WoT “Frontline” Normandy- Testing Results

A brief summary of the testing of WG’s new 30 v 30 mode:

The Good-

Players have largely responded well to the idea of a 60 player mode across a large map and the near constant action with a variety of engagement distances. The fact that there was nearly always something going on was attractive to most players.

The introduction of temporary ranks for those who performed well was also very well received, and the devs gained a lot of feedback on how to improve them further.

The pace of battle is about where the devs want it to be, the addition repair and respawn points helped to focus players on taking a clear objective, and bringing importance to fighting for key positions. The addition of respawns also kept the pace of play up, as players were now more comfortable making bolder moves.

What Needs Improvement-

One of the most discussed topics on the Sandbox forum was the mode’s economy. Before testing players had been informed that the economy was not fully set up, and that this test was meant to set a benchmark for the devs to work from. In that purpose the test has done what it was meant to, and the developers will now be working on a new economic model that will fit both the mode and the game overall.

There has been some conflicting feedback regarding the performance of the mode: with players reporting some performance issues, and some reporting nothing different from the normal game. A lot of technical data was gained during testing and work has begun on further optimizing, and the Frontline mode will be held from the live server until such technical issues are ironed out.

Some mechanics for the mode will need further improvement, particularly for the defending team, who don’t need to be quite as thoughtful about the maneuvers they take, unlike the attacking team. As well as that, the defensive objectives aren’t quite as interesting as attacking, so new systems will need to be introduced to better motivate the defending team.

While the fast paced combat has been largely well received, it does have its drawbacks. Particularly for slower, heavier machines that can’t react as well to the changing battle, for example, an airstrike knocking out a sluggish heavy because it can’t advance up to the next area quickly enough. Even though there are a wide variety of fast tanks at Tier X, the devs note that players spend a lot of time grinding up to their Tier X of choice and will try to make improvements to make the game interesting for every play style and vehicle type.


What’s Next?-

Based on some very constructive feedback, the game mode will be further optimized over the coming months, and new systems and reworks will be brought in to make the game interesting to both attacking and defending teams, as well as players of different play styles and vehicle types. As well, steps will now be taken to add Tier X lights and SPGs to the mode.

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WoT “Frontline” Normandy- Testing Results

22 thoughts on “WoT “Frontline” Normandy- Testing Results

  1. nty says:

    tbh this is a horrible concept. with no skill based mm, bots, noobs, morons, afkers, drunks, laggers, etc. lopsided matches will be even more unbearable…..

    1. Mizutayio says:

      That’s life in an Online game, but tbh. I like it when there is no skill MM, makes it easier to stomp the noobs on the enemy team.

      For those calling for a skill mm there will be ranked battles.

    2. ghost59fr says:

      tbh, the noob moron that i am, enjoyed testing this mode…. not perfect, I agree with that, remember it’s a sandbox mode, that’s meaning testing…. Last iteration of Sandbox was really more unplayable that the “normandy” mode….

    3. Torgar says:

      As someone that played a good 30 matches of the new mode I can honestly say its not as bad as you think. Since theirs 60 players on the field even a 5 man unicum platoon is not overwhelming. You’ve usually got 8-10 players fighting per zone so its not as easy to overpower one line compared to regular tank matches. Premium ammo is actually limited in this mode as well because it does not resupply when you go to the repair circles so the worse someone can do is take one full load of premium and have that for the match.

      Skill based MM would probably ruin the mode since it would take a lot longer to get 60 players of the same skill then it would 30 for regular matches. Skill based MM is only for players that are interested in a competitive match anyway. Bots shouldn’t make it into this as its Tier X only and most people aren’t gonna risk that just for a little botting.

    4. BlablaPaige says:

      People like you are the worst, if you don’t like it, then don’t play it but don’t forbid player who like it to play, I don’t like ffa, I don’t play it, I don’t bother everybody saying its shit and wg should delete it

    5. torjen says:

      I’m pretty sure this will be an optional mode so if you don’t like it just don’t play it.

      And in regards to the other things you wrote: It’s called online multiplayer, WoT is not special in that regard.

    6. DickHerMax says:

      So you want WG to have skill-mm, iq test, afk detect, alcometer test and speedtest to be run on everyone before the game? xD

    7. legoassassin57 says:

      That’s just a problem with online games, if they considered that every time they wanted to add a new gamemode they’d never add anything. And WoT probably wouldn’t exist in the first place.

