WoT| How to IS-2-II

The IS-2-II is the first standard vehicle in a new subset of double-barrel tanks. The new mechanic adds versatility and flexibility to the classic Soviet heavy tanks.


While two barrels are surely something special, the vehicles in this line remain heavies at heart, with all the pros and cons of similar Soviet heavy tanks. This means the IS-2-II is no sniper and wasn’t built for sneaky attacks. Thankfully, your mobility allows you to keep up with the masses and will get you to the first line, which is exactly where you are needed. Use your surprising accuracy and strong turret for midrange fights or close combat brawls, but keep in mind that your side-armour is your biggest weakness.

As the name suggests, the IS-2-II is based on the IS-2 hull with a straight and slightly thicker front. An additional road wheel gives room for a bigger turret that houses two possible sets of dual-guns: an 85-mm stock version, ideal for individual shots to maximise your DPM, and a 100-mm set that allows a powerful double-punch. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the new ways to use your guns, to maximise your efficiency in every situation.


Recommended Setup


Tanks with two barrels cannot be improved by a tank gun rammer. Nevertheless, a Vertical Stabilizer and an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive will have a nice effect on gun handling, while the Improved Ventilation provides a small bonus to the performance of the tank in general.

Crew Skills

1st Loader

The additional barrel has consequences for the crew composition. Instead of a radio operator, whose responsibilities are taken over by the Commander, you’ll have a second loader aboard. Despite the unusual combination, the selection of crew skills remains fairly standard. Focus on improving gun accuracy, especially while on the move.

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WoT| How to IS-2-II

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