with gold anyway. I wish I could trade-in my IS6 for gold and buy premium time but it’s impossible.

        Whole “event” is designed in a way to make you spend gold. You can only trade-in tier 8 for another tier 8.

        Typical moneygrab by WG.

      2. That’s not a tank trade, it’s a tank sell for gold rather than credits. Short term suicide.

        Two months of premium is not worth an IS-6 in the slightest. It’s like selling your silver mine for a pile of paper instead of buying a better silver mine. In the long run you’ll just lose interest in the game because after two months you’ll be down a tier 8 premium and premium time.

        Maybe a new system in the future but I don’t see how wargaming contributing to players losing content will help them stay with the game.

  2. Anonymous says:

    translation: pls buy more gold and buy new tank we will powercreep soon so you will sell it for half of its pricce in near future.

  3. like i would get rid of a preferential match making premium tank over another of the same tier that doesnt have the same advantage…yahhh right…wargaming go F U im not that redneck to fall for that one

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s the thing though, at this point Wargaming are clearly pretty desperate to remove any traces of preferential matchmaking from the game, hence why most/all of the recent premium tanks that have been on sale have not been given that perk.

      WG are obviously hoping that so many players will help them achieve their matchmaking ambitions by using this system to trade in their premium tanks for gold/coins/whatever that the game ends up with so few preferrential premiums left in players accounts that WG can then try to justify simply removing/replacing them.

  4. marlekin says:

    I bet there are plenty players out there sitting on an old premium that dont like, or never liked. The T-34-3 for example is one of the tanks that I see ending up as part of a trade in.

    1. Marc Schreiber says:

      Dear customer, we sold you a shitty tank in the past for way to much money, just give us half of you money for free, to buy another tank which will be shitty in the future… because we aint going to buff any of those tanks anymore.

      1. Assuming you bought this really expensive premium, you probably made a couple million credits off of it over time. I recommend you check the gold to credit conversion and do the math from there.

  5. “You can trade-in only one vehicle per transaction.”

    I think it’d be better to allow customers the option of trading in multiple tanks in one transaction. Like, trade in the Fury, Heavy Tank VI, AC Experimental, M56, and FV 201 for a tier 8 of some sort.

  6. gtaruu says:

    This would be so much better if they make it just one time only, but changing tanks of the same trade would not cost any gold at all…

  7. pixywing says:

    If it was trade in for 75% of the cost maybe, but with 50% I’ll trade in the Su-100Y I got for free and that’s it.

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