  2. Never mind says:

    Frontline is a yet another dumb ass idea. The game was totally unwinnable if you were on defense. and pointless unless you had a BC 25T or a TVP 50/51 so you could clip players. I wish like hell WG would get the sand box back to what it was meant to be for the “Global rebalance” The game done not more shit, it needs to be fixed.

  3. No_Quarter says:

    Frontline was very fun for me.
    I am looking forward to it, it feels way better than random battles for T10 tanks.
    Sure needs some tuning, but basic form of it promotes gameplay I like, drive around, find positions where you can make some pain to enemies and repeat.
    Huge map provides so much of it.

    About slow tanks there, well, I think it is fine as it is, you should pick them only when really necessary and when you know you won’t be moving a lot.
    I see no point in starting the battle in some slow T10 tank, takes time to form a solind battle line where you could work as slow armored target.
    Once it does and you roll out in a heavy tank it can be real good

  4. xxx says:

    so we still dont know when this frontline comes up into game… as they release 9.19 soon, i expect it to come not before 9.21 or as “xmas-surprise”…

    dunno why they still need months to balance it out even more… the mode worked, they want it tier10 only and nearly all is done, except to kill some bugs…

    if they had have quality member in their team, it would be out within weeks and as many forget, they produce more then 500 Million Dollar a year and dont it done to add some more server for EU, at least 1-2, compared to near 20 RU… or add in america some like 10 to let the game raise in member counts, but no, they hook on their money, do only what they need and maybe put their money into projects outside their own “company”.

    so, WG, stop drinking vodka and up work… or hire me finally…

    my 50 cent

  5. At a rough guess?

    about 25% of the ‘total active player base’ have 1 or more Tier 10 tanks
    so ….
    there making a huge investment in a exiting new game mode (I liked it) for only Tier 10 players, that’s just Tier 10 players

    with 30 x 30 teams?

    and not forgetting many players dislike Tier 10 and hardly play at T10 most (including myself) much more prefer Tier 9 ~ or even Tier 8 (without Tier 10 tanks to screw T8 up

    so that’s a New game mode for just – 25% of the players on the servers

    righty ho, see how that goes / or not!

  6. wolvenworks says:

    IMHO the economy would be another Domination.

    if any of you rookies don’t remember that one, you lose a lot of money for some exclusive trash tank

    would look forward if WG would do historical Co-OP because that’s a decent idea. just as long as i’m not bein forced to buy gold shells because fuck that i’m not a fuckboy

  7. legoassassin57 says:

    This gamemode looks promising, although personally I’d rather see something with a more historical theme to it, but I really hope it gets opened to lower than tier X, I suspect they don’t want matchmaking to be an issue, but it is a shame none the less, as someone who doesn’t have a tier X tank. Of course what I really want is squadrons of Matilda’s and Cruiser IV’s advancing through the desert towards defensive positions of Pz.IVs and IIIs, but WG don’t seem to be going that way.

  8. Afrika says:

    How is the credit system in that game mode.

    Worst thing I find abt wot is not being abke to play T10 tanks without having 1 mil creds reserve.

    What is the point of grinding 700000XP & 6.1 mil credits in 2000 matches if one can’t even play that tank regularly

  9. Frag says:

    Frontline is a kiddie version of WoT, too many tanks chasing too small an objective. The “bold moves” comment means reckless yolo. Dying when ur tanks not fast enough to get out of an area, thats veering to nintendo gameplay.
    Strategy is what people crave, packing more tanks unto a big map reduces options for that, this mode currently is Battlefield 2/3/4 for tanks. I certainly dont enjoy playing it.

  10. I’ve liked what I’ve seen of this game mode on various preview videos and can’t wait to get stuck in. By the time the this mode releases, I should have earned my third tier ten tank, so I’ll have a few more options.

    As far as the economy is concerned, I’ll need someone to correct me: with a respawning mechanic, do the total repair costs continually stack for each tank used? As in, the more tanks you respawn in, the higher the bill gets? Or do you only pay for the repairs of the one tank you’re in when the game ends? If it’s the former, perhaps WarGaming can simply remove the repair costs altogether.

    Same for ammo costs. Why not just make all non-premium ammo free? That way, the only cost post-game would be for premium ammo.

    My thinking is, with these two thing implemented, playing tier ten tanks might actually be profitable in this game mode, creating an incentive for top tier players to not just break out the tier tens more often but also to play this mode specifically.

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