WoT: Team Clash 2020: First Edition

All you need to know!

Four teams led by five famous content creators are ready to clash in a fierce struggle for supremacy: Skill4ltu, AwesomeEpicGuys, DezGamez, and Mailand! What’s your pick? Join a team and get rewards!

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WoT: Team Clash 2020: First Edition

2 thoughts on “WoT: Team Clash 2020: First Edition

  1. Kyou says:

    Don’t often agree with QB but I do this time. I think this event is just a selfish act that is using the content creators popularity to benefit themselves. The fact the creators brand is used and they get less than 10% of the cut for WG basically using their brand is shit.

  2. Das_Flamingo says:

    WG being really stupid with this. They would make TONS more money and generate more positive feedback if they said, “Buy your favorite Community Contributors as commanders! Comes with unique voice lines from stream and a genuine Kung-fu grip. Collect them all for a unique camo! “

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