WoT French Rebalance Detailed Changes

Good day everyone,

Detailed changes listed here for the French high tier mediums and tank destroyers:

AMX AC mle. 48

  • 120mm AC SA46 now equipped with a magazine autoloader.
  • DPM reduced from 2404.6 to 1894.3
  • Reload for magazine 32.603 (from old 9.973 single shot reload)
  • ROF decreased from 6.016 to 4,736
  • Magazine Capacity: 3 shells
  • Per-shot reload: 2.703 seconds
  • Increased side armor thickness from 40mm to 55mm
  • Reduced accuracy from .316 to .355
  • Decreased aim time from 2.78s to 2.59s
  • Reduced dispersion during hull rotation from .23 to .134
  • Decreased dispersion during maximum forward movement from 5.98 to 3.49
  • Increased ammunition capacity from 64 to 66 shells

AMX 50 Foch

  • 120mm AC SA46  equipped with a magazine autoloader
  • DPM reduced from 2691.2 to 2411.9
  • Reload for magazine 32.603s (from a 8.918s single shot reload)
  • RoF decreased from 6.728 to 6.03
  • Magazine Capacity: 4 shells
  • Per-shot reload: 2.4 seconds
  • Increased side armor thickness from 40 to 70mm
  • Reduced accuracy from .326 to .336
  • Increased aim-time from 2.21s to 2.4s
  • Decreased dispersion during hull rotation from .192 to .173
  • Decreased dispersion during maximum forward movement from 9.59 to 8.63
  • Decreased dispersion during hull rotation (at maximum speed) from 5.37 to 4.83
  • Increased ammunition capacity from 64 to 68 shells


AMX50 Foch B

  • Name change from AMX 50 Foch 155 to AMX 50 Foch B
  • Tank description changed
  • Removed 155mm AC SA58
  • Added 120mm AC 46
  • Saurer motor (Tier IX) transferred to Tier X and renamed 1000 Saurer
  • Increased side armor thickness from 40 to 70mm
  • Increased ammunition capacity from 40 to 80 shells
  • Increased camouflage value while firing (and not moving) from 3.28% to 4.37%
  • Increased camouflage value while firing and moving from 1.97% to 2.63%
  • Reduced ammunition price from 1,569 to 1,060 credits
  • Engine hit points increased from 260 to 360
  • Power to weight ratio changed from 17.36 to 17.8
  • Reduced accuracy from .345 to .326
  • Decreased aim time from 2.88s to 2.21s
  • Decreased dispersion during hull rotation from .192 to .153
  • Decreased dispersion during maximum forward movement from 9.59 to 7.7.67
  • Decreased dispersion during hull rotation (at max speed) from 5.75 to 4.6
  • Gun depression/elevation changed from -5/+12 to -6/+18

Weapon Parameters

  • Penetration reduced from 293mm to 257mm
  • Damage decreased from 750 to 400
  • Reduced module damage from 210 to 165
  • DPM increased from 2329.8 to 3100.9
  • Magazine reload decreased from 47.945 sec to 36,438 sec
  • RoF increased from 3.106 to 7.752
  • Increased magazine capacity from 3 to 6 shells
  • Reduced per-shot reload from 5 to 2 seconds
  • Muzzle velocity increased from 826 to 1,067


AMX 50 100

  • Increased depression form 6 deg. to 9 deg.


AMX 30 Prototype

  • Decreased penetration from 260 to 248mm
  • DPM increased from 2464.9 to 2804.9
  • Reduced reload from 9.493 to 8.342
  • RoF increased from 6.32 to 7.192
  • Reduced muzzle velocity from 1525 to 1250
  • Increased turret armor thickness from 80 to 150mm
  • Reduced accuracy from 0.316 to 0.336
  • Dispersion during turret rotation reduced from .192 to .115.
  • Dispersion during hull rotation at max speed reduced from 5.52 to 4.83
  • Dispersion during maximum forward movement reduced from 9.97 to 8.73
  • Dispersion during turret rotation at maximum speed reduced from 8.44 to 5.06



  • Decreased penetration from 260 to 248mm
  • DPM increased from 2741.9 to 3128.6
  • Reload reduced from 8.534 to 7.479 seconds
  • RoF increased from 7.03 to 8.022
  • Reduced muzzle velocity from 1525 to 1250
  • Increased frontal turret armor from 80 to 150mm
  • Reduced accuracy from .288 to .326
  • Dispersion during turret rotation reduced from .058 to .038
  • Dispersion during hull rotation .153 to .115
  • Dispersion during turret rotation at maximum speed reduced from 2.19 to 1.46
  • Dispersion during forward movement at maximum speed reduced from 9.97 to 7.48
  • Dispersion during hull rotation at maximum speed reduced from 7.36 to 5.52


