WoT “Frontline” Normandy- Testing Results

A brief summary of the testing of WG’s new 30 v 30 mode:

The Good-

Players have largely responded well to the idea of a 60 player mode across a large map and the near constant action with a variety of engagement distances. The fact that there was nearly always something going on was attractive to most players.

The introduction of temporary ranks for those who performed well was also very well received, and the devs gained a lot of feedback on how to improve them further.

The pace of battle is about where the devs want it to be, the addition repair and respawn points helped to focus players on taking a clear objective, and bringing importance to fighting for key positions. The addition of respawns also kept the pace of play up, as players were now more comfortable making bolder moves.

What Needs Improvement-

One of the most discussed topics on the Sandbox forum was the mode’s economy. Before testing players had been informed that the economy was not fully set up, and that this test was meant to set a benchmark for the devs to work from. In that purpose the test has done what it was meant to, and the developers will now be working on a new economic model that will fit both the mode and the game overall.

There has been some conflicting feedback regarding the performance of the mode: with players reporting some performance issues, and some reporting nothing different from the normal game. A lot of technical data was gained during testing and work has begun on further optimizing, and the Frontline mode will be held from the live server until such technical issues are ironed out.

Some mechanics for the mode will need further improvement, particularly for the defending team, who don’t need to be quite as thoughtful about the maneuvers they take, unlike the attacking team. As well as that, the defensive objectives aren’t quite as interesting as attacking, so new systems will need to be introduced to better motivate the defending team.

While the fast paced combat has been largely well received, it does have its drawbacks. Particularly for slower, heavier machines that can’t react as well to the changing battle, for example, an airstrike knocking out a sluggish heavy because it can’t advance up to the next area quickly enough. Even though there are a wide variety of fast tanks at Tier X, the devs note that players spend a lot of time grinding up to their Tier X of choice and will try to make improvements to make the game interesting for every play style and vehicle type.


What’s Next?-

Based on some very constructive feedback, the game mode will be further optimized over the coming months, and new systems and reworks will be brought in to make the game interesting to both attacking and defending teams, as well as players of different play styles and vehicle types. As well, steps will now be taken to add Tier X lights and SPGs to the mode.

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