WoT: Game Mode Review: Homefront

The Homefront event is kicking off in World of Tanks. A war is raging. Fight on two fronts against AI-controlled enemies, level up your divisions, and receive Improved Equipment and other rewards. Defend to the end!

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WoT: Game Mode Review: Homefront

20 thoughts on “WoT: Game Mode Review: Homefront

  1. pangzhu says:

    also sounds really dumb, that there would be a long queuing time because of the amounts of players wanting to take part in this and the amount of players allowed in would be limited.

    its pve – platoon or random there should be nooo need for waiting time to start the battle.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is another NEGATIVE comment:

    When did the community of players ask for this?

    Would not it be better for the developers to focus on what the community has been asking for, like more maps in random battle mode, or get another map up and running for Frontlines?

    The community has been begging Wargaming for the return of maps that have been taken away for some time now, and Frontlines has gotten boring with only one map option.

    If you want this game to survive, you MUST listen to your customer base!

    1. Nameless says:

      They are listening to the community.
      … except it’s the Russian one, because of “language barrier.”
      Us, Europeans and Americans, are left in the dust.
      In my opinion, that “language barrier” should not even exist; every developer or higher-up in the company should speak English very well.

      1. NoComment says:

        “every developer or higher-up in the company should speak English very well.”

        Thats a bit unreasonable but they do have a Team for the EU (as well as a head office in Cyprus) and they should be able to act as translators with no issues. (its part of their job) the language barrier is smoke and mirros, disorganisation or someone/people not doing their job.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Yeah, It’s been quite obvious for a while that WG does not give a shit about EU players anymore. It actually would cost them money to hire people who can communicate in english so it will not be happening.

      3. Nameless says:

        “That’s a bit unreasonable”
        On the Internet, if you don’t know English, you can’t do anything (unless you’re Chinese and have no means to break The Great Firewall, but that’s another story).
        If you’re a game developer that works for a game that is played by people from all over the world, in order to connect with the community better, you must know English at a rather high level. The better you speak, the easier it will be to communicate with other people.

        Like it or not, English is the official language of the Internet. If you don’t speak it well enough, you’re left in the dust.

    2. Robopon says:

      People enjoy PVE events and asked for something like that Halloween event with leviathan for quite some time.

  3. eXar says:

    Sadly they fucked this one up. Most battles are 4x tier1 and tier3 fighting tier 3 waves, and guess what, 5 panthers at wave 3 or so. At tier 2 you have 2 less waves and during first boss wave, you fight just 1 tiger instead of 1 tiger and 10 annoying small tanks

  4. Sturmi0545 says:

    how to make the most out of this:
    1. enjoy playing tanks in historical configuration,
    2. flanking is something that actually works now, so do it,
    3. don’t spend any gold on progression which will be deleted soon anyway. rewards aint worth the grind.

  5. wolvenworks says:

    IMO it’s all fun and games until you have to take out Tigers and Panthers with a T-28. at least you can scout the tiger with the T-46…

  6. nrnstraswa says:

    Yeah not a fan of the fuel can limit, this is supposed to be a fun event mode for all. Even with the missions, that’s only 2 more cans.

  7. Anonymous says:

    negative after negative. At least it’s something to choose from, dont like it dont play it then.
    I am releiverd to play with a team of 1 nation and at least a bit historical, instead of complete random and paper tanks.
    And the complaints about hard and overpowered tanks is nonsense. learn to flank, to hide and manouvre. I had no problems at all killing Tigers and Panthers with a T-28. Havent lost a game yet.

    I’m having fun with something new. More please!

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