WoT: HT Loading Mechanics Test

Good day everyone,

Quick post, and note: This is not a final test or indication of changes to a specific tank.

It seems in an effort to encourage heavy tanks to take a more active role in the battle, WG is looking to bringing a new loading system to some that will resemble the loading system seen on the later Italian tanks.

For testing purposes (and again, this isn’t a sign that the changes are coming to this tank in the live game, this is merely a toss at the wall to see if it might stick) the IS-3A will be tested with the 3 round magazine system. Here are the stats with this system:


After testing it will be determined whether or not this kind of move will be going any further.


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WoT: HT Loading Mechanics Test

21 thoughts on “WoT: HT Loading Mechanics Test

  1. Sturmi_0545 says:

    HTs are “inactive” because of a) arty stun spam threat and b) corridors not requiring more heavy tactics than parking and waiting. but the autoreloader idea sounds interesting nonetheless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So instead of having to choose between single shot sustained fire or mag dumping and having a lengthy reload they’re going to encourage mag dumping by rewarding the act of firing all the shells with the best reload for subsequent sustain after the burst. No decision making, no complexity, just idiotproof hold left click for maximum DPM with no drawbacks.

    1. This is what I hate about the Italians, I thought there would be skill involved to choose between single shot and the autoloader, but (as we all know now) it is OP because if you cant fire the last you just promptly fuck off and reload… Maybe with the heavies that fucking off might be a little more diffcult because you are more in the fray, but I think it is WG doing what WG does best: Not being able to ballance their game.

      1. PabraTheToxiK says:

        what???? italian tanks suffer a huge penalty for firing all the shells they are OP on good player hands like all tanks but in this case this new system is just stupid u can just load all shells unload the clip and u will be reloading fster than an is3 where is the skill??

    1. D8W2P4 says:

      The IS-3A’s autoloader doesn’t work off of “clips” or drums, it’s more like modern autoloading systems where all shells can be accessed by it.

    1. anonymous says:

      Please note that the “IS-3” we are talking about here is called IS-3A, a completely separate tank from the tech tree IS-3, and already existed in the game for a long time.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Yeah and it wasn’t sold many times either. It’s pretty rare to see. Plus the only reason to but one would be to get a little extra pen then an is6 for the same reload time.

  3. Doowlax says:

    Why WG dont test this autoloader mechanic on defender?I think that is the only thing that defender didnt get first time.Please give atleast 4 or 5 shells in it to make it more balanced.

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