WoT PC Halloween event screenshots

Good morning tankers, Dom1n has posted following screenshots of the upcoming Halloween event showing the Leviathan and the garage.

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WoT PC Halloween event screenshots

21 thoughts on “WoT PC Halloween event screenshots

    1. Io says:

      In case you didn’t notice, it’s for the halloween event so .. what are you on about ?
      Ofc this event is going to have fantasy tanks, and that’s the way it should be

  1. Ion7 says:

    Last we saw the p1000 is was falling into a lava pit in the anniversary garage.
    While this one is big and supposedly German, it looks like a stock Sherman jumbo.

      1. wheeledtank says:

        Ooo…. so the FCM F1 and Char 2C is also going to appear as usable tanks in that?

        That’s pretty cool

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