WoT Fairplay Policy.

Fifth Round.

Wargaming are continuing their efforts to dissuade players from using “unfair” mods and these are the results by region of the latest round.

  • RU. Warning and 7 day ban: 8,757; Perma ban: 3,579.
  • EU. Warning and 7 day ban: 1,625; Perma ban: 605.
  • NA. Warning and 7 day ban: 184; Perma ban: 61.
  • SEA. Warning and 7 day ban: 131; Perma ban: 39.

If you want to read up click the link. FAIR PLAY POLICY

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WoT Fairplay Policy.

12 thoughts on “WoT Fairplay Policy.

  1. pixywing says:

    61 players banned on the NA server now we won’t even have enough players to have 15v15 games anymore LOL

    1. madogthefirst says:

      The new MM seems so screwed up that it is creating short battles in 5 seconds already. It is never the top tiers missing from the battle, always the bottom tiers are missing.

  2. Sandor Nagy says:

    The biggest problem is still warpack which is not covered by this “anti-cheat system”. With its auto aim (pre-aim) can hit a zig-zaggin’ Batchat from 450m 10/10 times. I completely understand that banning the premium users, using this kind of mods, would hurt WG financially but would make the game a lot better. In my opinion we need perma ban without warning and lots of them.

  3. weed wacker says:

    I disagree – never ban any player for anything including chat. If they have cheat mods then turn their tank purple & perma-light it the entire battle. Then allow anyone on both team to shoot them for points until all mods are removed. If someone is bad during chat then have a ban from chat option also.

    Even funnier if WOT started screwing up the illegal mod to the point that the cheater no longer trusted using them. Imagine you use a mod and WOT purposely destroys the graphics or aiming or shell velocity to the point the game is total mess. You uninstall the mod & everything works again – what are the chances you keep using mods ??

    They’re banning players that are just making some poor decisions instead of guiding them back to legal game play. I think they are going about this all wrong….

    1. Pip says:

      Funny idea, but no.

      WG want a cleam game, players want a clean game, – it would look messy as hell (and would be unfair as hell) to have perma-lit purple tanks driving around, of which you know that they’ve cheated and still cheat, by the way…

      => Still better to ban them.
      (After a fair warning…)

  4. Stormcloud says:

    RU 7d ban 8,757 (0.28%) / Permaban 3,579 (0.11%) Total=0.39%
    EU 7d ban 1,625 (0.18%) / Permaban 605 (0.07) Total=0.25%
    NA 7d ban 184 (0.11%) / Permaban: 61(0.04%). Total=0.15%
    SEA 7d ban: 131 (0.10%); Permaban: 39 (0.03%). Total=0.13%

    Ballpark percentage VS active players/week (data from wot-news.com).

    Interesting to see SEA active players/week closing the gulf to NA level, both on a downward trend.

    Bottomline, numbers are below 1% of active players. Either there aren’t that many cheaters out there or WG is just using its ban-hammer for the sake of appearances (i.e. there is little seriousness).

    I find the latter more plausible 🙂

    1. Coirnoir says:

      The reason the numbers are so low is that WG lacks any real way to detect cheats. They are only catching/banning the real blatant and stupid cheats.

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