WoT Holiday Boxes Notice

Quick post for players in Belgium,

Do to legal restrictions, the Holiday Ops boxes will not be available for purchase in Belgium. However, Belgian based players can accept them as Gifts if bought by players from other countries.

For those who created their account while in Belgium but have since moved elsewhere, WG support has a link to update and verify your current place of residence. Follow this link to contact player support.

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WoT Holiday Boxes Notice

19 thoughts on “WoT Holiday Boxes Notice

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m taking a wild guess and going with EA’s Star Wars battlefront 2’s loot system that would cost thousands of dollars to unlock the most desired characters in the game. Belgium really went ham after that one.

    1. NoComment says:

      Honestly as a once a year event I don’t have a problem with it. (for adults)
      If they tried to add it as a “feature” then that is a whole other ball game.

    2. Yeah. But why stop at loot boxes? Some people play the game too much. Let’s ban the game. It’s really for the best, and the only way to stop this blatant cash grab. The government really should control everything. What could go wrong? Just ask Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Pol Pot, Castro, Pinochet, Marcos (either), Assad and all the rest. God forbid you buy a loot box, especially with WG pointing a gun to your head and forcing you to get a discount on gold and boosters plus a potential tank. Do you cry when a mean word appears on your screen too? Are you so pathetic you need the government to stop you from spending a few bucks on some gold?

      1. Nocomment says:

        Time to climb down of your white stallion. Grow some braincells and then use them… Loot boxes are form of gambling and encouraging children to gamble is not OK!

        As I said above I don’t have a problem with a once a year raffle for adults as that’s what this is.

      2. NoComment says:

        Actually since becomming aware of the is3a shinnanigans I take my comments about this being ok. This is a totally shitty move.

    1. Doowlax says:

      If u turn just half of your brain, you will see that these boxes are something good in this game.U get a lot of gold,credits and sometimes prem tank,which u must pay a lot of more money during the rest of the year.I also think that WG doing a lot of bad things lately,but this boxes are not one of them.

      1. swatdennis says:

        It does not matter if it is good for the game or not, it matters that there is an RNG element to those boxes. That is where the law is against, not against how much you get out of a box or how much you can sell.

        And besides, the research into Lootboxes started 4 months ago, I don’t recall them checking this game.

        (my google login messed up, so that is why I have a different ID)

      2. grunt says:

        Its still relies on pure luck whether you get something decent from them.
        last year i had really bad luck so i calculated how much gold (earned as gold, premium time or tanks) i got and how much gold i could have straight up bought for the same money. Turns out I lost over 10% of my value because i bought lootboxes.

        This means its inherent to the system that some will get more value and others will get less, which clearly shows that its gambling. I’m personally very happy that at least 1 country got the balls to say no to big gaming companies

    2. Peter says:

      They wont. The KA had a look at it last year and since you always get a fixed amount of goods and are not able to sell them to other players it is perfectly allowed under the current laws in Holland.

    3. Dennis, in the Netherlands, loot boxes are only illegal if they contain tradable goods, like for example in CS:GO and Dota 2. The items in those boxes can be traded for real money on the stream marketplace.
      Because you can’t sell tanks and gold for real money to other players, the KA does not see it as illegal.

      Only in Belgium they just outright ban all lootboxes at the moment.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Although never confirmed in the Holiday ops video, this is the confirmation of loot boxes for this year

    I missed last year due to having no PC working…. Woo hoo…best not let the wife see the credit card bill in January 😉

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