WoT Kharkov Changes

Good day everyone,

Quick post showing off the changes coming to the Kharkov map.

This area will be simplified, with the number of lanes reduced in order to make the battles a bit more predictable.


1-2) This area will be simplified, with the number of lanes and streets being reduced considerable in order to make the battles a bit easier for players to predict and understand. With the lanes making it easier for heavy tanks to defend themselves.

3) This area will remain largely unchanged from previous ST versions. With the goal of having it be an area for medium tanks, lights, and TDs.

4-5) The center area will not be closed off, but the number of entrances will be reduced, with some designed in such a way to allow tanks to enter, but not exit.

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WoT Kharkov Changes

29 thoughts on “WoT Kharkov Changes

  1. Trooper13 says:

    I can’t recall the time I’ve seen a TD in area 3. That place is a death trap. I suppose because it’s a Russian town we’ll never get rid of it.

    1. wtfcaniuse says:

      You mean in the current version of the map? I see stuff like Grille’s, 4005s, S1’s, UDES, etc in that area virtually every game. Sometimes see a Badger, Foch, Tort or other heavily armoured TD there.

  2. “…the battles a bit more predictable.”

    As if the corridor meta not predictable enough… I mean, when flanking is predictable what sort of goodness will do to thinly armoured tanks…

    1. Torben says:

      I agree. Predictable maps are extremely boring and makes a player want to stop playing. Unpredictable maps keep the game alive and allows for dynamic play and not just static and boring.

  3. Pangzhu says:

    I don’t even know where to begin and hopefully this will undergo tons of changes before it is rolled out, but it looks horrible.

    I understand kharkov isn’t popular, but changing it from a clustercrap cqc nightmare into a restrictive corridor map is not the way to go…

  4. Terrible changes. “In order to make the battles a bit more predictable” is a horrendously bad reason to implement any sort of map changes. We don’t need predictability. We already have Himmelsdorf (it’s called heavy tank alley for a reason), Prokhorovka (camp central), Paris (heavies South, TDs North, arty good luck), and several others. Unless there’s a pressing need, like the heat maps indicate that the East spawn wins 25% more games than the South, why touch it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    “will be simplified, with the number of lanes reduced in order to make the battles a bit more predictable.” because the WOT players like predictable corridor maps. This is still trash! Just take it out and bring back south coast.

  6. Q says:

    1) Limit small maps to tier 4. With +2 MM that makes max tier 6 on small maps, which should be acceptable. I remember when my friend in Type 4 Heavy was killed basically on spawn on Mines because he got spotted across the map and just wasn’t fast enough to get away.
    2) When you create a new map (or changing an existing one), think of all the different vehicle types you have in the game and how will they contribute. Alternatively, you could restrict the map to certain vehicle types (ie. no arty on Himmelsdorf).

  7. I like how they are changing these maps into hd and making them just as campy and corridor based as before.

    Erlenberg right now is actually one of the best skill based maps in the game. And they made it a full on campfest corridor.

    And they are doing the same with so many of the maps.

    Stop catering to morons in heavies who want to smash faces repeatedly until someone dies. Let people look at the map and surprise the enemy. Allow flanking. Allow spotting. Allow soft sneaky td to be useful.

    The map design is by far one of the most broken things in this game. Top 3 alongside bad tank balance and gold ammo. Arty is probably 4th.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This map was bad, now you made it even worse. And you also simplified it. What’s next? Removing more of the buildings to simplify it even further?

  9. Anonymous says:

    It is clear that the people who design these maps do not play much.

    This map needs to become more lite tank and TD friendly, not “predictable” so that Wargaming can continue to control/balance WIN RATES and WN8s, as they think that will keep new players who do not spend any money, but apparently not realizing it upsets those that have invested a lot of time and money into this game.

    We want FUN, not predictability.

    Cant these Wargaming employees get it?

    The NA server continues to loose players…. please “stop the bleeding” by allowing the customer (the players) decide what should be done with the game.

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