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WoT French Rebalance Detailed Changes

53 thoughts on “WoT French Rebalance Detailed Changes

    1. Bob says:

      The AMX 30B already had the best turret dispersion in the game, now this will be even better…will put the patton to shame. The AMX 30, on the other hand had horrible turret bloom (more than double an IS3) so this improvement will really help as well. Also with the lower velocity the guns will not be the lasers that they currently are now…but if the standard ammo is now AP, the increased normalization will make up 12-15 mm of pen on sloped armor. So an AP round at 248 pen would have the same overall penetration values as 260mm pen APCR on most tanks.

  1. benymazz says:

    Not to nit pick, thanks so much for the detailed post, but

    “Reduced accuracy from .345 to .326”

    Isn’t that technically an increase in accuracy? I only raise it because it isn’t consistent with the wording for the AC 48 and Foch (IX).

  2. Vidar Hook says:

    I think there is a possibility that the 30b will replace the 140 in clanwars. Better mobility, gun handling, alpha, DPM, gun depression, and heat protection in the turret.
    Also, is it getting AP as standard? Muzzle velocity and penetration seems to suggest so.

    1. MrDobalina says:

      replace the 140/62a/430 dpm-wise? never. nothing beats 3600dpm. furthermore the penetration is completely shit compared to the 264mm (iirc) on the russian meds…248mm on a tier X med… laughable at best, nothing more

      1. Vidar Hook says:

        If it is getting AP as standard, the pen won’t really be a problem. (Also, competitive games use heat). Also, it does have more DPM than the 140. The value given is base and not potential.

  3. WhiteBaron777 says:

    So, the French TDs are no longer the worst line in the game, and you can now differentiate the amx 30 from the leopard by more than just minor stat differences? Seems nice

  4. worldsdawn28 says:

    Where is the “Dispersion during turret(gun) rotation reduced ” for the french TDs?
    0.23 is not acceptable for a sniping TD when IS-3 has 0.08 dispersion!!!
    And 0.19 for the higher tiers is not acceptable either!
    A fricking KV-2 has less turret/gun dispersion than this!

    Also this might be a mistake: The stated “hull dispersion” of 0.23 stated here corresponds with the tank.gg “turret/gun dispersion”.
    The moving hull dispersion on the AC 48 is 0.21.

    Still… they need to buff both, the gunarc really hinders you a lot when sniping, so you need to rotate your hull (and your gun at the same time)

    1. A Dude says:

      I know you haven’t read past the “Penetration reduced” part for any of the tanks, but let me give you a hint: They also all got more accurate and aim faster and more reliably, which counters the slight decrease in penetration for the tanks.

      1. Neo says:

        Have you actually read the changes? The accuracy is reduced, which means it’s worse in english. And with the pen nerf, say hello to premium shells.

      2. A Dude says:

        I have read the changes. Effective accuracy is improved, my point still stands. Accuracy while standing completely still got worse. But I prefer a big improvement in gun stabilization over a small improvement in accuracy. The decrease in accuracy now is absolutely negligible, the improved gun handling has a much higher impact on the gameplay. Especially for medium tanks that usually fire on the move or shortly after moving.

      3. Anonymous says:

        Sure, the accuracy is buffed. But good luck penetrating Type 5 Heavy from the front with 257 penetration. Less penetration = more gold, just like Anonymous said.

      4. Nafre says:

        Less pen isn’t that much of a big deal. Everyone carries premium for the what if I need it situation. You could always hug the lumbering Japanese tanks or simply shoot them in the side. It’s not that hard unless you play without your team

  5. Ion7 says:

    Not too educated on the amx 30 stuff, but the Foch and Foch b look great now. Side armor changes are nice too. 50 100 didn’t need the depression buff in my opinion.

    1. EspiAndo says:

      Oh and pen, lets nerf pen even more to just spam gold always in tier 10 where it should be skill rather than premium ammo

      1. Ragnarokbazil says:

        Gold will be only 20 pen more as I know what they are doing they WANT you to flank now… They are not letting you go after heavy weakpoints *pointsvto type 5s weak points as they are over yours* they don’t want you going toe to toe with heavies from the front anymore

      2. Honest Abe says:

        WTF? With the DPM buff, somewhat reliable turret armour and great gun handling this will probably be one of the best tier 10 medium tanks!

