WoT French Vehicle Screenshots

Short post, screenshots of the first confirmed French wheeled vehicle:

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WoT French Vehicle Screenshots

19 thoughts on “WoT French Vehicle Screenshots

      1. Partybooper says:

        I don’t see a problem introducing higher tiers to this game. I’d rather have more tiers than a completely new game where I will have to start grinding for YEARS all over again when it would be fairly easy to simply introduce higher tiers into the game we all like to play.

      2. I see several actually. The current tier X metagame is already pushing the game to it’s limits. Map sizes and view ranges for example. Second, there are several other factors which make them incompatible with the current tanks, like for example smoothbore guns and reactive armor against rifled guns and steel plating. That would require an idiotic amount of balancing making those attributes irrelevant. Sure, they could set it so those tiers never meet, but what would be the point of doing it in the same game then? Last, it’s easier to do game maintenance on two separate games instead of one big one.

        I have no issues with higher tiers per se, I just think it wold be easier for them and us to keep it separate.

      3. NoComment says:

        @Partybooper. I can. They would need better guns,armour,vision etc …on maps that are too small for the current high tiers. No problem in principle but the maps need to grow first.

    1. Thatdudeyoudontknow says:


      Its a bunch of French vehicles indeed.

      That all happen to be the same thing.

      Just more than one of the same.


  1. i feel like you can change the type of wheels (the metal ones) so depending on what you have makes it better, like ones that make you better on hard terrain, 1 of medium and 1 on soft and possible 1 that is balancing overall

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