WoT Fjords translation to HD#2

WoT Express has just released a video on the reworked Fjords map into HD.

*Note* The translation may be a bit wonky

The video will show following things:

– Gameplay changes on the map Fjords when translated into HD, as well as video demonstration of new graphics.

3:16 Fjords in HD, with graphics settings on ultra.

12:05 exclusively gameplay changes on the map ( The middle hill is now passable as well as the removal of some boosts. )

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WoT Fjords translation to HD#2

14 thoughts on “WoT Fjords translation to HD#2

  1. WG still using ‘Agent Orange’ to remove every bush and tree again to ‘create artificial’ killing grounds or no-mans land to ‘fuck over’ anything like a good open map

    (but then again Fjords was a shit map anyway full of corridors,

    hopefully it will come on the Sandbox server at Xmas so we can find out if its totally shit in ‘shiny new HD’ or hopefully plays better?

  2. Tel says:

    Looks shit normal for WG, that map is shit anyway and now looking at that HD it will be more shitter, as per normal 1 side is fucked over badly

  3. moca says:

    this will make total change in play style…totaly new game with this all hd maps…nos same positions, bushes, safe areas…we now must start learning everything from begining

  4. Thander_Tank says:

    Stop complaining like bugs, this map was beautiful, but I agree that there must be more accessible areas, all hills for example, and more shrubs …

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looks to me like the West base is indefensible. Added Corridors across the middle and North. Removed all the useful bushes. Should become a total heavies only fest that WG wants – therefore another crap map. They even put in a road that mimics the rocky road from the North West map that they got rid of. Going downhill despite how pleasant the HD looks.

  6. Pangzhu says:

    that position around where the water tower is, is annoying enough as it is now.
    This new version is even worse.

    So far not loving it, especially not the retarded open grounds and foliage removal.
    in comparison to the HD maps from last sandbox this map is piss poorly designed and looks really artificial and empty.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Clearly WoT is against any form of bushes

    Go do passive scouting elsewhere… and God knows how you will fulfill a 7k damages/spot mission in a light tank… Ho, I’m dumb, I have to go out and shoot them for 7k, like a heavy.

    Corridor maps = out, welcome the open range.

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