WoT – In Supertest: TS-5, Second Look

Today we have stats and comparison screen shots as well as some more pictures.

Original images from WoT Express. English overlays RSR staff.

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WoT – In Supertest: TS-5, Second Look

14 thoughts on “WoT – In Supertest: TS-5, Second Look

    1. DIADTEC says:

      well of course it will, this is a brainless copycat of the t28. the fl10 is actually something new and has to be tested. They could push this out right now without any testing if they really wanted to, I doubt many people would complain

      I expect the fl10 to come out mid next month, they could push this out next week or 2

  1. first off we notice they gave it the same gun from the M103 and T110E5 and just nerfed it, that is just lazy, however they could not give it the 120mm T53 the Tier 8 and 9 TDs use because it does not match with the period the TS-5 was conceptualized, by then the M58 was already a thing and giving it an older version of it would not make sense
    in my opinion I would rather see them give the TS-5 it’s original 105mm gun, as for performance it was actually better than the 105mm L7/M68 but this is a game, they don’t need to give it exact historical numbers IF it stays balanced, they could even swap it with another weaker 105mm gun developed during the same period

      1. the excuse was «performance is too high», and so I ask, if it’s okay to nerf other guns in the game ( like the 90mm T15), what is the problem with nerfing smoothbores?
        also, as I mentioned there were other cannons in development at the time, and so there are more reasonable solutions than an unrealistic nerf to a gun we already have in the game

      2. Honestly, I personally don’t see an issue with smoothbores. It’s very easy, in my opinion, to balance. Smoothbores have better shell velocity resulting in better penetration, but the lack of rifling results in the shell not having the stability in flight, lowering accuracy.

        That’s really all it has to be in-game; better shell velocity with potentially more penetration at the cost of accuracy.

        Why WG felt the need to give it a low velocity, low accuracy 120mm gun I don’t know. Personally I would have actually liked a rapid firing punchy 105mm gun just to separate it from the T28

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