WoT In-Game Chat Issues Compensation

Short announcement by Ph3lan on the EU forums .

Hey guys!

I have some good news to share: It seems that the majority of the chat issues are resolved and we are already in the process of preparing the compensation we promised for the inconvenience this has caused you. The compensation will mostly likely happen next week.

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WoT In-Game Chat Issues Compensation

21 thoughts on “WoT In-Game Chat Issues Compensation

  1. Ragnarokbazil says:

    Give me 7500 gold as you tuckers have not even fixed the friendslist in the NA server… FROM THE TIME YOU FUCKED THAT UP

    1. mirotordaji says:

      yea….the reward will be a shit ton of bugs in patch 9.21 that they wont fix until February (since we can expect whole WG staff taking extended Christmas and New Year vacations after making a killing on these “special one of a kind that we will offer again soon” discounts in advent calendar)

  2. LordofDiscord says:

    jerryatrick53..perhaps you could explain to users what the purpose is of having Comments subject to moderation and then constantly allowing on multiple subjects and multiple times User Mr.Holmes make a comment thats pointless other than to advertise/market his clothing range? Is he an authorised/endorsed vendor that this blog supports and takes responsibility for any transactions with?

  3. Anonymous says:

    week of inf x2 xp for top 10 players on both teams pls…seriously thats a hell of a lot better than the other generic crap.

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