      3. NDGR says:

        It already is a really great tier 10 medium. While a lot say it plays like a leo1, that is not the case. It’s rather something in between a centurion action x and a leopard with the best shell velocity in the game, which is pretty awesome imo. After this rebalance it’s pertty much a Stb-1.

  6. cuminyomouthvegan says:

    Great.. so by Victor Kislyi’s dumb plan to make AMX 30 and Leopard more distinct they want players to play more german turds? As if there are not enough of them on the battlefield already?

  7. nrnstraswa says:

    Oh yes, love that AMX 50 100 gun depression buff, AC 48 looks better now. Looking forward to finishing the AC 46 grind.

  8. No_Quarter says:

    I really do not like low pen on Foch or huge clip.
    Load gold and do 2400dmg. Don’t load it and pen 3-4/6….
    I think it should have smaller damage burst….
    I really hate where is this game going, P2W

  9. MrDobalina says:

    some of these changes i really like (eg foch line) but others are just utter bullcrap. WG doing their best here…. ruin tanks, render them useless or nerf them straight into oblivion…248mm penetration at tier 10. yeah the reload buff may be nice but if you have to shoot heavies at 300+ meters, this AP/APCR is totally USELESS… you might aswell open the hatch and lob potatoes in a slingshot -> mostly as efficient as 248mm Ap shells. or whatever it fires. if its APCR, happy bouncing all day long.
    if the balancing 2.0 looks like this for every tank, im gonna quit the fucking game ey…

    1. Ulysses says:

      Could you be more idiotic in one sentence? “Oh noes they drastically improved the 30B even though it was already a good tank, i need something to complain about, why not the neglible pen reduction?” Shut up.

  10. At least the f4ench td line isn’t useless.
    At least the French meds aren’t just shit leos. Even though maps are shit anyway.
    At least at is making some diverse tanks from this.
    Surprisingly it actually looks quite balanced and well thought out.

    However knowing WG they will probably fuck it up somehow. That tier 10 bat chat nerf might be it.

    1. NDGR says:

      Those Amx 30 are shit leos, because they’re not like leos in the first place. Better gun handling, more aggressive play style incredible shells, autobounce area on the upper front hull. In return they lose accuracy and some maneuverability and 1° gun depression. The rest is neglectable.

      1. Except that leos are more manouverable and agile. More pen. Accuracy. Aimtime. Penetration. Camo rating. No cupolas.

        In fact the only 2 things the and have better is slightly more DPM and better armour, however that armour is worthless anyway.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that leos are great tanks in the game. Because they arent. They are shit especially when you compare them to flat out better tanks like the cent ax or Russian meds…

  11. Isaiah says:

    So my question is do we still have the choice of using the 150 ? Second kind of sad that the Pen on the tank is taking such a big nerf. I feel like if they are going to nerf the pen it should be about 270-280. Overall this is awesome that wargaming is finally getting around to french td

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is stupid. the reason people got the F155 in the first place was for its unique gun and playstyle. then wg nerfed it to shits after years. and now they try this easy fix way out

  13. Hey Rita, how come you DID NOT mention horrible thing WG want to do with beloved BC 25t??? OMG babe, let that butthurt fire start now. Tell them all.

    BC 25t main chnages:

    pen 252/278/50
    clip 6 shells 300 hp/shot
    reload 34 sec

    I hope it will no be introduced though. Nonsense.

  14. Nameless says:

    This is one helluva good update.
    GG WG, this is what we were waiting for.

    Also, 9 degrees gun depression on the 50 100? Damn, that’s really nice.

  15. Slender says:

    This penetration decreasing is annoying. Actually the game is still being based on randomness, not the skill. Accuracy sucks already, and still being decreased.

  16. Oh boy dat's bad says:

    This looks like a net lose for the French TDs to me. The 120mm in the Foch is a pretty inaccurate gun on the field so making it worse will suck hard, and a 3 shot clip with 2.4 reload means you need to expose yourself for 7.2 seconds….easily long enough to lose your tiny HP pool. Dumb. If you want to fix for the Foch155 just un-nerf it a bit, don’t make it a turretless, useless sub-par AMX 50b copy FFS.

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